Friday, July 22, 2022

Some Stitching and News

                                   Greetings to all my followers new and my faithful followers

It has been a trying summer so far, Mike had three stents put in this past Wednesday, he had a mild heart attack on Memorial Day weekend, thank-you for all your prayers and well wish's, thank-you from our hearts.

Many outdoor things were up to me which I will not complain about, Mike never lets me mow the lawn and this in one thing I am able to do for him and enjoy.

I have had time to stitch in-between sewing and doing laundry for Church, I am also doing Eucharistic Adoration at least four times a month.

So this is a class project that Stitchville USA did by Zoom in 2020, however I do not have a web camara and cannot do Zoom, I was able to figure it out on my own.

                                                          I am really enjoying this design

This is the ruler done on silk gauge
(not sure why it is looking bumpy in the photo)


I bought some wood items from a very sweet man in the Ukraine, some of the money he raises from selling these items go to help fight for their freedoms that are being taken from them by Russia.
He is on Etsy WonderlandUkraine is his site, he also has cross stitch designs for sale and a few other items, please stop by and visit his site.
                                       This is a needle minder, it is so well made and beautiful

This is the scissor case, I so love this item, it is beautiful

The little mushroom in the case will have beads added to it and made into a scissor fob
                                                                 His work is amazing 

                       This is the beaded wood piece I did last month, I am thinking I will make                                                                                      this into an ornament for my tree

     This is an ornamental bird house, and a woodpecker is trying to make it his/her home, so cute, he                                                      is pecking away at making the hole larger

The temps here have been in the upper 80s and low to mid 90s with very little humidity which makes it easy to sit outdoors, I have to stay out of the sun due to skin cancer on my hand, I enjoy the shade as       much as the sun.
I hope you all are having great weather and getting loads of stitching done, until next time.


Sunday, July 3, 2022

Let The People Choose Over At Serendipitousstitching

Found these on Pinterest, Jo at is hosting the July Let The People Choose, the theme is cats, check it out on her site.

I do not have stitched cat designs but wanted to share these photos, the below photo is of Blondie The cat, she is a sweet baby who loves to lay on my chest and neck.

                                                                  This one is too funny.

                                       This cracks me up Blondie likes to sit on my keyboard.


                                                     Have a safe and wonderful fourth of July


Monday, June 27, 2022

Check This Site Out I found this site by accident, there are some fun designs and many free designs.

If you enter the code all in caps you get a 5% discount DIAMONDC

I will have the link in the upper right hand corner of the main page.

I hope you like the site and what they have to offer.


Sunday, June 26, 2022

Some Stitching And Some Cool Weather

 I started working on a class project that Stitchville put on by Zoom, I do not have a web cam so was only able to stitch the kit on my own, I really like this set from Erica Michaels Needleart Designs a 2020 class.

I love the threads, the thread holder was from an exchange way back in I think 2010, Joanie no more blogging, exchanged this I use it most then my other holders.

                                                The pins and thread are interesting and useful.

                                Look at the beautiful ribbon from Lady Dot Creations, so prety.

This Orts piece is done on silk canvas, I do like working on silk, not so much filling in the empty spaces.

I need to put these floss tags together and add the punch holes, I bought these from she has some lovely patterns and other items in her Etsy Shop, stop over and have a look at Lynn's items for sale, you will not be dissapointed.

I found this amazing site on Etsy, I just had to buy this amazing wooded beaded design, I am looking forward to working on it.

This is the Ukrainian Flag that came with the kit, thank-you Anton Gladkov, his site on Etsy is WonderlandUkraine, he has loads of designs and so many wonderful items in wood for sale.

Look at the cute wood thread keeper, it came with the kit and needle .

 This is the wood ornament that the beads get stitched onto.

Here is the sweet card he sent along with the kit, it was faster shipping then I expected, he said about six weeks it came in two.

So this is the little trouble maker here in the Laurent household, he was in the laundry room somehow got the laundry basket door open and took out Mikes underwear and decided to wear them, we were laughing so hard he was mad at us, what a hoot he is always into something everyday.

I want to let a few of you know why i am not commenting on your blogs, Google will not let me for some reason, these are the blogs

Blacksheeps Bit Of The Web
Life Outside The Washing basket
My Craft Works
Rough Terraine
Melanie The Wip Slayer
Shelly An Arizona Stitcher

I do read and follow you all but am not able to comment not sure why.

Until next time be healthy


Wednesday, June 22, 2022

I Have Been Busy And A Bit Of Stitching

 We have been very busy here in the Laurent home, with illness and getting things ready for the spring and summer, I have had problems with uploading and commenting on blogs, not sure why some of you I cannot comment on at all, so sorry for that, if I have not commented on your Blog I do apologize. 

I did work on the Hands On Design from a class project that Stitchville had in 2021, it is a sweet set, I like the colors of the threads and fabric.

This is the second part of the design I finished, the flowers remind me so much of a garden I once visited.

I did finish Edward ScissorFish, i had ruined the pattern a bit so had to do a bit of my own thing with some of the beads, I will never do a project like this again, it was way too time consuming for my liking, however i do like him very much.

These are the Burse and Pall I did for a friend who is a Priest in Minnesota, he kindly sent a photo so I may show them to you, I would make these again if I had the chance they are so meaningful to my heart.

I made this bag from a kit I found in the stash relocation a few years ago at Minnesota Needlework Guild Retreat, I used it as a Easter Bag, it is felt and beads I really like how it turned out.

I also finished another small amulet i found in again the stash relocation at retreat, I will kee needles in this little bag.

Now the news, Mike has had a couple of small heart attacks related to agent orange, its so heart wrenching to see him ill, he has worked out three to four days a week since he was 13 years of age, he was on the USS Eldorado during VietNam, he drove the Marines to shore and both time came in contact with Agent Orange.

Please keep him in your Prayers please, they cannot do any kind of test until they have the dye that goes into his veins to see where the blockage is, many truckers cannot afford the gas or diesel to work now with the pipe lines down and now we are buying oil from another country its a crying shame.

The dyes are sitting on a ship in the bays waiting to be picked up, so sorry to dump this on you, I wanted you to know that I have done a bit of stitching and keeping an eye on Mike, I wake up every hour to make sure he is okay and still with us here in this amazing world.

I will post again when I have a bit of stitching done on the 2020 class project.

Gods Blessings to you all


Monday, March 14, 2022

Please Say A Daily Prayer To End The War In The Ukraine

 Hello to my faithful followers: Thank-you for your comments on my last post about the new designs.

Please say Prayers daily for the people of Ukraine who are having to leave their country because of                                                               Putin, they need our Prayers and help

I have been very busy sewing for Church's, I have a new project starting this week for St. Ignatius here in Annandale, another Credence Tablecloth, it should be a quick project.

I did get all four Burse and Pall's done for St. Charles in Bayport Minnesota, about 84 miles from my home, I forgot to take photos of all the colors, Green, Purple, Red and White, so sorry about the wrinkles.

I truly did enjoy making these.

                                                This is what the Pall looks like from the side

                                                                     The Pall is 27x27

                The Pall is 81/2x81/2, this is stitched by hand, the only sewing by machine is the Chi Rho
                                                               On both the Pall and Burse

I have done a little stitching and finishing, not much, I love the Belinda at Blue Ribbon Designs, the Sweet Liberty Round Pinkeeps are adorable.


                                                   Can you tell my camara is acting stupid?

           I decided to do my Brenda Gervais design into a box with a top, I did stitch this last year

I did finish a design that was an exchange way back in 2014 from Jackie, she does not have a blog any longer, she was a talented stitcher.
I finished it into a thread holder, I like using thread holders.

Today I will be cleaning doing laundry and maybe get some stitching in this evening, I have so much I want to stitch I also seem to have other projects that have priority first.

It is snowing now when I took the dogs out for a shorty walk this morning at 4:00 it had just started snowing, now at 10:00 we have over three inches of snow, soon very soon it will be green, and I will sit outdoors to read and stitch.

  Here is something to give you a little giggle, we need it so much now with all the hatred that is in the                                                               world, found this on Pinterest

                        Blessings to all until my next Blog post stay healthy, have a wonderful week