Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Just a Little Progress

Thank-you to all who follow me and thank-you from my heart for your comments, I really look forward to reading them.
  I am feeling so good health wise, it is amazing how a sickness can keep you down for so long.

I have to ask a question, how many of us are sick of stupid commercials on TV? I just viewed the ad for progressive insurance, what is the matter with these companies? do they really think we are idiots? just asking!!!

Blue Ribbon Designs has some very sweet designs, this one really caught my eye, I just had to stitch it.

I am so happy with my progress, this is such a pretty design, I am not a big fan of purple but this one is so pretty. This is the box top,  have a round Shaker Box for this.

This is the needlebook back, I hope to finish this by Sunday.
It is warming up here in the upper 30s today with the great possibility of rain snow mix then cold again this evening, I am so happy to be retired.
Have a beautiful day.


Tuesday, January 14, 2020

A New Old Blogger Is Back

Greetings to my fav people in the world:  I have found a Blogger who is back, she only has 5 followers and I hope you are kind enough to start following her, she has many lovely designs she is working on.
Check her out you will enjoy seeing what she is working on.
I will post an update on my stitching tomorrow.


Wednesday, January 8, 2020

A Full Finish Times Two

Thank-you for all your lovely comments and well wish's, I am feeling better, doing laundry, a little cleaning and stitching.
I was able to find a suitable frame for my Owls, I love this design, I may have to do another and change to colors for a friend.
The photo looks like it is crooked and wrinkled, it is not, the camera is playing ricks on me.
I won this pattern from Lynn over at please stop over and see her new Kat pattern.

Up next is a small finish, I will show all the finished pieces after I get the lace I need for the pin  pillow, which will hopefully be Friday or Saturday.
The pattern is from the Berry's & Bloom's design.
I used a thread keeper for the base, it was one I bought when I was in Madison Wisconsin for Betsy Morgans class last summer, I felt it fit perfect for the base.

I have done some stitching on my Blue Ribbon Design, I am so happy to have needle fabric and thread in my hand, this is my progress this week, I even matched up the circle all stitches met.

This is a side view of the lap/table top frame I have wanted for so long, it truly is a treat to have, I recieved this for Christmas from Mike.

I will be doing some more finishing this week, I found a basket I put away a long time ago, it has many items in it to be framed or whatever.
It is time to start dinner, I hope you are all feeling well, to all our dear friends from Australia, Our thoughts and prayers are with you in this devastating time.

God Bless

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Check Out LindaLees Blog

Happy New Year My dear followers: I am down with norovirus, it sucks to be sick, I tried to stitch last evening had to rip all I put in, that really sucks.
Please visit LindaLee @ she is at 99 people trying for 100, come on everyone this Blogland is the best place to meet stitcher's, she will have a giveaway when she reaches 100 followers, maybe it will be one of you.
I will post some constructed stitching this week when I feel better.

Have a love weekend