Friday, November 15, 2013


I plan on doing nothing but stitching this ISHW weekend, I hope ypu are doing the sam, I will brake for Mass, my wonderful Husband cooks every weekend so I am free to fully devote my time to stitching this weekend, I will post pictures on monday.

Happy Stitching


Sunday, November 10, 2013

Veterans Day Thank-you

I wish to thank all the Veterans past and present for the dedication you offer to the United States of America, I am so proud of you all, I am very lucky to live in a Country that has such dedicated and loving people like you.
My heart hurts to know some Veterans gave their lives to keep us free, my heart also hurts for the Veterans that have come home with injuries that we all can see and the injuries we cannot see.
Thank-you from the bottom of my heart.
Thank-you for serving.


Friday, November 8, 2013

Oh no snow

We had our first snowfall this week all over the state had different accumulations in Minneapolis they only had a dusting, in Annandale we had 2 inches, ouch I hate snow the older I get the more I long for warm weather, even the humidity does not bother me, I sit out on my front porch and stitch if its 100 out, it really is hard to stitch outside if the temps  drop below 60 degrees.
I only have a few things to show, I made a new owl needlebook but cannot find it to take a picture maybe it is at Starbucks where I was stitching on it.
I made scissor fobs for the october retreat group 32 of them I did them in pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, I sure like the Ladies from our group they are a hoot, everyone has a personality that is very unique, I love them all.

I have a new project I am going to start after I finish my Chessie and Me Hallow Wee House, I do like the Homespun Elegance patterns all Sandras patterns offer something different, to satisfy my tastes.

I was gifted another bag of threads most are DMC about 10 are Sullivans threads, which I do like but like to use the DMCs and over dyed threads more often. However I have used many of Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppes threads you get more then double the amount at the weeks and other overdyed threads. Thank-you Judy Z. Who is in arizona in warm weather lucky girl.

In august at  Minnesota Needlework Guild Retreat I finished one of my penny rugs I am finally getting the other one done  this evening,  yahoo I just need to sew the black mat onto the green mat.

This is my Chessie and me which I started at october retreat, I was working on a bracelet and the owl needlebook that weekend also.

I want to thank-you all for your wonderful comments and to welcome all my new followers, some of you donot have a follow button so I cannot follow you.
We are getting the house ready for the Holiday Season, this year we will not be putting up the big Nativity Scene up, my wonderful Husband donated the building to St. Ignatius for their Nativity  so it will not be out in the snow.
I think he is wonderful and generous man thank-you my Handsom Prince.This building is about 4 feet long by four feet at the peek it has a glass front we did not want to use plexiglass because it gets so cloudy and scrached up over time.
We are going to keep the Nativity  Figures and use them in front of the fireplace.
Happy Thanksgiving to you all.