Thursday, April 24, 2014

ISHW and Robins in the snow

Good spring day to you all, I am so happy to have today off, I donot have many of these.
Last week-end onm y ISHW (International Stitch and Hermit Week-end)
I worked on my Drawn Thread Sampler Pocket from Retreat that Stitchville put on at the beginning of the month.
I had only the upper left hand stitching done that is the green crosses with the Jessica Stitch, I was not fond of this stitch, only because I cannot get them to look so good. I do want to get this done soon.
So sorry for the wrinkles I am not a frame stitcher I like the feel of the fabric in my hand.

Up next is the Just Cross Stitch Magazine ornament from 2009, I love this ornament,I added a few more beads then it needed I do like the way it turned out, I stitched this earlier this year I wanted to do the finishing just to get it done to show you.

This is one of my Up For A Challenge 15 I did stitched this ornament in january, I finally did the finishing work, whew I am so far behind on stitching, this is a Shepherds Bush Behold, I do wish the picture would show the buildings better they are so sweet.

I wanted to show you the poor robins in the snow last week, on wednesday we had rain-snow-rain and again snow we had 1 inches here in Annandale, the poor robins were shivering their little feathers off.
I hope they build homes in our yard again, they are fun to watch, the babies are so cute.

The birds on my neighbors yard are not the birds in the tree there were about 50  or more robins in the front yard between Margarets  and my home. The tree in Margarets yard is an ornamental tree with dried berries falling off from last season, since the worms are burried for the winter the robins need to make do with old berries.

It is time to stitch I will post again on saturday or sunday of my progress on my Sampler Pocket.
I wanted to tell you about a lovely blogspot I have found, if you have not visited Samplers and Santas, I am not sure of the link so sorry, please look her up on Google you will be surprised with the lovely patterns she has for free. Samplers and Santa.

Blessings to you all


Thursday, April 17, 2014

A rare day off and a fast driveby post

Good day to all my Blog Friends new and old.
 I had a rare day off on tuesday , I have so few days off that this was a special day, I did a Cathy day I ate what I wanted for breakfast and lunch,
 Mike came home from out of town in time for dinner baked chicken wing drummies with chili sauce yum, green beans with almonds another yum.
 I was able to finish a rabbit penny rug I had cut it out last month and stitched it on tuesday, this is a pattern from the April 2010 Create & Decorate magazine, can you guess where I got this magazine yep at stash reduction sale at october retreat last year gota love the oldies but goodies.
So here she is I just need to add a ribbon for hanging. I did not add the round tail I think it is just a little to much, I used buttons from my button jar stash.
 This is a pattern designed by Linda Watkins and Angie Williams, so sorry it is not ironed I will do that today.
The picture does not show how pretty the colors are on this Bunny mat.

This is what it shoild look like, I did not want to make a pillow,  sorry for the flash in picture.

Next is the project I plan on starting on tomorrow after I do some stitching on my Drawn Thread Pocket sampler from Retreat.

The magazine on the left is the one that had the above Bunny pattern in, I plan on doing these Owls they are so sweet, I just need to add them to my bird bathroom.

We have snow lots and lots of snow, today I am working at home, I am so happy last night was a nightmare coming home, loads of accidents and very icy roads, I must be nuts to live here.

Happy Easter


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Retreat Post and some other goodies to share

Welcome to all my followers and welcome to my new followers thank-you.
I was at Retreat last week-end Stitchville USA, we were lucky to have Cynthia Zittel from The Drawn Thread,  on friday we worked on a scissor fob this is done on 32 count Pink Sand Permin, I love the color so refreshing, it is stitched one over two threads, on the edges it is finished with beading, I love me some beadwork.

The Sampler we worked on on saturday is called A Pocket Full Of Stitches Sampler and Sewing Pocket, this is also worked on Pink Sand Permin Linen 32 count, Needlepoint Silk and Dinky Dyes silk threads, this is also stitched one over two,  I have started on this and will post pictures as I go along.

I love birds and had to do this little lovely as soon as possible this is from the bookPin Cushion Appeal by Just Another Button Company, totally love this book LaRue my dear Friend had this so of course I had to do the Bird, I did mine just a little different, I blanket stitched the wings on and stitched all the decorative stitches on the wings by hand, this sits on an old wooden thread spool, I found this at a thrift store long ago,  I am now glad I bought it, you never know what you will find at the thrift stores.

Next is a Hearts Content Floral Urn stitched on 100% Silk Gauze, I love this little project I did not want to do a framed picture so I finished it into a watch face, I will be adding a bead bracelet to finish it off.

I worked on this Drawn Thread Peace Scissor Fob last month on my IHSW, I just never did post it sometimes life gets way to busy for me, I stitched this on 36 count unknown fabric something that was in my stash closet, I used different threads then what it called for I also added a Swarovski crystal, instead of the called for Mill Hill bead, I love this and will finishe it maybe on tuesday or wednesday.

I hope all who celebrate Passover and Lent have a Blessed season and warm weather.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A big surprise for me from Conny

Hello to all the wonderful people in blogland, it is finally spring I think, I say this because we will be having another winter storm starting tomorrow according to the weatherman, now I must say he is the only person I know that can tell you the weather be wrong and still get paid, I want a job like that, I love our weathermen and women, but  can you at least get rid of the snow and give us some warmer weather?

I have loads to show and tell, I recieved a big box of goodies from Conny over at

Conny made the sweetest sewing machine cover and serger machine cover in a shabby chic motif, I love the colors they go well with my moss green carpet and extremely light green walls, thank-you so very much, I have been thinking about making covers, I would never have thought of using pillow shams how wonderful, see the lovely ribbon work I am inspired to try ribbon work thank-you Conny.
I love them.

Conny also made  a sewing box from an old silverware box now what a great idea, she put in all kinds of goodies, like the little heart pin (whichI will wear at retreat this week-end) a counting pin,  a beautiful card with ribbon on it that I love, some lace that will be put to good use (of course) an adorable silk bag with lace and a clothspin with lace wrapped around it,  this is also a great idea I think I will do this for all my loose ribbons and lace to save space in my lace/ribbon drawer, a beautiful pin magnet that is in the shape of an angel, some thread that is in the easter colors which I already have an idea to use for an easter project, some glitter I will use this coming Christmas season, my camara battery is pooped out so I cannot show you single  pictures of some of the little items like the little dress floss tag, Conny you are way to sweet.
The angels on top of the sewing box are sew cute, thank-you for all the hard work you put into this lovely gift you sent me, did you see the angels on the top of the box?

Conny also sent along some patterns and a kit, I am going to hand dye the fabric a light blue to match my master bath, I have lighthouses and sea pictures for wall decor,  there is also a pattern from Shepherds Bush Fancy Work  Satin Ribbon Cahtelaine and an Earth Threads Garden Peace, I love these patterns, thank-you so much for your kindness.
I will start working on the Americana Folio Shepherds Bush pattern next week.

Conny includede a printed cross stitch cloth I am going to make this into a pillow after stitching it in blues, this will go on my front porch stitching chair.
See the lovely little card she sent I love it.

Happy Spring to you all, Please pray for warmer weather, and  good rains for the farmers.
Blessings to you all.