Monday, July 23, 2012

A winner

Congratulations,  my husband picked the name of Solstitches,  please send me your snail mail.
My next givaway is going to be in sept, this is the Christmas Ornament Preview july/aug 2010 issue.


Monday, July 16, 2012

A givaway for you

This morning I got up at 05:00 stretched got dressed brushed my teeth and combed my hair  and went to the gym, came home made the bed washed a load of laundry, washed windows all around the house outside (they needed it I wash once a month in the warm weather) washed  some of the inside windows, started to feel a little rough and realized I had not had my morning latte or breakfast, it is about 8:45 now how on earth can I miss a meal, I love food.
I decided to read my email while I ate my cottage cheese and peaches and toast yum.
Then I thought I have to get my givaway going.

My Givaway this month is the  Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament Preview July/Aug. there are eleven preview ornaments in this magazine,  a sunflower pattern by Sharon Pope, Sampler Of Psalms by Phylli Depiano, A Patriotic welcome by Lois Winston, a great story about Elizabeth Talledos (Dames Of The Needle) with a super sweet pattern for a horn book, a beautiful Maine lighthouse pattern, by Julia Lucas,a pattern of a boathouse Nantucket Americana by Sharon Pope, U.S. Sampler of Uncle Sam by Nancy Boyarsky and  Flower Mandala by Banu Demirel.

To enter my givaway just leave a comment, I am picking the winner on july 21.
Good luck, you must be a follower to enter you donot need to post on your blog unless you want.

Today temps in Annandale Minnesota are going to reach almost 100 degrees, I have today off I am so happy, now I need to go put needle to fabric, and think about dinner.

Blessings to you all

Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Givaway coming tomorrow

I will be posting a givaway tomorrow it is the Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament Preview  Issue July/August.
Come leave a comment you may win.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

A few Finishes and finally able to post again

Finally I am able to post pictures and words, blogger has not been good to me, I hope all problems are gone.

First up is the finished (finally) Romes and the Chicks this is a Leisure Arts booklet, I won the booklet and the started project at retreat, the blue hen was almost finished, and just a little of the red hen had been stitched, I love this pillow, I was not sure how I was going to finish the stitched project  my wonderful Husband suggested a pillow for the kitchen chair it works, the chair that it is sitting on oin the picture is in the family room really it is the (man cave), insert giggles here.
This was stitched on fourteen count I donot use 14 count fabric, I just had to finishe this beauty, it only cost me a few dollars in the auction, lucky me.

Next is  Shepherds Bush pattern I love this Forget Me Not this is a pattern from 1990, it is so amazing that some patterns never seem to go out of style, I did this on  28 count I the color of the fabric is a light mint green.

Next up is Blackbird Designs Home of the Brave, I started stitching on this on july third and finished it the evening of july fourth, you see I was home all day on the fourth and stitched for over 9 hours my dream came true, nothing but stitching, Mike did all the cooking and took care of clean-up how lucky am I.
I did this piece on 32 count I am not sure of the linen type, I did this on white I changed the colors from all red to blue and red I added star buttons, however I did make a stitching count mistake and did not discover this until I was done with all the letters, I think it still looks lovely.
I really wanted to do this for The fourth and all the freedoms we have in the beautiful Country.
I am going to frame it tomorrow, I am not going to use a mat I love the  red frame, I found this in a second hand store at a whopping .50, you gotta love them second hand stores.

Today I am going to sit out on the porch and drink iced coffe and stitch, we donot have the air on because it is only 85 and sunny with a lovely breeze.

Blessings to you All.