Friday, March 25, 2016

ISHW a little late post

Happy Blessed Easter to all who celebrate this Holy Season.

What I did on my International Stitch and Hermit Weekend:
I had the opportunity to go with my Husband on one of his business trips, yes I stitched beaded read and sat in the hot tub and did some swimming, it was good, so here are the things I did as far as stitching:

This is the needle roll I did finish the stitching, and will show a picture when  I do the finishing work on all pieces, this is from the Spring Fling that Stitchville USA put on last April with Ellen Chester
Kindred Spirits.

As you can see the top page is wrinkled a little due to the Miss  Puss attacking it, I have such a problem with her she wants to sit on my lap only when I stitch or am at the computer.

I finished putting together the Moriah's Summer Token Hand Fan from Tammy Black Scattered Seed Samplers here is the link: please give Tammy a visit, she has a very interesting blog, she often talks and shows pictures of different stitching items of years past.

I am making these balls for some ladies and a few are for gifts at a retreat I am going to next week-end, Stitchvilles Spring Fling is going to be Betsy Morgan, I am excited I have never taken a class from her before, I was able to chat with her last year at another retreat but I did not take her class it filled up way to fast.
Some of the beads are larger then the ones I buy from Becka Beads in Maple Lake Minnesota, Becky sells 20mm and I think some of these are either 21 or 22 mm so I had to make adjustments.

This is the moon yesterday morning I was so lucky to be able to get these pictures, the first one was at about 07:00a.m. the second one is about 70:35 the third one is about 70:20 I know they are  out of order I am too lazy to correct them sosorry.

We had snow but only in the bottom and south east part of the state, we left Albert Lea just in time the snow was coming down hard and by the time we got to Stillwater it was just a few flakes here and there, that was Wednesday, temps are expected in the low 50s today yippee.

Today I plan on stitching again on some other parts of the Kindred Spirits project and hope to get it all finished by next week-end.

Happy Blessed Easter to you All



Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day ISHW And I Changed My Mind

Happy St. Patty's Day to all my Irish Follower's  Friend's and Family

I will be drinking a green Margarita this evening, I am not much for Ale or Beer.

This week-end is ISHW offered by I plan on stitching loads I need to get caught up with some projects I started last year like the class I took last May, I am truly behind.
The Retreat  was Kindred Spirits that Stitchville USA  put on, I love Deb's Retreats. With My Needle Ellen Chester was the guest teacher wow what a great time, I am not sure why I put this project aside, maybe my mind is going.
I have done some of the stitching, I am excited to get back to stitching this lovely project.

I finished another ornament for my small tree for Christmas, I like beading as you can tell by my bracelets I have made, this is Mill Hill Charmed Santa Faces- Series two.
I just need to put felt on the back and wait for Christmas.

I will be going to Stitchville's Spring Retreat  in April, the Teacher is Betsy Morgan, the Bag and accessories are lovely we  had some pre stitching to do and I ran out of thread, a few of us had this happen, this is the needle book I love the colors red and white.

This is our baby girl taking a mid morning nap, she looks so peaceful until she wakes up and wants to play with my stitching.

Time to stitch Blessings On St. Patrick's Day to you all



Saturday, March 12, 2016

Another Finish And Closer To Spring And Lunch With Mom And Julie

Greetings to you all, I am so happy spring is almost here, I look forward to sitting outside with a latte and stitching and reading in the sun and of course the shade.

Thursday Mom and Julie brought over Chinese oh boy was it ever good, thank-you Mom and Julie, I was working for Karol from Allina while she was on vacation, I told my past Boss that I would help out when Karol goes on vacation, a little stitching money never hurts, I am retired but still like to help them out.

I have another finish it is the Scattered Seed Samplers From Tammy Black A Stitch In Time Pinkeep, I love this little pillow it is so sweet in my eyes, I did change out the ribbon finish, I just could not get it to look like Tammy's, I stuffed it with crushed walnut shell's, I did not have any sawdust to fill it.
I also put the little silver bird charm in the pillow (what do you think)



I am in love with this little pillow so sweet, the ribbon used is something I have never used before it is very interesting and snag a little if I am not careful.

I did this many years ago it is from an old magazine as soon as I find the magazine I will post the Designer.
I had wanted to post this yesterday  for Flash back Friday but as you can tell I am a little slow.

I opened the patio door in the kitchen and look what I found a spider a very small spider. So maybe spring is here finally.

I have been sucking up the Asian beetle like crazy at least 50 every morning, I hate these little things they stick and creep me out. Does anyone else have this problem? I would  have taken a picture but sucked them all up before this post.

I will be starting a new project this evening, it is Brenda Gervais's  I love this pattern I think it is so sweet. Paper Snowflakes

I have to go now we are getting ready for Mass, I run the library on Saturday evenings at Church.

To You All



Friday, March 4, 2016

SAL And Some Beading

Soon very soon it will be spring which brings beautiful flowers and green trees, I am excited, sounds kind of silly for a 65 year old woman getting excited about spring but it always smell so fresh and looks so clean when the colors are blooming, today it is snowing, I am not sure how much snow we will get I hope very little.
I was invited to a stitch-in at Lynn's home, I had such a great time, she made the greatest tasting soup yummy is what my tummy was saying, everyone brought something to eat, I made strawberry trifle it was so good, we stitched and had a wonderful time, these are some of the girls from the October and February  retreats which are no more. :( sad me.

I stitched a small Sheep and Tree for the SAL over at I am trying to do an ornament a month so I have 12 new ornaments for our tree next Christmas.
 I missed the post only because I was out of town with Michael he had a business trip and I went with and stitched and beaded when he  was out visiting police departments and sheriffs departments, and other places he had to go.

This is what I did when he was gone

I like Tammy Blacks Designs, they are so primitive looking, I just need to stitch the back side and assemble.

I also started working on some braded ornaments for a retreat that is coming up in April, some of the girls trade  gift bags, I am one of them,   I wanted to make something special, I only need to make 10 more wish me luck.

Mike has Adoration this evening and I will stitch while he is gone, and have a margarita  it is margarita Friday here in the Laurent home.

Well its still snowing and I need to get to the laundry.
Thank-you for all your lovely comments on my last post, I am so sorry if I did not send individual thank-you, from my heart to your thank-you again.

I am not sure why my letters started to slant but so be it.