Monday, September 21, 2020

I Am Still Here But Very Busy

 Hello to all my faithful followers, I am so happy to be posting today, I have so much to show you but will keep it low key and show more later this week.

I had two of my finished stitch's framed, one at JoAnn's and one at Hobby Lobby, the price at Hobby Lobby was much less then JoAnn's.

This is Shepherds Bush I am not sure of the name, I sent the on to someone else, so sorry, the one button on thr dress is a little off, Hobby Lobby said they will correct that for me.

This is Sea To Shining  Sea By Little House, I am so loving this frame and mat, the colors are perfect for the design.
Both designs were freebies from the stash relocation pile at Minnesota Needlework Retreat, they were both started but only a little, I just felt I needed to finish them.

I have not gotten very far with This Ones For Betty, by Willing Hands Betsy Morgan Designs, I had hoped to have more done but life has gotten in the way and with fall here we are trying to get loads of outdoor work done, we have been over to my sister in laws doing cement work, working at the food shelf, we have both added hours to our week.

                                                       So sorry about the dark photos.

I hope you all will keep the people in the fire torn areas in your thoughts and prayers, it is a shame so many have lost lives and the animals who have perished, I am a little upset about the fire that was started by accident from the baby gender reveal party, did they not realize that it is dry out that way? not sure what the heck they were thinking.
It is a breezy day today with the temps climbing, hopefully we will see a few more warmer days.
Thank-you to all who have left comments on my last post, I will  be sending thank-you to those who I have not sent to soon.

Have a lovely week