Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Happy Thanksgiving Happy Fall

It has been a very busy here in our neck of the woods, I have missed three book club meetings and a Council Of Catholic Women meeting.

Mikes doing better thank-you for all your Prayers and kind thoughts, he is back to about 80% yahoo.

I have the first photos dedicated to Jerimiah, his Mothers blog is please visit her and see what she is up to in life.

Here we go Jerimiah: My husbands family was into wrestling, my late brother in law wrestled a bit but gave it up to farm, no photos, but here are a few other photos of friends of ours

The above photo is of me with Mad Dog Vachon sadly he has passed away, he was a very kind and                                                               gentle man taken back in the early 80s

                                                            He was an Olympic Wrestler

My husband made this head out of clay when he was in high school Mad Dog was his favorite wrestler 
        at the time. Mike went to a meet and greet back in the 90s Mad Dog saw this and had to have his                                                                             photo taken with it

This is one of Mikes sisters, Jesse Ventura lived just down the road from the farm she and her husband                                                                   had, he is a very nice man

This is Billy Robinson he dated Mikes other sister back in the 90s after her divorce, he was a funny guy                  and love to play cards, he wrestled in Japan at the timer this magazine was printed

Now for some finishing: I have been busy, making Baptismal Bibs sewing and doing mending plus a                                                                  few finishing of my stitching


The above is a BlueRibbon Design, I really like Belindas         designs, you must check her blog out she has some amazing bags and other items she creates

This is a Homespun design Avery's Cycling Santa, I am not real happy with the finish but it is what it is

I do not remember if this was n exchange or if I stitched it, it was in my pile of need to finish, I wanted a                                                                 simple finish for our three

I was the lucky winner of these threads, the threads are Sulky threads, and needles are ball point needles from Liz Mathewson her site, she does videos of items she has tested and then gives them away, you must follow her, she also has a Patreon site that has three categories for monthly subscription, I have the                                top tier which is only 20.00 dollars you get a pattern design every month.

I have joined the Jingle Ball this year, I will share with you what class's I will be taking on my next                                                                                      blogpost

                                                             Happy Blessed Thanksgiving