Monday, November 21, 2016

It has been a while

First I want to thank-everyone that emailed me asking if everything is okay, I would like to name you all but would take way to much time so sorry, from my heart to yours thank-you for your concern.
Michael has had some very bad and very good days, he was again in the hospital in October, his blood pressure spiked again to 245/180. he was so lucky he did not have a stroke or heart attack, however he spent three and on half days in the hospital, he lost the hearing in his right ear 100% lost so sad, there is no medical reason for this  accept that he was exposed to agent orange in Viet Nam, he is still doctoring and will continue for some time in the future, he had three shot od steroid in his ear, ouch, he was so brave, I want to pass out just thinking of it, of course this is causing his dizziness.
He also has a mass on his lung, they are telling him it is not cancer it is just something from the agent orange they will continue to monitor it, he was up at the VA in St. Cloud all day today and has to go back in December,  please I beg you to pray for him.

I want to thank Cathie who has the blog site, I sent her my used Scattered Seed  Sampler pattern she sent me the loveliest pin pillow which has a spot in my family room so I can see it everyday, this is what she made I love it.
Cathie: Thank-you so much you are an Angel, just when I needed a lift your pillow showed up, thank-you Dear Friend.

 I have been busy I have done my Scattered Seed Samplers that are mailed out periodically, I am finally getting caught up with stitching yahoo.
This is the Pins & Needles Pinpoke
I forgot to take a photo of the coordinating fabric so sorry.

This is the Mend My Soul Tailors Roll, I just love this design and the fabric color makes me so happy, the coordinating fabric is beautiful, Tammy has an eye for selecting fabric to go with her designs.

This is Come Dance With Me Pinkeep, I adore this design, I love the birds and the flower so much, I plan on using a dye to add a little flair to the designs I have stitched so far, I bought he bottle way back in January and still have not used it so now is the time.
I have never used this stuff before Instant Antique Aging Solution wish me luck, I will post photos when all is done.

This is the one I am working on now, I love this it is a scissor mat Tammy Black is so creative, I will use  this often. It is called Rest In The Lord Scissor Mat, look at the beautiful floral in brown coordinating fabric it is so pretty in person. I hope to have this one finished by Thursday.

I have been beading a little ,  last month I went to a retreat put on by Keli my friend, we stayed from Friday to Monday you can check in on Friday at 10:30 and check out at 4:00 on Monday I love the early check-in and late check-out, I took a few photos and then my battery died.
I taught a lady how to make beaded crystal balls, she loved hers and was an easy learner.
This is the one she made

Then I made one for Keli for putting together the retreat.

So sorry it is blurry, they really are much prettier in person, I will be making more for my tree this year.

Here are a couple of bracelets I have made, they were so easy to make I even surprised myself.

I do like to bead, I have been making jewelry for years  usually from broken jewelry, beading is very comforting for me.

Now I have to tell you about something that really amazed me, my wonderful Husband decided he wanted to change the wood floor to a lighter color, I was not sure about this, you see it is real wood not the laminate kind, so I said go ahead however he is doing slowly only because I am keeping him from over doing it and making him self sicker, he just wants to be productive and busy, so here is the difference.

We are giving all the old flooring to a friend who has cancer she has always wanted wood floors, so instead of throwing the flooring in the garbage she will get anew floor for free, my Mike is such a wonderful man, her whole main floor will be wood.

I want to show you a photo of Krissy's costume, she was so good and showed herself off so sweetly, she like to get dressed up.
This week she had surgery on her other kneecap poor baby, I hope that she does not need anymore surgery's.

It is time to stitch and watch The First 48,  Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate Turkey day.



Friday, November 11, 2016

Thank-you Veterans

Thank-you Veterans for the dedication and love, for serving your Country, for sacrificing for all our Freedoms.

Thank-you to the Veterans that have gone before us, You will not be forgotten.

I am a very lucky person to be able to thank-you  from the bottom of my heart to yours.