Monday, March 27, 2017

A New Start And A Finish

Hello my dear friends: I was able to finish my Santa beaded ornament, however the package did not have all the beads I needed to finish or enough of one color, so I had to hunt in my beading stash and find the right beads, lucky for me I had what I needed. The Snowflake was also missing so I just used gold beads to make a fringe on the tip of his hat.

I started a new design it is Rose Hamilton Heart from Sub Rosa, I have a few of Eszter's designs, I love the simplicity and beauty of her designs,
Here is my progress

So sorry about the wrinkles in the photo, my printer tried to eat my paper when printing the pattern it is a PDF from her site.

I hope to have this finished by Wednesday evening or before, I plan on using it for a top on a box for my scissors.
I wish you al a Happy Spring

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Greetings Friends

Well it has been a rocky start to 2017 for my Mother Michael and myself, finally we are all three getting things back to normal, I am so proud of my Mother and the great progress she is making with her weight loss and her rehab program, she is an amazing 86 year old woman. I LOVE YOU MOM.

I have been feeling better just get tired easily, I did finish the Paper Snowflake, I was off by one stitch but it all worked out in the end.

So sorry about the wrinkles, I do want to get this framed soon.
I must say the fabric called for does not look like the photo on the package photo, I looked closer and it seems that there is a film or something on the photo giving the design a darker look, I do wish designers would not do this, I was expecting my fabric to look like the photo, does anyone else find this annoying?

I started this on Monday evening and finished stitching it Monday evening a fast stitch,  I need to have a couple of finishing days, I have loads of designs I have stitched and are sitting and waiting for them to be finiahed.

I started a Christmas ornament last evening and hope to have this finished tomorrow evening.

That's about it for now.
Thank-you to all the wonderful people who are following me here in Blogland, thank-you to all of you that leave such beautiful comments, I am really grateful for your friendship.



Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Finally Stitching

Hello to all my dear followers: Thank-you so much for your comments about my health, I am rid of the pneumonia and slowly getting my strength back, I am sad to say that pneumonia is making a big arrival here in Annandale MN, I know of 11 people with pneumonia, wow what a number.
I hope they are all getting over this nasty bug.
I have been busy cleaning and doing laundry, I cleaned yesterday, it normally takes me 3-31/5 hours to clean the main floor but yesterday it took me a good eight hours, I would clean a little and then rest clean a little and rest again, it feels so good to have a clean home, I clean every week faithfully but since being sick Mike has helped as much as possible.
He is such an angel to me.

I have done some stitching on my Paper Snowflakes and will be done this week-end, I wanted to be done by January 26 but being sick would not let me do so, January is the month od pneumonia for me, yuck.

 So this is my progress:  From this:

I am going to stitch this evening and hope to have more done barring any interruptions.
I have to show you what mother nature left for us earlier this week: 5 inch's of snow yuck, I am so ready for spring.

I have to shoiw you what the cat and dog did yesterday, they never sit or walk beside each other however they took a nap together in the sun, Blondie The Cat usually hates the Krissy but for some reason she did not mind Krissy laying with her, Blondie is really Starlynn  but because of all the silly things she does we started calling her Blondie, she reminds me of Blondie and Dagwood, she is so funny.

My wonderful husband had cards printed up for me, I was thrilled, what a thoughtful man he is, I love them and am ready to hand them out.
Thank-you Michael, I love you.

This is Mike and Krissy out on the golf course, I get a kick out of seeing them out there, they are like two kids playing together, Mike even carries a poop bag  just in case Krissy needs to make a pit stop.
I need to read some emails and stitch and stitch some more.
I hope you are all well and getting loads of stitching done.
Thank-you all for stopping by.


Monday, March 6, 2017

A Quick Update

Greetings My Dear Friends: I am feeling better and hope to be stitching tomorrow evening, I have a test in the a.m. a little shopping if I do not get to weak and out to lunch with the best Man in the world, my Husband.

I will post an update of my stitching on Thursday.

Thank-you all for  praying for me and thinking of me during my illness, I have not sent out thank-you emails from the last post comments, but please give me time and I will get caught up.


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Just A Little Stitching And some Bad News

Hello to all my lovely followers: Thank-you for your comments in my last post, I thank-you from my Heart.

I made a couple of charms for a friend, she wanted  to  give them to her sister,  I need to add the charms  and the chain, I stamped the lettering and pounded the metal, she likes what I did so far.

I have not done much stitching of late, I have been very ill, last month I went to the ER and diagnosed with dehydration, a week later I was diagnosed with Pneumonia, I am on double doses of antibiotics, yuck, it has not been good this year, I just want to get back to cleaning and stitching, beading and having a date with my wonderful husband and take my mother and sister-in-law out to lunch.
I have also been diagnosed with an enlarged heart, the doctor said this could be the result of the pneumonia or dehydration, so next week if I can I will be taking a stress test, UGH>
Anyhoo here is the stitching I did yesterday.
Not much but a little is better then no stitching, is what I think.

I had to take a photo of the dad and his dog out on the golf course, I think the dog looks forward to this everyday.

It is so much fun to see them out and running, Mike is the only dog owner who carries a poop bag and picks up after Krissy, other people just let their dogs do their thing ick.
Krissy has found over 20 golf balls from last season, Mike gives the found balls to a friend of his.

Time to relax and read a little reading a  Lee Child novel Jack Reacher  Never Go Back, love this series, a great read, lots of intrigue and excitement.

Time to rest, I will post again soon.