Monday, March 24, 2014

A Winner

Good spring morning to all my followers, I have a winner to announce:

 Joyce Clark Frank is the winner of the pay it forward, Joyce please email me your snail mail address, congratulations,

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Congratulations to you all, thank-you for being my followers.


Monday, March 17, 2014

A Vacation, A sad day in my life and Dancing with the Stars

Greetings to all my followers, I hope we are all on the downhill side of winter what a bunch of crappy weather we have all had.
I am so sorry I have not posted earlier, my Husband and I spent eleven days in Can Cun Mexico, we have been going to Mexico since 1997 and have only missed two years due to illness of a family member, we had such beautiful weather it was amazing, beautiful weather it stormed the day we left, pouring rain,  we stayed at the Golden Parnasuss all adult Resort, there was so much to do so many activities even bingo, my Husband was a participant in a belly flop contest, he came in second a lady from australia won for the best belly flop ouch.
I love this resort, the employees were amazing, the place so so clean, the food was good in three of the restaurants, one was okay, the buffets un the morning and afternoon for lunch wer fabulous.
I have a tan that will last about a month so I  am praying for really warm weather to come soon, so I can add to my tan.

My man looking at the clouds moving in, just before a storm that lasted about 10 minutes.

 We were on the fifth floor sea side this is the pool, we spent most days in the sea body surfing the waves were just right and the water was so warm.

This is the udon and veggies I had on friday it is Lent so the restaurant was so good about offering food for the Catholic people on vacation, this was a dish from the Sumo Restaurant on the premises,
it was so yummy.

This is two of the many water fountains they had at night they are so beautiful with very dark blue water, I sat here and read several times.

These are some of the statutes in the 60s bar I just love Stan Laurel he is a hoot.

The Blues Brothers along with Elvis, there is a dance floor for the people who want to kick up their heels.

 This is a picture of two very cool ladies from Missouri, Beverly and Diane, I called them Beverly Hills and Lady Diana they were a hoot one is a doctor the other is a fitness instructor, they wanted to have their picture taken with Mike so they could tell their husbands they had a younger man to sit with  at meals, however we never did eat with them they were so much fun.

 I had to have my picture taken with the Spiderman statue, he stood 7 feet tall, of course he is all plastic, however my greatnephew will think he is the real thing.

Another beautiful water fall in the main lobby, at night it had loads of white lights and blue water that was lit up.

I did do some  stitching on vacation but not much. I really wanted to be outside as much as possible,
I even had some beautiful pictures of the sunrise, which I will post on my next post.

I am going to ask you for prayers for my sister in law her second husband  passed away on saturday, (she married my younger brother,  he passed away in 2001) Tom was my brothers best friend and she married him three years after my brother passed away.   She is having a hard time, this is her second husband to die from cancer.
Keep her in your prayers.

Tonight I am watching Dancing With The stars, I am not sure why I am hooked on this show, I became interested in the second season and now am hooked for sure,  are any of you interested?

I hope you will go to my previous post and read abot my Paying it Forward, donot forget to enter.
Well that is all for now, remember ISHW is this coming week-end, my fingers will be smoking to catch up to my stitching I did not do for almost two weeks.

Happy St. Patricks Day.