Monday, February 17, 2020

It Has Been A Couple Of Weeks

Thank-you to all for your well wish's, I am slowly training myself to do things with my left hand, it is getting easier everyday, I am stitching and sewing with my left hand as my prominent hand for now, it was not easy at first.
I did get some stitching done, I had hoped to have this finished so I could start on my SAL with Donna over at I really like this design,  I hope to have it started beforte spring ( not sure why my letters are now slanted)
I did get some stitching done on My Precious Treasures from Blue Ribbon Designs, I totally love this design  here is where I am
  This is the scissor pocket, I need to add my name  and a few words, I really love this peacock.

I have been slowly stitching for our church, I have made Alter Cloths, added new lace to existing Alter Cloths and will be embroidering size letter to the Albs the Alter Servers use during Mass.
I have been trying to bead which is a little challenging sometimes, my wrist gets very sore, I do not want to take pain pills so try to use just Tylenol, it takes about 3/4 of the pain away.

I did do some finishing, not very good because of my wrist but still did get it done.

This is the Needle-roll, not what I was wishing it to look like but it is what it is for now.

This is the pin cushion, I made it a bit smaller then the actual size, I wanted a bit of a smaller because it looked to large for the bag.

I added the fabric on top due to I thought it looked a little plain with just the ribbon closer.

I found a great place to by the ribbon seam binding  on Etsy, her shop name is  MyScrapCabinShop, please just take a look you may find something you need or cannot live without, I did. 
Her name is Erin, she really is not expensive, at least I think she is selling for a very good price, the ribbon is crinkled and so many colors to choose from, each hank has lots of ribbon.

It is time for bed I am tired, yesterday I spent the day with my Sister in law she is so sweet and fun to be with, we just click.
I hope you all are not having bad weather like in Mississippi, it is so sad about the floods.
Be safe have a wonderful week.
Thank-you for visiting


Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Hello To All

Hello to my new followers,  Sally and Capecodgirl, Sondra, Monica and all the wonderful followers I have had for a while.
I do not have your emails to send thank-you's or to follow you so if you would be so kind to email me your blog site and email I will follow you in return
It has been a trying last 7 months for me personally, I am not going to blab on long about this, I will be stitching as much as possible, you see I injured my wrist last August while walking my 50 pound dog, since then I have a very severe and I mean severe case of arthritis.
It is extremely painful, I can only stitch for a very short period, I am going to have to hire someone to vacuum for me and mop floors, I need surgery and hope to get that done within the next month, cast for 3-8 weeks ugh.
I have done some stitching in the last week and as half, slow but for sure getting some done.
I will post a photo this evening.