Sunday, November 18, 2018

Some More Stitching

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate this holiday:

Last evening and today I have been working on a kit that was given to my by a very sweet Lady from north Dakota, LaRue is an amazing Lady and Friend, she is loads of fun and an amazing stitcher.
This is a kit from Milady's Needle it is Milady's Quaker Pendant ll, I love doing this little design.

It is one over one on 36 count, I had to frog a little bit about 20 stitch's this is not easy on 36 one over one, as you can see from the penny how small this is, I was going to give it as a gift but became selfish when I finished one side, I just love it.

I am working on some new beading designs, I bought a bag of a dozen inexpensive metal bracelets at a craft sale, I did some experimenting yesterday I am happy with the result except I will be adding a ribbon on the top, the copper ones get a copper ribbon, silver  ribbon and gold  ribbon, along with matching beads, I will post a photo next week.
In a different light, they cost about 35 cents to make, I am going to mark them 2.00 for the Santa Workshop, so many people who come to the Luncheon are on a fixed income and would love to buy but need to watch theirs pennies, so less expensive gifts to buy are a great idea.
Well its time to stitch some more, I hope you all are having a great weekend


Marilyn said...

Love that Quaker pendant, it will be so pretty.
The bracelets are a great idea.
Have a great Thanksgiving!

Sandy said...

That is going to be adorable. So small...I don't think I could stitch something that small!

Vickie said...

The Quaker stitching is fantastic!! I just love tiny stitching so much. I hope you have great success with your sale.

Linda said...

Congrats on the pretty finish Catherine. Thank you for the nice comments you always leave. There is still lots of blue left on Cars. I haven't framed any yet.


butterfly said...

Lovely stitching and the bracelets .

You are always busy making so many beautiful things.

By the way love your header , enjoy a fab week.

Carol said...

You are so creative, Catherine! I bet you will sell lots of those at $2.00 a piece!

Amazing tiny stitches--I really can't handle over one on fabric above 32 ct. so I applaud you :)

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Rita said...

Lovely crafting there!

You cab mail me to

Julie said...

I hope even those with lower incomes find something beautiful to purchase. You've made such pretty goodies for them to choose from.

RJ said...

Beautiful stitching Catherine. I'm amazed that you stitched that one over one on 35ct. I've done 32ct and thought that was so tiny. You did an incredible job. Your bracelets are gorgeous. I hope you and Mike have a very blessed and happy Thanksgiving. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

Penny said...

I'm really drawn to Quaker designs but for some reason have never stitched any. Yours is so tiny and pretty - I can see why you wanted to keep it. : ) Love what you did with the bracelets! Happy Thanksgiving, Catherine!