Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Finally A new computer and laptop

I am so happy with my new computer, it works and does not delete anything I post so far.
I am happy to show you what Adrienn sent me from Hungary a beautiful pinkeep, she did it in some of my favorite colors, the stitching is lovely and the finish is beautiful, I love the thread keeper it is adorable, I am a bird lover (how did she know)
The pinkeep sits in my living room on a shelf above my sofa table, it looks so good there, I am using the threadkeeper for a project that I started last week.
Thank-you Adrienn it is lovely.
I am in love with the stamps on this envelope  they are so cool, the post card is way so cool with  a lovely church, windmill, water fountain and storefront.
Thank-you again.

I  have been working on some small projects that I really wanted to get done, some of them I started long ago like the small Christmas stockings they will hang on my tree this year, I am not sure of the designer beacuse I stitched them so long ago and finally put them together, the Ewe and I I stitched long ago and finally put a backing and stuffed it to hang on one of my desks.
The Shepherds Bush is Spooky Night I did this with all leftover threads from other Shepherds Bush projects, I am not sure of the Thanksgiving ornament I finished it long ago and donot remember who the designer was so sorry.
 I am so sorry about the givaway, somehow the post for the people who commented was deleted along with other posts that was part of the problem with my computer, I do say I am so sorry, to all who  were missed, I will have another givaway in august.

I do have more to show you but need to get to bed and read a little the alarm goes off at 04:00, have a sweet stitching evening.