Friday, October 31, 2014

My Drive by Post

It is a sad day in America when a person can just drive up to a vehicle and shoot someone, I am referring to the beautiful little Lady in Oakland California,  her name is Perla Avina such a lovely name, how sad is it that she lost her life let alone leaving behind a Husband and four beautiful Children.
Remember people kill people not guns kill people, the gun is just the vehicle that someone uses.
I pray for her Family and pray for the stupid idiot that shot her.
Just letting off steam.



Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A very nice package arrived

I have been at it again, working and more working, I do love my job, I will  be 64 in january, and want to retire early to enjoy life, I  will try and retire on may first 2015.

I was away at work last week when my wonderful Husband called me to tell me a package arrived, I asked him to open it for me, he said I will like what arrived.
Gracie over at sent me the sweetest pansy sampler it is beautiful, it has a pink ribbon on it thank-you Gracie I love it, along with the stitched sampler, are some beads with a clasp to make a bracelet, a note pad which I will use positively, a beautiful halloween card handmade it is a cool card, a small pumpkin to hang on my tree and a sucker with a scorpion in it, now some of you will say ewww, not me I am ver adventerous, I have had many critters in my tummy, last june I had grasshopper salad it was fantastic, so I am sure the scorpion will be just as good.
Gracie you are a wonderful Lady thank-you for a beautiful package.

I love doing the R&R and hope to do another one.
I will be dropping Gracie's package off in the mail today I have a day at home for once, then tomorrow back on the road.

I was away at a fall retreat, our last on at Totino Grace Retreat Center, makes me very sad, the ladies at this retreat are some of the most amazing Ladies, I hope the person trying to put together a retreat for febuary will come up with a new place.

I was a little on edge at this retreat, I need to tell some of the ladies at my table how very sorry I am my Mother is not getting better she is getting worse in front of my eyes, oh so sad, she of course did this to herself which makes me mad, she was a two pack a day smoker for most of her life, Mom had to quit smoking 5 years ago when she ended up in the E.R. so self inflicked illness, so sad.
I lost two of my younger Brothers to lung cancer (smokers) my Father died due to the smoking habits he had, so sad.
I however feel very lucky, never tried  a cigarette or drugs, just beer when I was young, never did much drinking, I still like a drink when we are out or on fridays in the hottub under the stars.

I am going to work on a few things today just so I can get them off my sewing table, edging around a quilt, my Drawn Thread Pocket ouch wish me luck, and maybe what ever else I can find, (I need to )get my sewing room back in order, I have been away for work so much that things are getting out of hand in that room.

I am working on four Christmas finger towels, I have had these for so long i just gave in and started to work on them at retreat, I finished one of the red ones and am working on one of the green ones.

Well I need to get to my sewing room so will say goodby until we meet again ( Roy Rogers) saying.
Now I really have dateed myself. Giggles

Hugs to you all


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Just a little look at fall

Happy Fall: I love this time of year just not what comes after it, you know Pssssst winter.
I want to show you a tree we see from our  breakfast nook, I love this tree.

Here are a few pictures from Waconia Minn.

When I am in Waconia working I see the town really come together  during holidays, I will post Christmas pictures in december, stay tuned.
I love this Spider Web.

Elvis is such a hoot, this was about six feet tall.

You may have to click on the photo to see the scarecrows in the pictures better.

I am almost finished with my R&R, I have retreat this week-end with the greatest group of Ladies, this will be our last fall retreat, unless someone can find a new place to go.
Wish us luck.

I need to go pack and do some stitching.


Monday, October 20, 2014

Around the World Bloghop

Today is catch-up day wowo so much to do when I get home from the road.

What Am I Stitching On?
Well I am stitching on a R&R that is being run by June at Butterfly wings, so I cannot show you, that item, I did finishe the stitching on my Drawn Thread Pocket, today I will stitch the pocket together.
I also started a new pattern from Tralala Collection priv'ee
I am doing the middle pattern, she is so cute.

I did manage to finish this little ornament from HeartNHand, I used all the required threads.

Hoe Does My Work Differ From Others
I am not sure my work differs from others, I am a long time stitcher, love it to bits, it relaxes me, I think we as stitchers all have an idea that is similar to others but sometimes our stitching color choices may be switched out and our finishing is a little different then others.
I am also a beader, felt penny rugs, stain glass ( need to post picturs soon)  copper work with pipes and many other crafts.
I am sure there are other stitchers that have a world of other crafts they try or do.
Why Do I Write Or Create What I Do
I have never been  very good at writing, I am an avid reader, however composing a post does give me a challenge sometimes.
The words just donot seem to come to me.
Maybe someday when I retire with less on my mind it will come easier.
How Does My Creating Process Work
Hmmm well I am willing to try just about anything related to a needle and thread, I see beauty in almost everything, I picked up shells in Mexico in march and June of this year, I will creat a bracelet with them, use them on some stitching and who knows what else, even orts can be used as a project.
I love to meet people whoever they are, the Blog World has given me an opportunity that is as amazing as can be, seeing the work and creativity of others is very inspiring, it also give me a break from a hectic day, just reading about otgher peoples ideas and creativity.
I just am not sure who I will invite to join the BlogHop, I need to think.
Happy Fall

Saturday, October 18, 2014

ISHW week-end and some news

Good day my favorite peoples: Yesterday started the ISHW week-end, I stayed up late finishing an R&R for a special Lady.
I will post some pictures tomorrow about what I have stitched in the last two weeks.
I also have read on the net that Prairie Moon is retiring, sooo if you have or want any of their patterns jump on the band wagon, I have already been looking and will call my favorite person to order soem for me ( I love the halloween series they have).

Just a drive by post, I need to get ready for a baby shower.

Happt Spring to you all.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Today is Lucille Ball Day

Her are a few pictures of the funniest Lady of all time.

So this thing will only let me upload one picture, this evening when I get home I will add more pictures of Lucille she is a hoot.

I have been on the road the last two weeks, next week and this Friday I will be working at home, I have a few pictures to show what I have been working on as I have been working away from home.
One is an R and R which I cannot show pictures of just yet and a couple of small finishes and my Drawn Thread Pocket which I hope to have stitched into a pocket this week-end.

Happy Fall to all my lovely Followers.

Please stop over at Edgars blog spot I would like you to see the beautiful pictures of his vacation to France, I  am sure you will enjoy them.

Fall Blessings to you

Mor pictures of Miss Ball she was so beautiful a natural beauty.

Oh so funny.

Who can forget this silly episode.

Oh my gosh the chocolate factory.