Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Another Fully Finished Part of A Project

Greetings All: Maybe we will be getting back to a 3/4 back to normal day starting Monday, the Governor will decide this weekend, that is the projected date.

I do have two pieces of a class project from Betsy Morgan from Madison Wisconsin Class back last summer.
I thought it was going to be hard, nope the lady that does Betsy's finishing is a Lady by the name of Marilyn, she is amazing, I have met her, she is a very sweet person, her stitching is also top notch.
This is the Bee Contained Box, I did not do a great job on the finishing but love it anyway.

I think I put too big of a button on this box, maybe not,  what do you think? let me know.

We must save our bee's without them we will never have cross pollination thus no flowers or honey.

I love the way it shows the Bee's and Crown, I am very happy with how this turned out.

The top has a beautiful charm which was given to us in class by Betsy, she is a very generous Lady.

Can you see the cat hairs? that is because Blondie The cat tried to play with this box bottom, I did not see them till it was uploaded here, so sorry, plus there is a flaw in the silk but I kind of like it, that way it is mine.

This little baby we stitched in class, I totally love the little bee on top,  I had to stitch this twice, I made  a cutting error the first time.

I just need to construct the rest of the project soon, i will post a photo of them all together.
Stay Healthy My Dear Friends.


Sunday, April 26, 2020

More Finishing

Greetings everyone:  To my new followers please send me by email your blog site so I may also follow you, thank-you for following me to everyone.
I hope the lock downs have not driven too many of you nuts, it seems some people are not handling this very well, we are we are getting so much done.

This is a design i stitched back in 2014, boy am I slow doing finishing, I do have a pile to construct, I totally love this little guy, I did not have the right scissors so i used the upside down hearts scissors.
Construction is not perfect but still I love it.

This is a design I bought from SubRosa, Ezster has many fun and lovely designs to choose from and they are PDF so you get them on your computer to print out.

                                                            See the little Bee

 Well that's it for now I need to get dinner started, ribs this evening with baked potato, salad and some kind of ice cream for dessert.
Stay Healthy


Saturday, April 25, 2020

If You Get a Spam Email With My Name And Some Stitching

Just a little note: If you get an email with my name or email address on it please read the whole email address, spam is coming to my mail box daily, only one had one of my followers email and names on it but I did read the whole address, nope not a follower, just some moron using your name, plus if you open it it will gain access to all your email contacts, these snakes are terrible and need a reality check., okay I feel better now letting you know I would never use or send anything like spam to you.
I am sick of these morons who are going out an standing in the streets or at Governors homes protesting this stay at home, there is a reason for it do they think this is the solution to the pandemic? not sure but from my heart I wish they would go home relax and enjoy the time off they have because when the country opens up they will be very busy I am sure.
Okay I feel better.

I stitched this on Wednesday evening, I love any thing Patriotic, my dear friend from Detroit Lakes Mn gave the pattern to me as a gift, I will construct it tomorrow and show youi what else I have stitched and constructed.

 Shepherds Bush- Long May She Wave is the design, it will be a scissor Fob for my red embroidery scissors.
Not much else going we were lucky to not get the storms they predicted for this afternoon, who knows what will be coming this evening.
Time to read, have a great weekend
Stay Healthy


Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Some Stitching and Finishing

Hello to all my dear friends here in Blogland: It is a trying time for all of us I am sure.
I hope you all are well and stitching and getting things done that you would have left for another time.
We have been cleaning closets, garage, working to get the yard in order for warm weather, putting out patio furniture and putting our reading chairs out on the front porch.
Plus working at the food shelf every week which makes me feel good to help out in this horrible time.
I did a little finishing on a few items, I will not show everything, it would be a long post.
First up is a Brenda Gervais Easter Frills which I stitched way way back in 2014 January.
I love the trim which I bought from Etsy.

This is one for my Patriotic Corner, I am not sure why it looks like it has wrinkles, in person it looks smooth.

This was a wood bunny I bought from my Dear Neighbor at one of her garage sales a while ago.
I was not sure what to do with it, I think it looks adorable, it sits in the entry way by the door.
This is a Blackbird Designs pattern, it is called Breath of Spring.

This is a Tammy Black Scattered Seeds Sampler auto-ship kit, I love her designs, I hope to have this finished by this weekend.
I love the fabric choices and the coordinating fabric Tammy chooses, she always includes a charm of some kind and a ribbon.

This is my next project, another Tammy Black design, look at that cute charm it is a birds nest with eggs, so cute.

Well that should do it for now, I want to get dinner on the table and read a little before Masked Singer comes on.
Stay well and safe.


Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Some Finishing

Hello Dear Friends: I have been very busy, I volunteer at the local food shelf here in Annandale, Mn.
We have many new clients which brakes my heart, many of them I know, we have cried when they see me I am the one they come to for the fresh items, they have told me they are so embarrassed, I tell them that if it were me on the other side of the barrier I am sure they would feel the same way sad but willing to help.
We are not able to come in contact with each other it is a very good system that the directors have come up with, I work with the best teams, from the couple who pick up food at the local grocery store to the guys who pick up at Target and Walmart, these are some amazing people.
There are only a hand full of us who are able to work, many of our volunteers have underlying health issues.

Now on to the thigs I have been doing, we redid the cabinets and vanities in the main bath, it is so fresh and pretty.

now some stitching, I did finish my  Blue Ribbon Designs  My Precious Treasures, I am not making the satin bag that is in the pattern, I want to put everything in a round shaker box.

I did finish constructing my Class project from last August Needlework Guild Retreat.

This is the pin cushion I created, it was not a part of the design, I made a mistake so turned it into a pin cushion.

This is the inside of the needlebook, I did make a change here also, I wanted to put my own mark on this little design.

The inside of the box with the pin cushion, it was to have an my initials  on there, I like the button better.

 , This is the outside of the needlebook (not sure why it looks wrinkled, maybe because of the light.

This is the front side of the needlebook, again I used a pearl button, these   buttons came from Hobby Lobby

One side of the scissor fob, I love how small it is, so dainty and small, I did my own twisted cord, I cannot believe how well it turned out, the last cord I made it looked like a mess.

This is the box top, I love this design so much, however this will be given to one of my nieces, that is one reason I do not put initials on some of my stitched deigns.

I do have more to share but do not want to make this a day long read.
Please stay healthy, I read where the rate of domestics has risen, not just spouses but children with their parents and siblings, soon this will be in the past and we can get back to normal.


Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Wordless Wednesday

Photo found on Pinterest