Thursday, August 25, 2016

Oh my What a Summer and my ISHW update

Greetings to all my Faithful Followers: First of all thank-you to all who have emailed me to ask how things are going, a special shout-out to Conny at and Joyce  over at  thank-you for emailing  about how things are going with Michael and I, wow it has been a very busy summer.
First Michael had triple bypass and what a road it has been, he was doing well and ended up with an infection in one of the incisions on his leg, they do not cut the whole leg to get a vein anymore they do three small incisions which is good, the infection was due to his rejection of the sutures inside the leg, he is allergic to the threads they used, so of course the strongest antibiotic was prescribed, he is off the med for the infection but still having reactions to the antibiotic, which is subsiding.

(I do have a stitching post today)

He is driving now and enjoying it more then I expected, he was able to go get an oil change and tire rotation today all by himself, yahoo some time for me alone, please do not get me wrong I do love my Husband but I need some me time, I am selfish.
I was at the Minnesota Needlework Guild week long Retreat from the 8th of August to the 14th I was just not relaxed worrying about Michael, things did go well for him, but not me, I had the best table mates who kept me happy with talk and smiles.
In July when Michael was in the hospital Mom's basement flooded, and she ended up having a leaking roof, so a new roof and new carpeting, sadly the insurance did not pay for the roof so Michael being the most generous Man I know paid for the roof, I love him so much.

So on to stitching, I have been busy doing my Scattered Seed Sampler pillow, I am so happy to have a needle and fabric in my hands, I will finish it this evening.
This is what I stitched on my ISHW week-end moderated by Joyce over at

I also have been making more pin pendants, one of the new ones is a Halloween one and another is a bronze color for fall, the bronze one will be a pendant to hang by a velvet ribbon.
They really are much prettier then the photo shows.

I did pick up some new stash, I wanted to do a table cover for fall for our kitchen table, so I picked a leaf pattern, I will not put the leaves on black but a different color background not so dark.

I also bought a cat wool  pattern I love me some kitty stuff.
I have the fabrics to do this little cutie, he is so cute.

I hope you all are having great weather and enjoying the summer or winter wherever you live.
Thank-you for being a follower.