Tuesday, September 24, 2019

My ISHW Progress

Jo over at: serendipitousstitching.blogspot.som  is the Hostess of the International Hermit Stitch Weekend, you stitch the third weekend of each month then go to Jo's site and click on the participation link.
I hope you join each month.
Jo has many beautiful designs going, you should stop by her Blog and say hello.

I did work on my Boo a design from Lynn over at: http://happinessiscrossstitching.blogspot.com
Lynn has many lovely free designs and some for purchase in her Etsy shop, another blog site I encourage you to check out and say hello, P.S. I have bought things from Lynn, she ships fast and does beautiful work on all her items.

Well here is my progress:   So sorry about the wrinkles, this one I am stitching while holding my hand, it is a small piece of fabric, not big enough for any of the stitching frames I have, the cats butt looks like a cup with a big handle, I hope to have this finished tomorrow evening, this will be finished into a flat-fold and given as a gift for the Bingo game next month at retreat.

I sent Gracie some beads for a project she is working on, I never pay full price for beads or gems of any kind, I use coupons, thrift stores and big discounts, that way I have lots to choose from when creating something and sharing.

Its kind of a mess this is the only messy part of my studio, I can close the door but know what is exactly where I want it, easy to find, the plastic box's I bought at Menards, they work perfectly for beading and floss cards, I keep my floss in box's just like this, they are cheaper then the ones at Joann's, Hobby Lobby and Crafts Direct.

This is Blondie The Cat, she gives me this look when she wants something like a treat, we cannot say treat anymore because she has figured that one out, plus I watch the crabbiest woman on TV every day her name is Judge Judy, she sure can be crabby, getting to the point I cannot say Judge Judy time because the cat and dog know that is their dinner time, it has become a time when we have to spell out treat when i or mike ask if they have had a treat yet they soon will figure that one out too I am sure.

I was asked at Church by Father Stueve if I would wash the towels, Purificators and Corporals, the linen that has cross's on them that are used during Communion, I am honored that I am trusted to do so, it is a process, the Purificators and Corporals need to soak for four hours then be washed alone dried and then ironed, I am so proud to be able to do this.

Well its time to make a Latte do some more blogging and surveys, I get points which I turn into Amazon money, I love doing them, I have done this for over ten years, some I qualify for some not.
I also do the national Consumer Panel, I get point for keeping track electronically, they give a scanner which you scan each item with, it is amazing how fast points add up.
If anyone is interested please send me an email, I will let you know how to get in touch with them and you can ask questions.
Thank-you to all who stop by, if you leave a comment on my blog I can then find your blogsite and leave comments.

Have a lovely week

Friday, September 20, 2019

A Little Surprise In The Mail And A Finish

Hello to you all: Thank-you for your comments and concerns, it has been a bad week but getting better.
I have been able to stitch some each day but find it hard when my nose runs, ewwwww.
I had a big surprise in the mail today,  Lynn over at  http://happinessiscrossstitching.blogspot.com
had a giveaway, I won, I did not expect to have the package arrive so soon, it came within a week.
Lynn is so very generous, this is what I won: A pattern by Madame Chantilly Summers Owls, it is so sweet, I will be stitching this as soon as possible, plus the  adorable charms.

She also sent the cutest buttons of owls, and  very sweet bag, if you ever get a chance she sells bags every so often, they are amazing, she does a beautiful job of mixing colors and patterns as you can see in the photo.

I had a new start, today it is a Boo pattern I bought from Stitching fairy which is her Etsy Shop, I need to bring three items for a dice game at retreat I wanted to make some fun items, this Boo design is adorable.
I did this on a gold color fabric, I hope to have it finished by Monday, depending on how I feel.
(so sorry about the photo)

I did finish my Shepherds Bush design, I will go to the framer next week, not sure who I will use just yet.

Thank-you for your comments, please stop by again.


Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Finally A Post

Please Note: I cannot access Debra's Bits and Pieces and Kearnel's Korner, I get a malicious page notice, not sure what is going on, does anyone else have this problem?

I am so sad I have not been able to comment and post about what I am up to, as many of you know I have had issues with my PC and IPAD, for some reason Google did not like my IPAD.
I have been in bed for the last week, I did not get my flu shot last winter, shame on me, I have been suffering with the flu and will not ever forget to get the shot again.
Well apart from being sick I did get some stitching done but only for short periods of time.

First I did stitch the SAL along with http://crocetteagogo.blogspot.com, I did the colors of threads a little different then hers, I hope you like it, I plan on turning this into a box top and giving as a gift.
So sorry about the bad photo.
If you can please stop over to her Blog she has a lovely fall design she is sharing.

I also have been working on a Shepherds Bush design I found for free at the Stash Relocation Pile at retreat in August.
I hope to be finished by Saturday and take to the framers, this is going to hang in honor of my Mother, she loved Angels Stars and the Moon.

I found in my mail box  my kit from Scattered Seeds Samplers, I love Tammy Blacks designs,  she has an automatic shipment four times a year, I want to start stitching this very soon.

Tammy includes everything to stitch this design, I love strawberries and this one has my heart💖

I have ordered two really sweet designs from http://happinessiscrossstitching.blogspot.com
Lynn is a very talented designer, you must stop by her blog and check out the designs she has done in the past and present, Lynn has a gift to match colors perfectly together.
I found out that I won her giveaway, she is very generous with her giveaways.
Lynn also has an Etsy shop she makes the prettiest bags, I am not sure she has any right now but please check her out.
I plan on doing these as stand-ups, they will be used for the dice game at retreat next month.

I just love these two designs, we need to bring anything handmade or related to stitching for the dice game, I am thinking maybe a nice pair of scissors and needles the third gift.
I am looking forward to this retreat, the ladies are a hoot and so sweet to be around.

It is raining and time to do maybe a little stitching.
Thank-you to al who follow me and leave comments, I look forward to reading them all.


Monday, September 2, 2019

Please Vote at Marulas Blog

Hello everyone, I am so sorry I have not been commenting, I have been without a PC< my iPhone will not let me upload photos, so had to wait for PC to come back from the doctor.
I would love it if you could go over and vote for a beautiful SAL at http://crocetteagogo.blogspot.com there are a couple of Bloggers that need our Votes, RJ and June whom I follow, they both have such lovely finish's.
Have a great day I will post photos of my stitching tomorrow.

Happy Day