Sunday, January 23, 2011

Free stash

I have a friend at church named Judy and what a lady she is, she is cleaning out her drawers and getting rid of stash, I am the lucky person she is giving this stashtoo.Wow thank-you Judy God Bless You.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lovely things

On thursday I was in Alexandria Minn. waiting for Dr. Jay to finish seeing his patients and take him back to Minneapolis, I was having trouble staying warm in my van so I decided to go antiquing, I found a flower flog that I just could not pass up this came with a matching bottom for water, of course I am not going to put water in there I am going to put magnet for needles and store other things in the bottom, I was also lucky to find the small pin cushion chair this is an Avon cream parfum bottle, it had a cigarette smell so I had to wash it for quite a while it was yellow and smelly.

I also found a tea towel I am sending to a lovely man in California, he collects them I hope he (Edgar) posts pictures of his collection someday.

I am working on a work in progress that I am doing for Up For The Challeng 15, I finished the scissors fob Shepherds Bush and now hope to get this Brenda Palmer pattern from the March 2005 Stitchers World ( Mrs. Easter Bunny) I love this pattern I have changed a few things like the color of the fabric and I will be changing the arms and heads to a different thread something fuzzy, I hope it works out.
Stay warm and pray for warmer weather it is -9 degree in Annandale Minn. we have had 53 inches of snow this winter I Hate Snow.
Peace to you all

Monday, January 10, 2011

Up For A Challenge

I bought this Shepherds Bush partiel kit at an auction in 2009 at a stitch-in, we have an auction of destash that is brought to Totino Geace Retreat Center in Fridley Minn (just about everyone donates, with the money raised we buy calling cards for men and women in Afghanistan.
I started this and put it aside to finish some other time, the Challenge gave me that incentive to get it done, I had fabric leftover from another project and wanted to use it (32) count I am not sure of the type of fabric I think it is a linen, I used the leftover threads and beads and ribbon.
I did not make the pin cushion I used the pattern for the back of the scissors fob.
I am going to start the Easter Flair by Brenda Palmer soon I am working on a few christmas ornaments for my tree next Christmas I plan on getting 12 ornaments done I am doing all ornaments from The Just Cross Stitch Ornaments issues.
I think my fingers will get a good workout this year.
I hope this posting finds you all well
Peace to you all.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Challenge 15

Well I did sign up for the 15 Challenge, wow what was I thinking.
I did manage to find 13 works in progress and added two I had kitted many years ago so I think that qualifies for a work in progress.
So here goes

1 A Designing Women-Carol Schmidt
2 Give Thanks- Michaels
3 Easter Flair-Brenda Palmer
4 School Play Angel-Judy Dalvit
5 Easter Parade-Shepherds Bush
6 2009 Scissors Fob-Shepherds Bush Done Finished today
7 April Blooms-Blackbird Designs
8 Christmas Great and Small-Jim Shores
9 Penguin Jive-Ellen Krans
10 All Things New-By The Bay Needleart
11 Americana Roll-Shepherds Bush
12 Long May She Wave-Shepherds Bush
13 Halloween Fairy-Nora Corbett
14 Floral Tapestry Pillow-Marie Barber
15 Halloween Rivelry-Lisa Roswell.
I Hope to star working on the Penguin Jive again tomorrow, I am excited about this challenge I can finally get some things done that I keep putting off, wish me luck.

Monday, January 3, 2011

A very large Surprise From Conny

Today I got up to get ready for work at 03:30, I looked outside and sure enough it is snowing, I hate snow, and cold weather
I had to fight traffic to Dr. Burkes hime to pick him up at 0630 to head to a clinic about 100 miles awayI left home at 05:15. We arrived in Olivia about 08:15.
We had somewhat of a bad ride the roads were not the best. Everyone seems to be is such a hurry to get somewhere in a short period of time.
We left Olivia at 13:45 I finally got home at 16:30, to my surprise was a very large package from My wonderful friend who I met through the internet Conny Wethington, she sent me three beautiful needleminders three pin cushions that are adorable, a scissors minder that is in the most beautiful colors and it has two buttons on it one is a sewing machine and the other is a seahorse it is beautiful, she also sent a green hand towel to stitch on.
The magazines and charts total 33 in all, I will be very busy tomorrow looking at the patterns I plan on doing when I get done with the Challenge 15.
Thank-you Conny you are wonderful, may God Bless you with all you want and need in life.
Happy Newyear everyone.