Wednesday, August 21, 2019

ISHW A Late Post

Just a note: Debra Of Debra's Bits and Pieces and Kearnel's Korner I cannot access your blogs,  I get a page saying it is a bad site to visit.

Last weekend was the IHSW  ( International Hermit Stich Weekend) appears every month on the third weekend starting on Friday, Jo over at is the hostess, look her up this is a way to let others that are not your followers see what you are up too, plus you get to see Jo's site, she is working on a Discworld Mappe which is amazing.

I have been to the Minnesota Needlework Guild Retreat the 5th -11th, I always have such a great time.
I took a class and will show you in my next post what I worked on and how much is done, plus the big mistake I made which is fixable.

So I finished stitching the Betsy Morgan class I took in Madison Wisconsin in July, I am so happy with this set, the fabric is a beautiful yellow and worked with black and gold silk threads.
I did change out the CAL and date for Save Our Bees, plus on the needle holder strip at the bottom I changed out three of the long arm over four stitch's, I just could not get them to look right or lay right.
I will need to get the set constructed now which I am way behind on my other construction of stitching I have done, I need to have just two or three days to get caught up on that.

So sorry about the shadows in the corners I had to take a photo outdoors and it was windy, this is the best I could do.

We have been busy with so many things around here I am doing so much in my sewing room and still do not see a light at the end of the tunnel, so many things need to be finished including stain glass and beading projects, Christmas will soon be here. Where did summer go? I am not sure.
Well I hope you all have a beautiful week and get lots of stitching done.
Thank-you for visiting and your comments.


Monday, August 5, 2019

Some Stitching Baking And A Retreat

Hello to all my dear followers, it is still busy here at home but getting things done.
I have been stitching my fingers off, I do love to stitch but first I want to show you something, A sweet Lady named Shirley whom volunteers at the food shelf as I do wanted me to post about the croutons I make.
It is a very simple recipe and well worth the time.

First I buy a loaf of garlic bread pull apart from Target, you may find it elsewhere, then I cut the pieces into small squares, some are a little off shape, then I put in a very large bowl pour a small amount of olive oil spices of my liking, I do not put in salt there is enough salt in the bread and garlic already, see photos on how to do this, it is like a great treat or great on salads.

Oh so good, Mike and I like them like a snack when we want a treat, I hope if you do this you also like them.

I was working on my class project from Madison and am almost finished with the box, I am loving this design, Betsy Morgan does such a beautiful job designing. The fabric is a bright yellow the camera will not pick that color up for some reason.

I will be taking that above project to Needlework guild this week, I will be gone from Monday to Sunday, Mike is having family come over for a little getaway, they do not have much money so this gives them a chance to see him and have a staycation.

I have been working on a class project from the guild retreat there is pre-stitching, I will post a photo later this week.
I promise to send out thank-you emails this week for the comments on my last post.
I hope you all are having a great week and do loads of stitching.