Monday, March 14, 2022

Please Say A Daily Prayer To End The War In The Ukraine

 Hello to my faithful followers: Thank-you for your comments on my last post about the new designs.

Please say Prayers daily for the people of Ukraine who are having to leave their country because of                                                               Putin, they need our Prayers and help

I have been very busy sewing for Church's, I have a new project starting this week for St. Ignatius here in Annandale, another Credence Tablecloth, it should be a quick project.

I did get all four Burse and Pall's done for St. Charles in Bayport Minnesota, about 84 miles from my home, I forgot to take photos of all the colors, Green, Purple, Red and White, so sorry about the wrinkles.

I truly did enjoy making these.

                                                This is what the Pall looks like from the side

                                                                     The Pall is 27x27

                The Pall is 81/2x81/2, this is stitched by hand, the only sewing by machine is the Chi Rho
                                                               On both the Pall and Burse

I have done a little stitching and finishing, not much, I love the Belinda at Blue Ribbon Designs, the Sweet Liberty Round Pinkeeps are adorable.


                                                   Can you tell my camara is acting stupid?

           I decided to do my Brenda Gervais design into a box with a top, I did stitch this last year

I did finish a design that was an exchange way back in 2014 from Jackie, she does not have a blog any longer, she was a talented stitcher.
I finished it into a thread holder, I like using thread holders.

Today I will be cleaning doing laundry and maybe get some stitching in this evening, I have so much I want to stitch I also seem to have other projects that have priority first.

It is snowing now when I took the dogs out for a shorty walk this morning at 4:00 it had just started snowing, now at 10:00 we have over three inches of snow, soon very soon it will be green, and I will sit outdoors to read and stitch.

  Here is something to give you a little giggle, we need it so much now with all the hatred that is in the                                                               world, found this on Pinterest

                        Blessings to all until my next Blog post stay healthy, have a wonderful week


Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Have You Seen the New Designs at Kitty and Me?

 Hello just stopping in to let you know it has been very busy here, so many people ill and a brother in the hospital, soon he will go home after a long stay, he is doing well.

I will post photos of what I have been working on, I have been able to stitch. I will post photos of my stitching tomorrow.

Over at Kitty and Me designs Pamela has a few new designs out one is an amazing Mandala in the style of the Irish, it is amazing. please pop on over and take a look.


Saturday, January 22, 2022

Some Framing Some Stitching & What I will Be Doing Next

 Thank-you to all my followers for your comments, welcome to my new followers.

I am so sorry I have not been sending out Thank-You's, I have had a hand issue which I has surgery on my right, and which is my stitching hand, surgery went well hopefully all the cancer is gone.

I did have three items framed however I do not think I will go back to the place that framed them, not a good job, they did not even weave thread back and forth just pinned on the back of core board which left some wrinkles, I had to take apart and redo.

This is a Pamela Kellogg Kitty & Me designs I love her cats; she has a freebie design on her blog this week.

I chose a hand dyed fabric 28 count Laguna Carpe Noctem which I bought on the net from I like their fabric colors and choices.

I decided last November that I was going to stitch at least one -two Christmas items, I chose this Jolly Old St. Nicholas, from JBW Designs, done on 32 count mystery fabric, I have had this for a while, it                                                         was a freebie in an exchange at a retreat.

 This is the free pattern from Sassy Jack's stitchery site, I bought the silk thread and fabric from Sassy                                                               Jack's, I am so loving this design.

I stitched the Church a while ago, it is Little Snowy Blue Church by Nora Corbett, I really like the                         framing and how it looks without matting, we tried matting it just did not look right.

This is a Scattered Seeds Sampler Tammy Black design, Springs Messenger a Pin Keep, I added the                                                          fabric beading which I found at a thrift store.

My next project is   from Belinda at , I really like her youtube videos she                         does on her blog site check her out some time, I plan on staring this soon.

I have been looking for a book to keep track of my projects, I could not find one so make my own is what I will do, I found My Stitchy Project sheet on Pinterest, I will be making a book to add the pages to, I like how it has a place for threads, Designer area, Pattern name and fabric type, fabric count, date started and finished and a note area, there were many free pages to choose from, this one works the best for me.

This is also a design I will be starting after my Blue-Ribbon Designs is finished, I love anything                                                                               involving Valentine's 
I am still recovering and taking it easy, I have done a little finishing of a few items, will show on my                                                                                 next post.

Stay safe and healthy


Friday, December 24, 2021

Merry Christmas

 For some reason I am not posting photos, but want to wish everyone a very Merry christmas

                                                             Merry Christmas 


Thursday, December 9, 2021

Some More Decorating Done Today

                                                    This is one of my three foot tall Santa's

I tried to get some decent photos of my little village in the kitchen but not easy to see, I will try again in the morning when the sun is up

        I also tried to get some of my Santas up above the cabinets in the kitchen again not so good

I hope to have a lot more decorating done this weekend, I am really into decorating this year, it feels good to see so many homes decorated outside this year in our little neighborhood, I will try and get a few photos this weekend and post them.

I hope all are having great weather and good health.

Merry Christmas

Happy Hanukkah


Wednesday, December 8, 2021

I Missed a Day Or Two

 I only have a few photos of some decorations I have put out so far, I hope I do not bore you with just photos.

This is a Santa my Mother bought for me many years ago, it is made out of a plastic bleach bottle for the              base,  I would have never bought one but it was a gift from my Mothers heart and I love it

This is a large picture that Michael bought for me at  crafts Direct a few years ago, it has twinkling lites                                                                     which you can not see

This is our new Nativity set we bought this year, from a small Catholic Shop in a small town next to our                                                   town, I have to add a bit of lights and snow

These are some of my Santa collection, I need to put more out this week, I have many and hope they are               all willing to come up from my sewing room where they are out all year for me to enjoy

This is one of our three foot Santas I added the poinsettia light which are about thirty years old, he was a                                little sad looking without them, now he is a happy Santa, giggles

                This is another one of my favorite designs that I stitched, it is a design from

 This is a tree I bought a couple of years ago it uses batterie's, I wish it had  I prefer a cord to batterie's

 This is one of my cooking Santas, I think he is a hoot, he is one off the first Santas Mike bought for me 

         A friend from Church, had her niece make this for me it is large and so very pretty in person

And here is my stitched item for today, I made this way back in the 90's for Michael, it was in Cross                   Stitch & Country Crafts Magazine, not sure of the exact year, they did a series of stockings

This is a Santa I found at a second hand store for 2.00 dollars, I love him, of course Blondie The Cat has                                                          to be in the photo in the background

Well thats enough for today I will be posting again tomorrow, I hope you al are having good health and               good weather, it is very cold here, 2 above when I took the dogs out this morning at 04:00

                                                                Merry Christmas

                                                                  Happy Hanukah


Sunday, December 5, 2021

A Penguin Made A While Back

 I love this Penguin, it was a little hard on the eyes with all the red cross stitch's, but I made it through.

This is from a magazine from 2008 Cross Stitch & Needlework magazine.

The design is from artist Ellen Kranz Jive Artwork,  adapted to cross stitch by Trina Laube.

Another photo of my sweet boy who we sometimes 
call Satan, but we still love him, he ran away in the 
snow today, he was put in jail for 20 minutes he did
not like it one bit

The sun is trying to come out hopefully the roads will dry up soon, it is very slippery, I was out shoveling at 5:00 am, I wanted to surprise Michael, he does have a snowblower, it is so loud as all snow blowers are.

Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah


Saturday, December 4, 2021

This is Mikey

 We have had Mikey for a little over a year, we used to volunteer at the food shelf here in Annandale, Mn.

Mike has some health issues and had to quit.

We had a lady come in who had the cutest puppies in the car she was selling them for an amount i did not want to pay but we did, he is a joy and a fun little guy.

A few of you have emailed me and Marilyn commented that I should post a picture, I am so happy to do so.

Mikey was named after my late brother Michael, who passed away from lung cancer in 2003, my new nephew Michael's son who he fathered way back 50 years ago, my mother and father were upset but soon realized that it was a good thing.

I had not seen my nephew since he was about five years old, he sent a letter looking for his father, he found me and we had had a wonderful relationship.

When the letter arrived and I started to read it I thought it was my husband Michael who he was asking about, my husband has lived in Japan and the Philippines when he was in the Navy, I just thought my nephew was asking about my husband.

We also named him after a man from the food shelf his name is also Michael, he is an adorable man, and of course we also named him after my husband Michael, hence we have Mikey.

He really needs a haircut, soon he will go see Lorie, she does his hair and nails.

So sorry about the crappy photos, its dark here

                   This is a photo of him when he was about three months old, he is now over a year old

We had a great drive-by Christ Child luncheon, people ordered food and pick-it up yesterday, we made a boat load of money, which will be donated to a few of our favorite charities, was a good will offering, it went well we even had nice weather and beautiful outdoor decorations.

It is snowing a little I hope we do not get a load of snow, it is a bitter cold now, in the low 20s.

I will have another ornament to show tomorrow.

Merry Christmas

Happy Hannukah


Friday, December 3, 2021

Not An Ornament But One Of My Favorite Christmas Items

 Thank-you all for your comments on my last post.  

I really appreciate them with my whole heart.

I am so sorry I have not responded thank-you's by email, I will catch up soon.

Marilyn, we do have a new baby, his name is Mikey,  he is a Havanese, they were started in Havana Cuba,  he is a joy and very funny and smart.

This pillow in one of my favorite Christmas items, I stitched this way back in the late 80's or very early 90's.

I am not sure of the designer, so sorry the fabric is 32 count found in my stash way back when its a mystery to me.

So sorry about the bad photo I promise I will take better photos.

It has been a very busy day, bad package arriving all bent out of shape, bad news from the doctor, forgot to turn on the oven before I left for Church for Christ Child Luncheon drive-by sales, so we had to eat at seven instead of six, then I get home to a mess, what else can happen plus emails that keep bouncing back to me undeliverable.

I am so happy tomorrow is a new day, I was diagnosed with a form of skin cancer they feel that I came in before it turned to a very bad situation, please say one or more Prayers for me.

Merry Christmas to all