Monday, October 1, 2018

Things Are Back To Normal ( Finally)

🐇Hello to all my faithful followers and the ones that just take a peek,  thank-you from my heart for all your lovely comments on my last post.
It has been a trying three months, Pop is with Our Lord and not in any pain.

I have been stitching, not any beading but soon I will get back to beading getting things made for the Santa Shop at Church in December.
I have been able to get back to stitching again, it feels so good, outside projects are done for the year except for getting rid of the annuals that will freeze soon, it is cold here in the forty's brrrrr, ( I need to move to warmer weather)

I stitched on my class project today, I was able to get some photos even with the cloudy sky.

I used the dime to give you an idea of how small the stitching is, I am not happy with the directions but am able to work around them.

This is the Needleholder and the back of the Tool Pocket

This is the Needlebook, I just love the flower design Jackie chose.

                                               Button Page and Needle Holder again

                                                        This is one of the panels of the box

                                          This is Krissy looking out the front door in the
                                                             entryway she is so alert

Last week on Monday, we needed a little getaway, we went to West Bend Iowa and visited the Grotto Of The Redemption, this is an amazing place,  it was pouring rain but I still climb to the top to take a photo, Mike went to the gift shop to stay dry.

I am amazed at how beautiful and peaceful this place is, I fell in love with all the beautiful statues and designs in the building, a Catholic Priest collected gens stones and rocks from around the world, he and two other men worked on this place for years, you can check it out on the net.

Just a few photos:

                                                                     The Holy Family
This is what you see as you drive up from the front
three story's high and amazing

                                                                    Jesus and Judas

                                                    Inside the Blessed Virgin Mary's Grotto
                                                A very pretty stain glass donated to the Grotto

                                                          The Most Blessed Virgin Mary

Well its now 20:00 time to get back to stitching and watching Halloween Baking Championship.
Have a safe and great week.


Saturday, September 1, 2018

Just A Little Sttiching Beading And Other Things

This past couple of months have been very trying, my father had an accident and while doing the x-rays they found a mass on his lung.
Last month it had not changed, this past week it has gone into his liver, he is such a wonderful man a inventor a great step father to Mike and his sisters, just a wonderful person, please keep him in your prayers.

Soooo last Wednesday I was able to get some stitching in, it felt so good to have needle and fabric in my hands, I worked on my class project from June, normally I would have had the stitching done by now but life comes first.
This is where I was:

This is where I am, there are lots of very small items to stitch, I really need to get on the ball.

It really is a beautiful set, I only wish Jackie had better photos of finished items.

Loving this flower so pretty and dainty or should
 I say delicate.

I did make a new bracelet, I peyote stitched around carrier beads, the video can be found at Potomac Bead Company on Utube.

I love this bracelet, it is so much prettier in person sometimes Google does not do a good job on photos.

Well its time to go and sell tickets for the meat raffle, the Lions here in town, the money raised this evening goes to the Knights Of Columbus, I may have to have a margarita after the raffle.
Thank-you for stopping by, I will send thank-you emails tomorrow for my last post.


Tuesday, August 21, 2018

A Retreat And Very Little Stitching

Hello to all my Friends: I hope you all are having a great summer of stitching.
Two weeks ago I was at a week long retreat, I had a blast, of course I sat with the friends I sit with every year, we have such a fun table, LaRue, Linda and Karen, I could not ask for a better table to sit at.

I did very little stitching but did lots of beading, I made beaded crystal balls for some of the girls there.
I bought a kit from a lady who had two it is called Edward Scissor Fish, I have wanted to make him for five years, now I can here he is, he is a scissor holder, he is a lot better looking then this photo when stitched up.

My Dear friend LaRue made this fantastic project bag, I love the color and the pattern of the fabric.

So sorry about the wrinkle, it was stuffed in the bottom of my bag, I had to leave early due to a family accident, I just threw everything in my bags.

I took a class and made a beaded tape measure, Becky at Becka Beads has a class for us every year.

I did get lots of free stitching patterns and fabric with threads from the stash relocation table, I am amazed at the stuff people are willing to buy and never stitch, all the better for me.

Just look someone started this and left it with the patterns and threads, yahoo.

This box with the pattern thread and fabric was a great find.

I did not get a front picture of the stitching so sorry, I did stitch this up at retreat it is a needle book and scissor holder.

I found lots of great pieces of 32 and 36 count linen.

I am making a carrier bead bracelet, (not sure why the beads are looking orange) they should be gold
 I hope to have this finished by Saturday so I can wear it to Church.

I had the idea to add  the heart and crystal bead.

I am cleaning house tomorrow which takes 6 hours, I move furniture every time I clean its an illness I am sure.
I will be stitching on my cross stitch class project again tomorrow evening, I will need to relax and what a better way then to relax.
We have been removing bush's and putting up a small privacy fence around the air conditioner, we had to remove the bus's because the dear were eating them.
Our next project is the railing around the back deck which is 52 feet long, this will take a while.
Well its time for a dog walk a swim at the wellness center then bedtime.
I hope you all are having a great evening, thank-you for stopping by and leaving a comment.


Saturday, August 4, 2018

A Little Stitching & A Retreat

Greetings to all my faithful followers: Thank-you from my heart for all your lovely comments about my Fair ribbons, you are so sweet and kind.
I am going to enter into the Sate Fair this Month, if I get any kind of ribbons I will try the State fair next year, I have the Fair bug all of a sudden.

I am working on a Jackie Du Plessis Saturday Morning, she does not give a good photo of the items to be stitched, I will show you a few from the finishing directions.

Next is the Needlebook and button page, I am not sure why she did not give good photos on the cover page.
 You can see by her fingers how small the book is.

This is the Pin cushion, it will be filled with crushed walnuts, I love the walnut filling.

This is the very small needlebook, I am not sure why I stitched so close to the salvage, it will not effect the finish.
This is the needleholder and Button Page.
I do like this design and what it will look like when finished, I am not so sure about the finishing directions they are a little different and missing some information, I heard from a couple of people that take her classes that she does this for what reason I am not sure.
I have been doing lots of home improvements with Michael, we want to do so much but its has been raining so much here, we tore out the two corner gardens with the dogwood bush's only because the dear are eating them, I had a golfer ask once why they looked so nasty and sad, we decided to take them out and just have grass.
Michael finished the floor on the deck and now wants to put up new railing, when will he slow down?
His hand is almost healed it has been almost 11 months since he burned his hands, what a healing process, he still has tremendous pain but thankfully it is getting less of the pain.
I am going to the Minnesota Needlework Guild retreat next week for one week, I really love all the women who go, I really look forward to seeing them, we have many who come from different states, it is a fun time, we do have one couple Mike and Karen who come but this year they are skipping it.
We had horrible winds and rain last evening, it was horrible the same for today but not so windy and very little lightning.
Well its time to pack and do a little stitching.
Thank-you from my Heart for visiting with me.
I will send out thank-you's for your comments this weekend.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Some Ribbons Won At The County Fair And A Finish

Greetings to all my dear friends in Bloglane: I hope you can forgive me for not sending thank-you's for your comments, it is so busy here with such a short season of warm weather, we try to get loads of stuff done, plus some things going on with my father in law.
Well I entered five items in the County fair last weekend, I did well at least I think I did.

I won First Place Grand Champion with my stitched With Thy Needle And Thread Birds Of A Feather, I did not expect to win anything above first or second place, I cried a little I was so happy.
One other Lady won Grand Champion but in a quilting division, her quilt was positively amazing.

I won first place  for With Thy Needle And thread Cutting Paper Snowflakes. I won this ribbon in the senior division.

I also won first place for two beaded crystal balls, one in the  Senior division and one in the regular division.

I won a first place for a purple bracelet, this was also in the regular division.

I will enter the two beaded Crystal Balls into the state fair and the two stitched pictures also this year.

I did have a finish I stitched the very small 40 count  Tiny Treasures from Jeannette Douglas, ( it is a mini and I mean mini) last weekend, I bought a vintage looking chain to put it on.

Well tomorrow we are hosting a Priest from Iringa  Tanzania Africa, we host him every two years, he comes to raise money for the School, Dorms for Boys and Girls so they may go to school, a clinic and a small hospital, we are very lucky to have him as a guest, Father Augustine Mbeche.

Well folks its time to walk the dog and get to bed.
I hope you are all having good weather.


Friday, July 6, 2018

Stitching Done Now Crunstruction Starts

I hope all who celebrate the Fourth of July had a beautiful Day, we had rain but it stopped just in time for the parade, then more rain after parade and stopped just in time for the fireworks, yahoo.
I want to thank-you all for your lovely comments, it touch's my heart, I would send out emails with thank-you's but it has been very busy here.
Mike and his sister had to put their step father into memory care, it is heart breaking, he is an inventor and has such a mind near an IQ of 140, an amazing man.
We have been doing lots of home improvements and lots of outside work, it is such a short season here that we need to get trees bush's and other things trimmed and replanted.

I did finish the stitching on my Jeannette Douglas Class Project, I am excited to get to the construction.

This is what I finished last Friday evening, this is the scissor case, the buttons I used are from RJ and Mary over at:, I won the buttons in a giveaway.

This is the finished stitching,   I used buttons fro  RJ and Mary on the pin pillow and the needlebook, I turned the button over on the needlebook because it had a beautiful brownish color just perfect for the  design on the pillow.

This is a design I stitched a few years ago, it was from a pay it forward group, I love this design, it is a Stitcher's Hideaway  class piece.

I am now going to eat ribs and relax a little before starting on the construction of my Jeannette Douglas project.
Have a beautiful week.


Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Lots Of Yard Work & Some Stitching

Welcome to all my flowers and visitors: Happy First Day Of Summer to you all.
Thank-you all for your past comments, I am sure some of you cannot comment due to Blogger, someday I hope they get things fixed.
I have tried to comment on a few Blogs to no success, I am so sorry about that.
I have had to comment as anonymous which helps on some blogs but not all.
Anyhoo, it has been very busy around here, we have such a long cold season that we need to get lots done before  the cold and snow with ice come.
With Mike being in charge of the Church cemetery it has been busy a big and I mean big tree came down in the oldest part of the cemetery, we have been hauling big branch's I am so sore.

I have been stitching when I can, I did finish the stitching on the cube of my Jeannette Douglas design class project, I am almost done with this project, yahoo. Not sure why I cannot rotate this photo.

I will be stitching some more this evening on the scissor sheath, I hope to have the stitching done by Sunday, hopefully, I will post a update photo of my stitching tomorrow or Friday, I have to work at the Foodshelf this evening so not much stitching today.
We also have to have a new water heater installed  today, the one we have now is only two years old, that is what happens when things are made in other countries no quality control.
Happy stitching everyone.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Posting Comments

Hello to all my Dear Friends, I seem to not be the only one who cannot post comments on some blogs, I have posted as anonymous instead of through Google, I do add that it is Catherine from I love to Stitch so that the person knows who I am.
 All but one comment went through, the one that did not go through was Marti, so sorry I tried Marty.
I hope this crap goes away soon, some of my followers I am sure are trying to leave comments but cannot.
I also want to tell you I have deleted a post by someone named dono solo they had many links added after there post to me they were all sick  links, be careful people with bloggers like her.
I hope all is well with you all and I hope to post the progress on my stitching this evening.


Thursday, June 7, 2018

I Have Been Stitching And A Beautiful Gift

Hello to all my followers: I want to thank-you all for your continued following and comments, for some reason Blogger is giving many of us a problem since they changed something in the European Blogger World.
Welcome to all my new followers,  I am so sorry I have not sent out thank-you's to all that have commented, I will get to it soon.

I received a beautiful gift from Gracie over at please stop over and see what Gracie has going, she is a very talented Lady.
She sent me some beauties. So sorry about the photo not being the best, it has been cloudy and rainy off and on. Aren't they beautiful, Thank-you Gracie I love them.

I have been stitching I finished the needleroll and started on the box top for my Jeannette Douglas class project, I finished it on Monday night, I did a big happy dance, I am working on the cube now, I think I may enter this set in the County Fair, if I do well enough at the Fair I will enter it into the State Fair.

                                                                From Here To Here

I made many bracelets for my cousins shop yesterday, I was so busy, I enjoyed a different pace of day.

I love the leather bracelets they are so simple but so pretty.

The beaded bracelets are simple and looked better on then off, they were suppose to have button closers, I find they do not last long when taken off and on so a lobster claw closer is better.
So as I was taking photos today of the bracelets I had a brain storm, I have all these old vintage pins, (I have more then this) I want to make them into bracelets, I hope they turn out okay.
Her is a photo of the first deck board going down over the old deck boards.

We have a 52 foot deck on the back of the house, this is a long big job, at least I can stitch, I asked Mike if I could help, he said do you want me to stitch on your project? nope I will stitch instead of helping you, I think I made a good choice.

It is 09:30 time for a cuppa joe and some serious stitching.
Have a pleasant day.