Sunday, April 28, 2024

Just Popping In To Say

 Just popping in to say Brookes Books is having a great 30% off all her PDF's, She is doing better and gaining strength and other capabilities after her cancer treatments.

Hop on over to her Etsy shop, take a look you may find some lovely designs to stitch.


Monday, April 15, 2024

Happy Spring Here In Minnesota

 Greetings top all my faithful followers, thank-you from my heart for your comments, thank-you for all the private emails I received about how well I am doing, this touches my heart, thank-you so much.

I am doing well, I have flutters every once in a while but the doctor said that is to be expected due to the angry areas that were invaded with the ablation, it will go on for up to three months.

My husband likes to give gifts, he was raised with three sisters they taught him to be kind to the lady he marries, Mike wanted to give me an anniversary gift before our 47th anniversary, he is so kind.

I cried so much the day the DMC box arrived and with all the threads, I am so grateful for his kindness

This is something I had been looking at for about a month, he must have seen that I was interested in this design, and to think this came in one day it is a Minnesota company that sent it.
I sit with my back to the office door facing the window so I can enjoy the outside and what is going on with the birds and children playing its so much fun to see the children having fun

The threads are amazing, they are so soft and silky, I am not sure when I will start this one, I have two projects going now which I have never done before I will share                                                 them with you today

I did buy this on Etsy the site is: NARAxcrossStitchPatterns, there are some lovely                        designs on that site, hopefully I will start this one before fall

 This lovely Sampler is from The Wishing Thorn, I bought my first design from                                             Birgit one year ago, I love her Samplers

 I won this on a YouTube video giveaway, I am so sorry I cannot find the name of      the Youtuber, her name is Lisa Smith, I am so sorry about not remembering her              YouTube name, I will hunt it down and let you know her YouTube name

You know I love doing wool applique and working with wool, well I found this         sweet design online and hope to get to it sometime soon, I will make one change instead of the Fall letters being on different hanging fabric I will do them all on one     piece of fabric, also I plan on not doing the cotton fabric it is too wrinkly for me

This is what I am working on now, I love the Cats from Kitty and Me designs, I had stitched one a little over a year ago, now this one, I love the blue fabric Pamela chose but could not find it anywhere to purchase, this is the other on I want to enter                                                   in the county fair in July

 Next up is the Nativity Band Sampler this I also bought in the Etsy shop, by A New Creation by Alison, she has some amazing designs

 I am not a fan of black or dark blue fabric but this works for me so far, I started this on Saturday evening, did not get much done, I also want to enter this one in the                                                            county fair this year
 I would like to show more of what I have been up to but do not want to make this so long, again than-you for your kindness to Michael and myself for all your                                                        prayers they really do work


Thursday, April 11, 2024

I Am Home And Recovering

 I want to thank- everyone for your personal emails, it is so kind of you to send good well wish's.

My ablation surgery took a little less then 2 hours, I was told if there were complications it would take 3-5 hours, everything went well, I am feeling better have done a bit of stitching and watching a boatload of Fraiser, I think Niles on that show is such a hoot and easy on the eyes.

I cannot do much until Monday, I have a weight limit and need to just relax, Mike has been doing all the cooking and cleaning up, he is such a sweetheart, I am so lucky to have him.

I will be posting again later this weekend after I have done a bit more stitching.

Thank-you from my heart


Monday, April 8, 2024


 I forgot to mention that Alison on Etsy is offering a 10% discount, use THANKYOU10 for the discount.

So sorry I missed writing that.


Saturday, April 6, 2024

I Am Still Here

 Hello to all my followers, thank-you for hanging in there, many things have happened here, I will not go into details except that I have been spring cleaning, lots and lots of spring cleaning.

I have done some stitching since Easter Morning after Mass, it felt so good to have needle and thread with fabric in hand, I had done some finishing which is not a lot but some.

First I want to show you my new design I bought just today on Etsy it is from A New Creation By Alison, she is an amazing designer and has so many beautiful designs I want to stitch but being a one at a time stitcher I will buy from her again after i finish this beautiful design, it is Nativity Band Sampler so beautiful. I hope to have the black fabric in my stash or maybe a dark blue will do. Please check Alisons site out. She is offering a 10% discount I hope you visit her.

I did finish stitching Santas Workshop from Stitching Fairy, she is also on Etsy she has a blogspot: Please visit Lyn  also.

Not sure how I will finish this one off, I will think a little.

Brenda Gervais Valentine Sampler

This is a Brenda Gervais design I stitched a while ago, finally finished the pieces,
The box's are painted a medium green with a Bree Wax finish, so sorry I did not take a photo

I love the pillow without trims around it, I did try pinning on a ribbon but felt it look like way too much ribbon because of the ribbons on the box's and needlebook, I am happy I only pinned them on just to see how it looked instead of stitching or                                                             glueing it on   

 I really like the folded book it is lovely in my eyes I should have taken a photo of                                                          the inside, so sorry

     This was to be a scissor fob but I stuffed it too much now it is a mini pillow

I also did finish a penguin from a club at Not Just Another Button Company, I will show you the photo in my next post he is adorable, I just do not want to post a long                            post today, have to get ready to go shopping
I hope all is well in your homes, please Pray the hatred stops in the world please                                      also pray my surgery goes well on Tuesday


Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Did You Hear The Cries For help?

 If you heard the cries for help it was me I am lacking a needle and fabric with thread in my hand, ouch it is hard giving up something so dear to me, but well worth the Sacrifice For Jesus Gave his Life for our sins.

I am missing needlework terribly, it will be another 26 days before I have my needlework in hand, it was very hard the first week, it is getting better I must say, I hope to keep busy with all the alterations and other things I am working on.

I am doing a felt project for Christmas, one I am doing for myself instead of someone else, I have gifted in the past.

I have been spring cleaning also, I have decided that I will not climb a small ladder to clean my walls, instead I decided to use a swifter dust mop to run along the walls, this is working out well, so easy and get the dust off the walls from open windows and the running furnace.

I will not post photos today just wanted to stop by and say hello.

I hope all are doing well, please Pray for the state of Texas they are having some horrific fires going on and California had some areas with five to ten feet of snow, something even the mountains are not used to.

Have an amazing week.


Friday, March 1, 2024

Some Finishing

 Greetings Everyone: Thank-you for your comments on my last two posts, I will send out thank-you's soon.

I have given up stitching for Lent, it has been two weeks and two days, it has not been easy, but thinking what Jesus Christ did for my sins I am able to make it through the tough time of not picking up needle and thread, I will really appreciate the needle and fabric in my hands after Mass on Easter Morning.

I have been sewing and finishing cross stitch that I have done in the past, the pile is starting to go down, finally, they are simple finishes' but still constructed items.

First up is a Brenda Gervais that I stitched I am not sure maybe two years ago, it was a pattern I was able to rescue from the stash relocation table at Needlework Guild retreat that year.

So sorry about the crappy photos, I think my battery is going dead, I really like constructing these two they are so sweet

This is a Scattered Seed Sampler Club design, I do not remember when I stitched this I do love the pin cushion on the end

I used a different ribbon, I had lost one of the gray ribbons I think the cat dragged                       one away and hid it, she like to collect items for herself

I do not have a hard photo of this design, it was found in the stash reallocation pile with out the cover photo, I turned it into a pillow for my basket
not sure of the designer, I no longer have the pattern
I need to add buttons on the end of the vines, I just realized I did not do that

I stitched this last year it is a design from the Wishing Thorn, I really like her designs, she has some amazing Samplers

It was stitched as a Sampler on her site but I preferred a barrel

This is a free pattern from Hands On Designs, I was not going to stitch a Valentine design this year but Vickie over at put a bug in my ear when she asked if anyone was stitching Valentine designs this year, thank-you Vickie
I did add the ribbons they are different from the design

This is a design which is free from
They have some very lovely samplers this was free design
I made a simple finish

This is one of my favorite designers, she has all kinds of designs from quilts to cross stitch, I did my rounds a bit different than her finish, Brenda has an amazing talent for finishing

This is an Erica Michaels design, for some reason I made the tip a bit pointy, I do want to make more strawberry's for my basket of strawberry's
hopefully after Easter

I bought this from Jerome Thomas designs not realizing it is a 9x9 design, i think it is way to big for an ornament I will sew it onto a pillow form and use it on our bed at Christmas

I won this design from the Country Stitchers on You Tube
I am a big fan of Pineapple anything, will stitch this onto a small pillow for the pillow basket.

I watch several You Tube stitchers this happens to be my number one to watch, do you watch any You Tube or Floss tube videos? just curious

            Well, that is enough for today I hope you have an amazing weekend

Thank-you from my heart for following me and commenting


Thursday, February 29, 2024

New Mystery Stitch Along

 Hop on over to Kitty and Me Pamela is having a mystery SAL

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Some Good News Some Stitching & Finishing

 Greetings My Dear Friends: It has been a year I hope never happens again, I became ill, I wore myself out taking care of my sweet husband, it was worth it.

I have lost 26 pound and hope to lose more, I will be having a procedure done hopefully soon, ablation on my electrical system in my heart, after researching and talking to many people I am at peace with doing the procedure.

Now some other news, I am giving up cross stitching for Lent, I do not eat sweets candy or drink soda or eat bakery sweets any longer so have nothing to give up, it will be hard but I know I can do it.

So after Ash Wednesday I will be sewing, alterations, beading, making Baptismal Bibs for Church's and get all my finished stitched items constructed that I have stitched in the past, my counter in my sewing room will soon be empty, I am so looking forward to this.

I will stitch this evening and stitch up until we go to Mass tomorrow evening, I will miss cross stitching but what Jesus did for me is amazing, with his suffering I can do the same in a different way by giving up something I do almost everyday.

                  I had hope to get this finished before tomorrow evening

This is such a sweet design by Stitching Fairy
Please visit her site Lynn has some sweet new designs out, she also has an Etsy site

  I finished the bunny's for my carrot three, this will be a back and front finish

                                    The bunny will be the top of the three, 
                                     I did this on 32 count unknown fabric.
                              This is a design from The Cricket Collection                                                                                         Leaping Rabbit

I stitched this needle roll last year, I used my own heart charm, it was a partial kit                  that was at needlework guild last year in the reallocation table.                                    I had already passed on the pattern and name of designer so sorry
                                      I will add to my baskets of needle rolls

I did fully finish this wool design, I did it different than the design called for, I also         did the twisted cord a bit different, i wanted a candy cane look to the cording

This is a Little House design I stitched last year, I used 32 count unknown fabric,                two over two wit called for threads, this is called Seasons Greetings

I am so sorry I did not show you what I had received from Stasi in December, it has                                 been one heck of a year for us, so sorry Stasi
                                          This pin pillow is so adorable,
                                   Stasi's finishing and stitching is beautiful
                                           Thank-you from my heart ❤️


I was not going to stitch anything this year for Valentines Day but after seeing Vickie's Blog and she asked if anyone is stitching Valentine designs I decided to do a small heart pillow, this is a freebie from Hands On designs stitched on unknown                           fabric two over two using my choice of thread colors

I stitched this up one evening, it is a freebie from stitched on another unknown fabric, I get most of my small pieces of fabric from needlework guild retreat reallocation table, there is rarely a number count or color of threads on                                                              the fabric

Well I think that is enough for today, I will keep you posted on my finishing and       sewing, I have a load of alterations and beading to do, have an amazing week

                                                        💝 Catherine💝