Saturday, December 4, 2021

This is Mikey

 We have had Mikey for a little over a year, we used to volunteer at the food shelf here in Annandale, Mn.

Mike has some health issues and had to quit.

We had a lady come in who had the cutest puppies in the car she was selling them for an amount i did not want to pay but we did, he is a joy and a fun little guy.

A few of you have emailed me and Marilyn commented that I should post a picture, I am so happy to do so.

Mikey was named after my late brother Michael, who passed away from lung cancer in 2003, my new nephew Michael's son who he fathered way back 50 years ago, my mother and father were upset but soon realized that it was a good thing.

I had not seen my nephew since he was about five years old, he sent a letter looking for his father, he found me and we had had a wonderful relationship.

When the letter arrived and I started to read it I thought it was my husband Michael who he was asking about, my husband has lived in Japan and the Philippines when he was in the Navy, I just thought my nephew was asking about my husband.

We also named him after a man from the food shelf his name is also Michael, he is an adorable man, and of course we also named him after my husband Michael, hence we have Mikey.

He really needs a haircut, soon he will go see Lorie, she does his hair and nails.

So sorry about the crappy photos, its dark here

                   This is a photo of him when he was about three months old, he is now over a year old

We had a great drive-by Christ Child luncheon, people ordered food and pick-it up yesterday, we made a boat load of money, which will be donated to a few of our favorite charities, was a good will offering, it went well we even had nice weather and beautiful outdoor decorations.

It is snowing a little I hope we do not get a load of snow, it is a bitter cold now, in the low 20s.

I will have another ornament to show tomorrow.

Merry Christmas

Happy Hannukah


Friday, December 3, 2021

Not An Ornament But One Of My Favorite Christmas Items

 Thank-you all for your comments on my last post.  

I really appreciate them with my whole heart.

I am so sorry I have not responded thank-you's by email, I will catch up soon.

Marilyn, we do have a new baby, his name is Mikey,  he is a Havanese, they were started in Havana Cuba,  he is a joy and very funny and smart.

This pillow in one of my favorite Christmas items, I stitched this way back in the late 80's or very early 90's.

I am not sure of the designer, so sorry the fabric is 32 count found in my stash way back when its a mystery to me.

So sorry about the bad photo I promise I will take better photos.

It has been a very busy day, bad package arriving all bent out of shape, bad news from the doctor, forgot to turn on the oven before I left for Church for Christ Child Luncheon drive-by sales, so we had to eat at seven instead of six, then I get home to a mess, what else can happen plus emails that keep bouncing back to me undeliverable.

I am so happy tomorrow is a new day, I was diagnosed with a form of skin cancer they feel that I came in before it turned to a very bad situation, please say one or more Prayers for me.

Merry Christmas to all


Thursday, December 2, 2021

Update On Black Phantom Cat

 Merry Christmas: I hope you are having a great Holiday Season to all who celebrate Christmas and Hanukka.

I have an update on Black Phantom, I am loving this design, I also bought the PDF of  Poinsettia Cat, it is so pretty.

I am making progress, with decorating for Christmas, getting baking done and so many other things, I have not stitched much.

Can you see the little needleminder, I found them on Zappy Dots, I think they are wonderful, I also bought one for Poinsettia Cat.

This is my first ornament, I made this a very long time ago, it is one of my favorites. New York Dreamers  White Christmas from the 2015 Just Cross Stitch ornament magazine, I stitched it on 32 count unknown fabric, used a bought trim from Joann's.

I have some news about our little Mikey, he was neutered this week, he is doing better then I could imagine, he still has a lot of spunk, its hard keeping him down, he wants to play all the time even with sutures, they have not ripped out yet.

                                                   I ask you to Pray for the families in Michigan.

                                                             I Wish you all a Happy Holiday


Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Starting This Evening I Will Be Posting Daily A Ornament I have Made In The Past

 Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah

I will be posting an ornament a day of ornaments I have made in the past, I  am in the Christmas feeling for some reason,  I am looking forward to seeing what everyone is making and seeing their decorating for Christmas.

I have some news, I took on the roll of President of our women's group at Church, the CCW Council of Catholic Women, I have a great team under me, we also have great chairs for different projects.

I am looking forward to a great two years with them.

I will be posting my first ornament this evening.

Merry Christmas


Wednesday, November 24, 2021

A Free Design From Blue Ribbon Designs

 Happy Blessed Thanksgiving to all who celebrate Thanksgiving.

We will be going to my Uncle's home, he is my late Mother's brother, it will be nice to go see them they are a very sweet and loving family.

I was visiting Blue Ribbon Design's, Belinda has a free very sweet snowman design which can be stitched up in a very short time.

Donna over at https://bythebayneedleart.blogspot has two free designs one for Christmas and one for Hanukkah, please check these designs out.

I will be stopping my stitching on my Phantom cat and making the snowman ornament for our tree, I normally do not have two designs going at once but every once in a while I will do so.

I will share my progress on Phantom Cat on my post on Friday.

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving


Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Free Design From Kitty & Me

 Pamela has a new Christmas freebie on her blogsite, it is a Partridge, it is adorable, please visit her 

She also has a coupon for her Etsy Shop 20% off all PDF's.

Have a Blessed thanksgiving


Tuesday, November 16, 2021

A Little Stitching

I really like this cat design, I hope to have it finished by next Monday and get it framed, this one I will have framed by Hobby Lobby. I am going to have to do another one of the cats been checking them out on Pamela’s Etsy Shop, I did order a few cat needle holders with the face of the cat above, I will share a photo on my next update.

 I was able to get in some stitching before a little surgery on my left leg, I do not have bad veins just one that was painful when sitting on the back of my thigh, varicose veins can be sore at times.
Feeling better bandages are off leg feels good still swollen.

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Have You Seen The New Series From NeedleCaseGoodies/Etsy

 I was browsing the needle case goodies website, I get their email updates there is a new series out, Cottage Garden The Fox A Year In The Woods, oh my the Fox is beautiful.

Check it out sometime, they are taking pre-orders.


Thursday, November 11, 2021

Veterans Day USA Remembrance Day Canada

Thank-you to all the Brave Men and Women who have kept our Country safe from harm, your sacrifice is appreciated May God Bless You with safety at all times.

                        Thank-you from my heart past present and future Men and women Veterans

                                                               God does have your back


                                                                    God Bless America


Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Blue Ribbon Designs

 Now you know I like all kinds of designs, i like the ones that take a while to stitch, i like middle in the road designs and the simple one, if my heart catch's a design I have to stitch it, some do sit in my basket all kitted up and patiently waiting for my hands to pull them out.

Belinda over at Belinda has some new designs and so many beautiful bags for sale on Etsy, please hop on over and check her blog site out.

                                                             I think they are adorable.

Belinda has used a lot of  Blackbird designs Moda Fabric, I think she has chosen some lovely fabric prints.

I will be posting an update on my Kitty and me Cat design progress, it really is pretty even not fully stitched.

Haver a beautiful Day


Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Finally A Stitch Post

 Thank-you all for your lovely comments on my last two posts.

We have been busy finishing yard work for the year, we were able to sit around the fire and have a weenie roast, it was chilly but so relaxing, we do not eat hotdogs often, it was a treat to have one with onions relish and ketchp and chips.

I have been working on my  Kitty & Me  design, it is prettier then I expected its positively beautiful, I have plans on doing another one but in the future, I have other projects I need to get done.

We are having craft day at Church on Monday,  this year we will be making items for the care center and homebound, I am making sun catchers for their windows, I will post a photo in the near future.

This is how much I have stitched so far how about those eyes so beautiful, I hope to have this finished soon and framed. Kitty And me Designs just click on the Kitty and me Designs, Pamela has so many adorable designs.

I did only put up a couple of fall designs this year, we were so busy I did not have time, I will however make sure I decorate more for Christmas.

The table runner I bought at a great sale a couple of years ago, it has Halloween fabric but only a couple of spots on the diamond, we do not celebrate Halloween, we do go to Mass on the first of November All Saints Day.

Happy Thanksgiving to our friends to the north, I know Canada celebrates Thanksgiving this month, so sorry for the late  post on your day, it was November 11th.

It is raining here and rather gloomy, I have been reading today and planning on getting ready to work on the Chalet Veil and Burse for St. Charles in Bayport Minnesota, I was asked to make them for the Church, it is an honor for me to do so, I will post photos after I am finished.

I hope you are all well and enjoying a load of stitching.

God Bless


Saturday, October 16, 2021

Check Out The Snow Flower Diaries Blog Post

 Hello Everyone: It is still busy here getting the yard ready for fertilizing, and getting the pots of plants cleaned, snow is in the near future.

I want you to hop over to The Snow Flower Diaries Blog, if you stitch Halloween she has a few sweet designs for free.  Snow Flower Diaries

Take a look at her past post's you may find another design you just need to stitch.

I will be posting an update on Monday of my progress on my Cat design from Kitty & Me.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Sunday, October 3, 2021

Just A Little More Of The Yard

 Thank-you for your comments on my last post they mean the world to me.

I have a couple of more photos to show you.

The bench Michael bought me for our Anniversary in June, it is nice to sit on but better for a plant.

This is my St. Francis side garden, I love the look on his face so serene looking, the bushy looking plant is a transplant from another part of the yard it is a Stella D' Oro Day Lily.

This is three  plants in three different pots on stands, outside the third stall of the garage, they get so thick and pretty.

The front porch where we have coffee every morning and read for a few hours, it has come to be a summer tradition.

And this is my Mary Garden, every year I plant different flowers, next year I will not plant sweet potato vines they need way too much watering, they have sweet potato's growing in the pot which takes up a load of room.

I have seen the new designs from Kitty and Me, Pamela has some adorable designs, here is her link.



This Owl is beautiful, I may need to get this after I get caught up on all my stitching.

                                                         Such a cute Chipmunk

                                                            Another beautiful cat design.

Have a lovely week my dear friends


Saturday, October 2, 2021

So Sorry This Is Late I was Going To Post On Thursday

 We have been very busy, trying to get things done outdoors before the cold comes, however I have been able to do some stitching and beading.

This is one of  the Colorful Cats designs from Pamela Kellogg Kitty @  Me Designs, I did mine on a gray fabric from on 28 CTLaguna Carpe Noctem, I do not usually buy fabric on line I prefer to see the fabric in person however I was not disappointed with this fabric.

I hope to have this finished by next weekend, I have been commissioned to do some sewing for a Church about 75 miles from my home, I will post photos of what I will have done for the Church.

Next is the firepit we put in the back yard we will be using it now that the weather is cooler and the fire danger is very low in our area. The grass was very dry and we had to treat it for grubs and the ants under ground, now we have a wonderful green lawn with the rains the last week.

A small seating area in the south side of our home.

We used to have a lovely gray fountain but had trouble with children putting dirt in the fountain and then the motor burned out twice, instead we painted it black and put cut glass in instead, I think I like it a whole lot better.

This is a design from the Black Needle Society, they send out box's so many times a year, I have had three box's so far, the first one I received I was not a fan of, the last two I like, I stitched this design for someone who likes mermaids, they also had some threads in the box that are specialty threads just for that box, I will post a photo of the box's some other time, I just do not want to make this a  real long post.

This is the latest from Scattered Seed Samplers Designs that Tammy Black sends out four times a year.
I will start this next after finishing my Kitty And Me work in progress.

I cannot believe that fall is here,  snow will be flying soon, brrrr its not for me.

Have a wonderful week, thank-you for visiting.


Saturday, September 11, 2021

A Sad Day In History

 After watching many programs today about the twenty year anniversary of the fall of The Twin Towers my heart still breaks, how can there be so much hatred in this world that some people could do what they did twenty years ago, it still baffles me.

We have a Memorial in Mike's Man cave for the lost lives of 9/11, it is a reminder that we will never forget in our household of the bravery and lives lost on that terrible day.

God Bless all the men and women who bravely tried to save as many lives as they could.

God Bless all the men and women who lost their lives.

Rest In Peace you will not be forgotten.

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Missing In Action Plus Kitty and Me New Designs

 Greetings to all my followers regular and occasional.

I have been very busy this summer many things going on.

I just wanted to post today about the new designs over at you have to stop over, Pamela has a new bird series, along with many other beautiful designs.

I will post soon about what is going on and how many beaded beads and stitching I have been able to get done.


Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Some Stitching And An Above Photo Of the Fire-pit

 Greetings to all my followers the ones that comment and the ones that do not comment, thank-you for following me.

I have a few finish's, some I hope to have constructed very soon, I just need to find time to do so.

First up is Scattered Seeds Sampler Home Sweet Home, this is one of four auto ships from Tammy Black Scattered Seeds Samplers Designer

I really like Tammy's design's, I sometimes change up the colors as i did on this design, I
 am going to make this a stand-up finish.

I will be making the heart shaped pin cushion and hang the bird charm from it.

Up next is Cathy Haberman Snow On The Ground, I received this pattern from a stash relocation pile last year, I am only doing the house which I changed up a bit, I did a different color on the quilt square  and a few other things are different, like the door and window placement.

I really like this design, it is so sweet, I have met Cathy, she is an amazingly nice Lady, she has some you-tube videos out. This is the front door.

                                                        This is the back door see the change?

I also have a love for With Thy needle And Thread designs, Brenda Gervais has some lovely designs.
This is the Happy Birthday America, I love this design, I just need to order the ball trim.

                                                                     Such a sweet design.

I will post photos of the fire pit and one of my gardens on Friday, I will also post photos of my hanging and potted plants I have had a few request for photos.
My heart goes out to all the states that are having fires, such a loss, it breaks my heart to see this happening.
I hope you all are doing a load of stitching and getting some relaxing time to your selves.


Wednesday, July 21, 2021

I Am Going To Try Again And Post Photos Of Stitching

I am working on a Hands On Design Cathy Haberman, this was a freebie from a stash relocation from a retreat in August last year.

Not sure why the camera is giving me such horrible photos, sorry, I really like this design but am only going to stitch the house on one side I will do a diamond design on the back like the one above the windows.

Up for my next project it is Blue Ribbon Design, Belinda is designing some really sweet designs,  I am looking forward to doing these, I need to look in my stash for fabric,  threads and ric-rack.

I have also in my stash to do pile  a Scattered Seed Samplers Design, I love Tammy's designs also.

I am also going to do some other smaller designs,  these are Kitty 😸 Me designs, I love these fruits, I am not sure how I will finish them, I am so in love with the water melons.

Well its warm here which I do not mind I like the heat and not the cold, yes I am an oddball because of that, at least my Mother thought so, giggles.
We are still making changes to the backyard, we are putting in a fire pit and sitting area, I will have an almost finished photo on my next blog post.
Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong, I am trying to add followers blog address's so people can see who i follow, now I get something that makes no sense, (help)
Stay well and safe it is a different world now.