Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Posting Comments

Hello to all my Dear Friends, I seem to not be the only one who cannot post comments on some blogs, I have posted as anonymous instead of through Google, I do add that it is Catherine from I love to Stitch so that the person knows who I am.
 All but one comment went through, the one that did not go through was Marti, so sorry I tried Marty.
I hope this crap goes away soon, some of my followers I am sure are trying to leave comments but cannot.
I also want to tell you I have deleted a post by someone named dono solo they had many links added after there post to me they were all sick  links, be careful people with bloggers like her.
I hope all is well with you all and I hope to post the progress on my stitching this evening.


Thursday, June 7, 2018

I Have Been Stitching And A Beautiful Gift

Hello to all my followers: I want to thank-you all for your continued following and comments, for some reason Blogger is giving many of us a problem since they changed something in the European Blogger World.
Welcome to all my new followers,  I am so sorry I have not sent out thank-you's to all that have commented, I will get to it soon.

I received a beautiful gift from Gracie over at http://needlespinsanddragonflies.blogspot.com please stop over and see what Gracie has going, she is a very talented Lady.
She sent me some beauties. So sorry about the photo not being the best, it has been cloudy and rainy off and on. Aren't they beautiful, Thank-you Gracie I love them.

I have been stitching I finished the needleroll and started on the box top for my Jeannette Douglas class project, I finished it on Monday night, I did a big happy dance, I am working on the cube now, I think I may enter this set in the County Fair, if I do well enough at the Fair I will enter it into the State Fair.

                                                                From Here To Here

I made many bracelets for my cousins shop yesterday, I was so busy, I enjoyed a different pace of day.

I love the leather bracelets they are so simple but so pretty.

The beaded bracelets are simple and looked better on then off, they were suppose to have button closers, I find they do not last long when taken off and on so a lobster claw closer is better.
So as I was taking photos today of the bracelets I had a brain storm, I have all these old vintage pins, (I have more then this) I want to make them into bracelets, I hope they turn out okay.
Her is a photo of the first deck board going down over the old deck boards.

We have a 52 foot deck on the back of the house, this is a long big job, at least I can stitch, I asked Mike if I could help, he said do you want me to stitch on your project? nope I will stitch instead of helping you, I think I made a good choice.

It is 09:30 time for a cuppa joe and some serious stitching.
Have a pleasant day.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Cannot access my Blogger account until today

What the heck is going on, I have tried to comment on some blogs and not able to I could not get into my own account, had to create a new password, what the heck is happening, does Blogger or google want us all to go away???????????

It has been a trying time around here, my father in law was diagnosed with lung cancer, my dear friend from Church is dying from a very rare form of cancer, a few more friends here on blogger are ill, I am sad this is happening.

I want to show you what I won from Stitching Friends Forever, on their Blogaversary I won a wonderful package, I am so excited.

I love ribbon, this will be used for the ornament I will be stitching soon.

Mary and RJ picked the loviest fabric for this design.

Look at the backing material they sent, RJ and Mary have wonderful taste and know how to coordinate colors and fabrics.

Oh my red fabric, I am in love, this is such a pretty color red, it does not look at beautiful here as it does in person.

I am in love with this stitching design, Homespun has such sweet designs, this will be my next design I stitch after finishing what I am stitching now.

Look at this beautiful handmade card I am sure you all know Mary is very talented at card making, I am not sure if RJ makes cards or not, I hope she does.

Now you all know I am a lover of lace, just look atr how lovely they are, lots of plans for them floating around in my head.

Buttons are one of my favorite accessories to have around, I plan on making a button bracelet and will be using some of these little lovelies.

Thank-you RJ and Mary you both are so sweet.

I had a class a couple of weeks ago, the class teacher was Jackie Du Plessis Its finally Finished designs, I am so in love with this design, Saturday Morning, there was also a companion piece, The Traveler, I will be working on them after I finish my class project from Jeannette Douglas and then after the design from RJ and Mary.

I love both of these pieces, I think I am done with class retreats till next spring, its expensive and I need to use my money for other things at this time, I save all year but still its expensive to go, some of my friends do a lot of classes, I am a lot more conservative with my money.
I am not knocking them I am kind of envious.

I have been stitching, not a lot but some, with summer here there is always some kind of work to be done, we are expanding our front porch, redoing the flooring on the 52 foot deck and extensions on the back of the house, along with yard work and other things, I have not done much beading or stitching.

Here is the progress on Jeannette Douglas Class project:

I uploaded both, today it is storming, the lighting is not good, so sorry, this is the needle roll, I love all the different stitch's.

Well its time for a walk with the dog, I somehow have gout I usually get it every three or four years not sure why, walking helps a lot, so off we go in between storms.

I hope your summer is a good one to you.


Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Happy Spring

Greetings everyone: spring has finally sprung, as I sit here with my office window open, I can hear the gentle rain falling a train horn and birds singing, something I have missed this past winter.
We have been busy working on the house, I did get my spring cleaning done along with a garage sale with my dear friend Cheryl, we had a blast, it was two days long with lots of people shopping.
I met a lady who was shopping she was from a town two small towns away, she told us about trying to raise money for a new library,  in the small town of Kimball,  Mn. they are having a breakfast to raise some money one of many things they will be doing, they are having a silent auction, I am making twelve different colored beaded ornaments for the auction.
This is what I have done so  far last evening and today.

I have been stitching a little and want to get more done, this is from my Class project from Jeannette Douglas last month, not much progress. This is the Needleroll.

I hope to finish this whole set before May is over, good luck to me.

I bought flowers and hope to get them in pots by tomorrow evening, its raining now, looks like a little break for tomorrow, maybe then.
I wish you all a great spring and hope you are getting things done inside and out with your stitching.


Monday, April 23, 2018

Missing In Action

Hello to my dear followers: I have been very busy, I have been to a weekend Retreat from Stitchville USA, Jeannette Douglas was the Teacher, she is an amazing Lady, so much fun and makes you giggle so much.
We worked on a scissor fob on Friday night the night the big hateful snowstorm hit us, I am so glad I arrived on Thursday many women come from around the U.S. to this retreat.
The class was a box and accessories to make to put in the box.

This is only the second class of this box and accessories, I feel so lucky to be able to attend this class.

I will be starting the stitching on the box top this evening, hopefully I will have the top finished this weekend.

I would show you all the gifts from Stitchville but they are numerous and will add some during my next post.

This above kit was gifted to me from Larue my Dear Friend, she is an amazing Lady and very sweet, I love being around her she is so warm and friendly.

This is from another amazing and wonderful Friend Sue, she makes a new music CD for some of us every year, some of my fav songs are on this.

I am doing the happy dance I finished the Little Snowy Blue Church, I did make some changes, I changed the big snowflakes to a shiny white, the blue snowflakes just did not do it for me, ( so sorry about the wrinkles )  I am going to frame this Saturday, I will post a photo.

I want to tell you it has been hard this past month, I get allergies from the mold under the snow, so went to retreat with a migraine and allergies, it was awful and the room I had the heat would not go above 62 degrees, I am a warm weather person so this was cold for me, plus I had to stay Sunday evening because the roads in our area were frozen with ice and snow on top, Mike did not want to chance getting into an accident, hence one more night with the cold and I found mold in the heater vent, the hotel was so sweet about it I got Sunday night for free.
There were several women that had to stay, it was fun having an extra evening with them.

To some of the people that comment on my Blog and do not have email addresses or a way to contact you, thank-you for leaving a comment it means a lot to this old lady.



Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Some Very Exciting News

The lovely Jo over at http://serendipitousstitching.blogspot.com has a Blogger Of The Week, you must stop by, click on the Blogger Of The Week Icon on the right side of her main page.
I have visited all the Bloggers Of The Week, I have to say this has put a big I want new stash in my pocket book,  I see so many designs I have never seen before and want to stitch, what a great way to view other Stitcher's work, I love learning what they are all about and see their work.
Jo has been gracious enough to ask me to be a Blogger Of The Week, I consider this an honor.
I have had my blog since March 28th 2009, I am almost ten years with Blogger, I feel very Blessed to have met so many beautiful and lovely people through my Blog, I have been able to meet with a few of them in person when they visit Minnesota.
One I have to tell you about her name is Mama Joan she can be found here http://stitchingsquad.blogspot.com please stop over and see what she is into, her work is immaculate and so perfect, she is a great finisher and framer.
I was at a Stitching Retreat and she was at another table, I still did not know who she was until the third day of the retreat, I was so excited to meet her, when I read her blog she made me smile she was watching her daughters cat and could not fine it, it was up on the fridge, I have been following her ever since.
I have to say that another stitcher that is way to busy is Chris, over at Tot Hill Farm Stitch's, sadly she is too busy to post on Blogger anymore, I miss seeing her lovely work.
I have been slowly working on my Little Snowy Church, not much work being done on it, I have been busy making neck warmers and beading ornaments for the Santa sale we will be having at Church the first Friday of December, I know I am way ahead of the game but want to make so many items I have given myself a budget of 50.00, I still have 25.00 to spend.

I love this little Church, I did change the color of the roof, I did not like the silver thread it called for, I plan on adding white beads on the roof like snow flakes are dropping.

So as I am typing this post I ask Mike for help on rotating a picture, I go out to the kitchen and see my dog chewing on the roll of Kreinik thread  that is the color of the roof so now I have to order a new roll and wait to finish this, it has given me a headache a few times but I will get through it.

We have had a bit of snow, I am so sick of winter, I leave you with this photo.

Thank-you all for stopping by and to all for leaving comments.


Sunday, April 1, 2018

He Is Risen

A Blessed Easter to all during this,  the  Most Holy Day.
Our Lord Is Risen!

Michael & Catherine

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Some Stitching And A Construction Finish

Happy Spring my dear friends, it chilly today but not cold, as the ground warms the air seems warmer even when it is a balmy 36 degrees, the snow is almost gone but who knows what will come in the form of moisture, I am hoping for rain not snow.

I have been busy playing suzie homemaker I cleaned the fridge/freezer yesterday, surprising I only had to get rid of two items, I use baking soda in my fridge and freezer and change them every three-four months, you never know what smells that will appear in there.

I have also done very little stitching but have a construction to show you, this is a class project from Betsy Morgan Willing hands class from 2015, Paper Pieceing Bristol Bag, I love this even in all its redness on white, I usually do not do monochromatic projects.

I did get some stitching done on my Little Snowy Blue Church, I am still waiting for the Krienik thread to get to my home.

My next construction project is a Blackbird Designs Class Project, I hope to have this barrel finished tomorrow evening. I took this class last year in Chaska Minnesota, Stitchville USA has a Spring Fling every year.

I was reading on some  designers sites they like to back their pieces with lite weight fusing, it sure does help keep the wrinkles away, I would have done the same for the top of this barrel but that would have made my needle and pins dull so only the lower barrel is fused.

This evening Mike leaves at midnight for Adoration until 01:00 a.m. I then go from 02:00 a.m. until 03:00, unless the person replacing me does not show up which has happened before, I will be tired but do not have to work at the food shelf tomorrow, we will be delivering meals on wheels on Monday.
We will be serving dinner here on Easter Sunday, we are expecting a small group, we used to take everyone out for buffet but since so many have left this world we feel it is just as good for me to cook dinner which I am looking forward to.

Happy Easter to all who celebrate and Happy Passover to all who celebrate.



Friday, March 23, 2018

Finally Finished

I worked on the last two pieces of the Kindred Spirits class project.
I stitched the Scissor Case yesterday, I hate rouching, hate it with the kind of ribbon that was in the kit, I did get it done not exactly my best work but it looks okay.
I finished the back of the ruler case and stitched the back to the front, I have ordered the ruler and two thread keepers from Ellen Chester of With My Needle, I hope they come soon.
So sorry the photos are not very good it is evening here, the brightest light I could find was in the laundry room.

I want to tell you about two Blog sites I purchase from, they both have new designs out.

Scattered Seed Samplers has a new Bunny design out which I am in love with, I will be ordering it.

SubRosa has three really cute Chicken designs that are oh so cute, please check them out.

And Sub Rosa Blog site

I am gearing up for Easter, we decided to have dinner here at the old homestead, we are not having ham, we are having turkey, dressing, potatoes, green beans (not green bean salad) ewwww pie and I bought a cake mix triple chocolate with milk chocolate frosting I am going to make a round cake and have frosting in the middle, I have given up candy, Pepsi, baked sweets and granolas, now you may laugh at the granolas but everyday when I have my homemade latte, I have a Nature Valley Granola bar with it in the mid morning, boy oh boy I miss that treat.
It is now time to work on my Little Blue Church, I am almost ready to add the beads, then I am not sure what I will work on.

Happy Easter To All Who Celebrate The Holy Season
Happy Passover To All Who Celebrate Passover


Wednesday, March 21, 2018

I Hate Rouching So Much

Thank-you to all that left comments on my last post, you all are wonderful.
I did finish the construction on the needleroll, it is not my best finish, I tried very hard to do a great job but the rouching got to me, I hate the fact the needle and thread and ribbon faught me all the way to the end.
I did not follow the direction on how to put the needleroll together, I did my own thing, the directions were not the best for finishing, it was kind of a mess to follow.
I know I should have sent all the pieces to a finisher but I did not want to spend the money, that is less money for patterns and threads and fabric.
I only have the ruler and scissor case to finish now, I hope to have them finished this evening or tomorrow, it depends on what the day throws at me, I get the curves thrown at me when I am on a mission.

I will need to press this front again, so sorry for the wrinkles.

It is snowing again but nothing like the east coast, I am so sorry about the tornados and winter storm Toby, I am hoping this cold weather stops soon and spring can really take hold.
We went shopping on Monday, we spotted three Great Blue Herons, they are here early, it seems they usually come back in April, maybe this is a sign that warmer weather is almost here, I hope so.
Well its time for coffee and some stitching.

Thank-you for your comments and for viewing my posts

Sunday, March 18, 2018

I Have Been Busy

Happy Easter to all who celebrate this Holy Season: Spring begins on the 20th if and I mean if it does not snow, I feel if it snows it just is not spring yet.
So I shall show you what I have been up too, I have been stitching on my Little Snowy Church a bit and working on constructing my Kindred Spirits Class Project from 2015, I have made some progress until I noticed I made a big mistake and had to frog the needleroll, ouch is what I said.

This is what it looks like now finally, so sorry about the wrinkles, tomorrow I will work on constructing the needleroll.

I did finish the Pipkin, not my best finish but I am happy, on the ends I did ribbons, because I do not do ribbon flowers good enough. Not sure why there is a shadow on the front of the Pipkin, I did take a photo at night.
I did the Pincube also, I added a little weight inside the cube to make it have a little weight.

I also did get the bands inside the Shaker Box finished.

I have the Ruler and Scissor Case to construct and then I will be done, yahoo.

I did get some stitching on Little Snowy Church, I am loving this piece so much, I may do the other Church soon.

I wish you all a great week, keep those needles pushing.
Please do not forget to stop over to http://victorianmottosamplershoppe.blogspot.com to enter Nancy's giveaway, I have used her threads they are wonderful, she gives you a whole lot more then DMC or any specialty threads, her giveaways are fantastic.