Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Some Finishing And New Fabric

 Greetings to all: Thank-you from my heart for all your comments on my last two posts, so sorry i have not sent out individual thank-you's, it has been busy here.

I bought some fabric from the Primitive Hare, I am loving the fabric, there is a slight stiffness but not very just right, the dye she did is beautiful, i am now a new customer of hers, I still buy from my favorite Needlework shop Stitchville USA but want a back up just in case I cannot find what I need.

I do have three finish's one was a trade from Lynda Ruth From Canada, https://twododo.blogspot.com 

I had so many ideas for this beautiful December Girl, I finally decided to make her into a frame, she will grace my buffet table for Christmas Season. I just love her, thank-you Lynda Ruth, so sorry it took so long to get her into a frame.

This is Scattered Seed Sampler Skeptical Gatherings, I wanted to finish it into a stand-up for my bird 1/2 bathroom. It is sitting on a bent antique fork.

This is Brenda Gervais design, I love her designs, I hope to stitch more of hers, This is from Pin feathers, I have stitched this twice now.

I love this new fabric, it is beautiful. Old Salem, this shop has a knack for dying fabric.

Well that's it for today I  hope all is well with you and all are staying healthy, have a great week.


Monday, October 12, 2020

Having Trouble Posting

 Not sure if this will show up or not, I seem to be having problems with posting and photos, I am so mad at Google for changing something that is not broke, now I have to check off pictures before I can post a comment on most blogs, to make sure I am not a robot, this is nuts.


Monday, September 21, 2020

I Am Still Here But Very Busy

 Hello to all my faithful followers, I am so happy to be posting today, I have so much to show you but will keep it low key and show more later this week.

I had two of my finished stitch's framed, one at JoAnn's and one at Hobby Lobby, the price at Hobby Lobby was much less then JoAnn's.

This is Shepherds Bush I am not sure of the name, I sent the on to someone else, so sorry, the one button on thr dress is a little off, Hobby Lobby said they will correct that for me.

This is Sea To Shining  Sea By Little House, I am so loving this frame and mat, the colors are perfect for the design.
Both designs were freebies from the stash relocation pile at Minnesota Needlework Retreat, they were both started but only a little, I just felt I needed to finish them.

I have not gotten very far with This Ones For Betty, by Willing Hands Betsy Morgan Designs, I had hoped to have more done but life has gotten in the way and with fall here we are trying to get loads of outdoor work done, we have been over to my sister in laws doing cement work, working at the food shelf, we have both added hours to our week.

                                                       So sorry about the dark photos.

I hope you all will keep the people in the fire torn areas in your thoughts and prayers, it is a shame so many have lost lives and the animals who have perished, I am a little upset about the fire that was started by accident from the baby gender reveal party, did they not realize that it is dry out that way? not sure what the heck they were thinking.
It is a breezy day today with the temps climbing, hopefully we will see a few more warmer days.
Thank-you to all who have left comments on my last post, I will  be sending thank-you to those who I have not sent to soon.

Have a lovely week

Sunday, August 16, 2020

I have Been Busy And A Retreat

I do have a finish, it is a Blue Ribbon Design, Brenda is a wonderful designer, I am not a big fan of purple but love the green with the lavenders and purples.
I did do mine a little different then the finishing instructions.

I also constructed the Scattered Seed Sampler https://scatteredseedsampler.blogspot.com this is Out On A Limb, from the Little Wren Club kit.

I added the ric rak of my own.

I was away for a week at a stitching retreat, it was wonderful to not be cutting wood staining or hearing a drill or hammer going. I taught a beading class and Keli the moderator taught a soap making class, I made the Peony scented soaps which are the blue soaps, Liza made a Vanilla soap and Keli made a scented soap I cannot remember, we did share a soap from each other. I brought a mold, they will be gifts at Christmas. The soaps  need to cure for six weeks before use.

Keli was very generous with gifts, she made hand balm which smells so good and makes your hands so soft, she also gave us a new pair of scissors with sheath, a needle threader, handmade soap bar and a project bag.

Liza and Theresa gave us little cute project box carriers, with pens notebook and other needs for crafting.


A special thank-you to Pamela Allen https://hokkaidokudasei.blogspot.com, thank-you for emailing me and asking if everything is okay, since I have not posted since the middle of July, here in Minnesota it is a short season to get outdoor things done.

Plus having a few family members ill has kept us busy, thankfully it is not the virus, just surgeries and other ailments.

We have been very healthy here and hope to stay healthy, we are still volunteering at the Food Shelf, we work with the best people in the world, we are very Blest to work and call then friends.

Time to sign off.

Stay Healthy


Friday, July 17, 2020

Check Out Priscilla's New Free Pattern

Priscilla's has a new free pattern:

Have a great Day

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Some Gifts And 45 Minutes Of Stitching

I am amazed at the generosity of the Blog world, I have seen in Blogland that many of us are gifted lovely items such as the gifts I received from two lovely Ladies.
One is from Sandra Carstairs who I found on Pinterest, she graciously sent me a pair of lovely scissors, some thread I am very anxious to use and a very sweet patter that I hope to stitch by Thursday. Thank you Sandra.

Then on Saturday I received a beautiful beading book from Gracie over at https://needlespinsanddragonflies.blogspot.com
This is an amazing pattern book, thank you Gracie.

I added just a couple of photos to show you how lovely the beading is.

I have stitched today for only 45 minutes, so much has to be done here, Mike had his eyes dilated, I had to drive him home, his glaucoma is holding steady, he has been taking Focus Select that the Doctor recommended.

I love Tammy’s design, she can be found at https://scatteredseedsamplers.blogspot.com

I want to show you my sister in law and great nephew 
feeding a giraffe it was amazing, I also fed the birds in a cage, they tried to eat the crystals off my sandals.

This was fun, I will show a photo of the birds eating my sandals on my next post, my sister in law has to send me the photo.
Be safe have a lovely week.


Saturday, July 4, 2020

Very Busy Here With Some Stitching

Greetings my dear friends, thank-you for all your comments on my last couple of posts, I am so sorry I have not sent out thank-you's by email, it has been very busy with Mikes sister her illness, my sister in law on my side has been ill and all that is going on here at home, it has been very busy here with home improvements, this week we are redoing the railings and steps on the front porch and the side landing, hopefully the weather is good to us.
I am almost finished with my Sea To Shining Sea Sampler, I want to be finished by Monday so I can get it to Joann’s for framing.

The new auto shipment from Scattered Seeds Samplers is beautiful, I am not sure when I will start working on it, I love Tammy’s designs, please check her out.

https://scatteredseedsamplers.blogspot.com take a look at Tammy’s site she has many beautiful samplers also for sale.
I did win a lovely necklace from her, it came in an adorable box with a sweet card.

Thank you Tammy

I did finish a candle mat which was a pattern I won from Donna over at https://cardsbydruth.blogspot.com.
Please stop by and say hello.

I was surprised by my wonderful husband with a trip to a fantastic quilt shop that carries some cross stitch fabric and patterns, I did manage to find a few stash items.

I love buttons theses are going to be used for the top of some strawberry pin pillows like the ones in the Blackbird Designs book.

I managed to find a lovely plum Street Sampler new to me design, I am not sure when I will get to it.

I think I e
Will do it on a outer colored fabric

I love this fabric color, not sure what I will use it for just yet, hopefully something will come to mind.

Another Blackbird Design I love, I have done two so far in this series.

This is a lovely booklet with such sweet designs. Do you see a pattern here I guess I love the Blackbird Designs lots.

I hope you all who celebrate the Fourth are having a safe and fun weekend.
Happy Blessed Fourth

Monday, June 22, 2020

Freebie At Long Dog Samplers

Have you visited Long Dog Samplers lately, there is a beautiful free PDF to download.
after clicking on the above,   click on  the Long Dog Sampler icon in the upper left hand corner of the website, it will bring up the free design.


Saturday, June 20, 2020

What I am working on

greetings everyone, thank you from my heart for all you comments in my past posts.
We have been very busy working on the yard, volunteering at the food shelter, relaxing and enjoying the beautiful weather we have been having.
I am able to sit outdoors stitch and read along with just relaxing, we have only had one evening with bugs bothering us which here in Minnesota is very unusual.
I am working on a design I was able to get for free in the stash relocation pile last August, it was started but not wanted, the first panel was started along with the bottom words but not completed along with the upper leaves, I very rarely do a little house design but this one caught my eye due to the From Sea To Shining Sea words, I hope to have it finished by Monday.


The best place to take a photo was on the deck the best light today, it is really nice out about 70 just a little cool for me but perfect for Mike.
I hope you all are staying healthy, as many people as I have come in contact with I have not gotten sick, I feel very lucky.
I hope you all have a wonderful week.

Catherine. 🎀

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Have You Seen The Sweet Free Designs From Plum Street Samplers

It has been very busy here on the old homestead, lots of outdoor things to do at home and the care of the Church Cemetery here in Annandael,  Mn. Mike is in charge of the care and making sure all is well all year long, watering the plants that the families display for they family members they buried.
Taking care of the trimming of the trees and lots of weeding and spraying.
Anyhoo that is not why I am posting today, have you seen or ever visited the Plum Street Samplers designs, oh my so many beautiful designs, the free ones are lovely, please stop by and visit her blog, Paulette is a very talented designer.
I will be posting what I have been up to in the stitching world tomorrow.


Sunday, June 7, 2020

I am Joining Jo For Peoples Choice

Jo over @ https://serendipitousstitching.blogspot.com Peoples Choice Is Dragonflies for June. Please stop over and visit her Blog.
I have not stitched a dragonfly but did find some beautiful photos on Pinterest,

There were so many to choose from on Pinterest I just chose a few, I hope you like them.


Saturday, May 23, 2020

A Fully Finished Design & More Stitching

Happy Memorial Day:  It is a long weekend for some who are working, for some its just a normal weekend.

I have a fully finished design it is a Betsy Morgan design Helping Hands Designs  I took the class last year in Madison Wisc.
I love this finish

I am so happy this is finished, I do not do good at finishing but I have to bang my own drum, this turned out perfect for me,  do you see the wax roll by the mini ruler? that was made by rolling the wax and adding two flat buttons on each end

This is the inside of the needlebook, I did add the ribbon for the closer, it did not require one, I like the ribbon on the book

Drawn Thread 

This is a  design from Drawn Thread  I stitched this way back in 1/8/14, I sure am slow at finishing, I hope to get all my finished stitching constructed or framed soon

This is a Lizzie Kate which was a gift to me, I love this Verse, I am gifting this to the Priest at our Church, he is leaving us next month

I need to frame it, I want to have it professionally  framed as soon as Joann's can take me, soon I hope

This is the pin pillow which i will save for myself, I just need to add the beads on the strawberry's 

I am excited to show you what I won over at Donna's blog site, https://cardsbydruth.blogspot.com
Stop on over and see what Donna is up to, I hope to start stitching this one this week, i want to make two for the candle holders for Christmas on one of my tables

It is very gloomy today, cloudy and rainy, it is a good day to do some stitching and finishing., I plan on starting the fully finished on the Blue Ribbon Design with the beautiful Peacock set I stitched.
I hope you all are soon back to normal in your states.
Have a beautiful weekend