Sunday, April 5, 2020

Some Finishing

Hello Dear Friends: I have been very busy, I volunteer at the local food shelf here in Annandale, Mn.
We have many new clients which brakes my heart, many of them I know, we have cried when they see me I am the one they come to for the fresh items, they have told me they are so embarrassed, I tell them that if it were me on the other side of the barrier I am sure they would feel the same way sad but willing to help.
We are not able to come in contact with each other it is a very good system that the directors have come up with, I work with the best teams, from the couple who pick up food at the local grocery store to the guys who pick up at Target and Walmart, these are some amazing people.
There are only a hand full of us who are able to work, many of our volunteers have underlying health issues.

Now on to the thigs I have been doing, we redid the cabinets and vanities in the main bath, it is so fresh and pretty.

now some stitching, I did finish my  Blue Ribbon Designs  My Precious Treasures, I am not making the satin bag that is in the pattern, I want to put everything in a round shaker box.

I did finish constructing my Class project from last August Needlework Guild Retreat.

This is the pin cushion I created, it was not a part of the design, I made a mistake so turned it into a pin cushion.

This is the inside of the needlebook, I did make a change here also, I wanted to put my own mark on this little design.

The inside of the box with the pin cushion, it was to have an my initials  on there, I like the button better.

 , This is the outside of the needlebook (not sure why it looks wrinkled, maybe because of the light.

This is the front side of the needlebook, again I used a pearl button, these   buttons came from Hobby Lobby

One side of the scissor fob, I love how small it is, so dainty and small, I did my own twisted cord, I cannot believe how well it turned out, the last cord I made it looked like a mess.

This is the box top, I love this design so much, however this will be given to one of my nieces, that is one reason I do not put initials on some of my stitched deigns.

I do have more to share but do not want to make this a day long read.
Please stay healthy, I read where the rate of domestics has risen, not just spouses but children with their parents and siblings, soon this will be in the past and we can get back to normal.


Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

What A Month

Hello to all my followers: Thank-you to all who have been concerned as to how I am doing.
I have good news and bad news first the bad, I have what is called madelungs  malformation, I was born with this problem, I knew all my life I had something but was never diagnosed with it.
I do not have arthritis, thankfully, the bad news is also I will not be able to have surgery to repair the problem, if I do I will not be able to bend my wrist backward or forward, not even to the side.
The good news is I am back to stitching, the therapy heled immensely, it was determined I had pull something in my wrist/for-arm.
I will be posting photos of the little bit of stitching I have been able to do this week.
I want to be able to get good photos before doing so.
In this time of the Covid19 I wish for all to stay healthy, please pray and hope for this devastating  illness to just go away.
I cannot believe the shelves and coolers/freezers  are empty, I just wanted to buy a gallon of milk, I learned that people are buying milk and other dairy products and freezing them, it is very scary to hear this.
It is a time when we all need to pull through and support each other spiritually.
I hope you all are well and having a beautiful week.

I will be back

Monday, February 17, 2020

It Has Been A Couple Of Weeks

Thank-you to all for your well wish's, I am slowly training myself to do things with my left hand, it is getting easier everyday, I am stitching and sewing with my left hand as my prominent hand for now, it was not easy at first.
I did get some stitching done, I had hoped to have this finished so I could start on my SAL with Donna over at I really like this design,  I hope to have it started beforte spring ( not sure why my letters are now slanted)
I did get some stitching done on My Precious Treasures from Blue Ribbon Designs, I totally love this design  here is where I am
  This is the scissor pocket, I need to add my name  and a few words, I really love this peacock.

I have been slowly stitching for our church, I have made Alter Cloths, added new lace to existing Alter Cloths and will be embroidering size letter to the Albs the Alter Servers use during Mass.
I have been trying to bead which is a little challenging sometimes, my wrist gets very sore, I do not want to take pain pills so try to use just Tylenol, it takes about 3/4 of the pain away.

I did do some finishing, not very good because of my wrist but still did get it done.

This is the Needle-roll, not what I was wishing it to look like but it is what it is for now.

This is the pin cushion, I made it a bit smaller then the actual size, I wanted a bit of a smaller because it looked to large for the bag.

I added the fabric on top due to I thought it looked a little plain with just the ribbon closer.

I found a great place to by the ribbon seam binding  on Etsy, her shop name is  MyScrapCabinShop, please just take a look you may find something you need or cannot live without, I did. 
Her name is Erin, she really is not expensive, at least I think she is selling for a very good price, the ribbon is crinkled and so many colors to choose from, each hank has lots of ribbon.

It is time for bed I am tired, yesterday I spent the day with my Sister in law she is so sweet and fun to be with, we just click.
I hope you all are not having bad weather like in Mississippi, it is so sad about the floods.
Be safe have a wonderful week.
Thank-you for visiting


Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Hello To All

Hello to my new followers,  Sally and Capecodgirl, Sondra, Monica and all the wonderful followers I have had for a while.
I do not have your emails to send thank-you's or to follow you so if you would be so kind to email me your blog site and email I will follow you in return
It has been a trying last 7 months for me personally, I am not going to blab on long about this, I will be stitching as much as possible, you see I injured my wrist last August while walking my 50 pound dog, since then I have a very severe and I mean severe case of arthritis.
It is extremely painful, I can only stitch for a very short period, I am going to have to hire someone to vacuum for me and mop floors, I need surgery and hope to get that done within the next month, cast for 3-8 weeks ugh.
I have done some stitching in the last week and as half, slow but for sure getting some done.
I will post a photo this evening.


Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Just a Little Progress

Thank-you to all who follow me and thank-you from my heart for your comments, I really look forward to reading them.
  I am feeling so good health wise, it is amazing how a sickness can keep you down for so long.

I have to ask a question, how many of us are sick of stupid commercials on TV? I just viewed the ad for progressive insurance, what is the matter with these companies? do they really think we are idiots? just asking!!!

Blue Ribbon Designs has some very sweet designs, this one really caught my eye, I just had to stitch it.

I am so happy with my progress, this is such a pretty design, I am not a big fan of purple but this one is so pretty. This is the box top,  have a round Shaker Box for this.

This is the needlebook back, I hope to finish this by Sunday.
It is warming up here in the upper 30s today with the great possibility of rain snow mix then cold again this evening, I am so happy to be retired.
Have a beautiful day.


Tuesday, January 14, 2020

A New Old Blogger Is Back

Greetings to my fav people in the world:  I have found a Blogger who is back, she only has 5 followers and I hope you are kind enough to start following her, she has many lovely designs she is working on.
Check her out you will enjoy seeing what she is working on.
I will post an update on my stitching tomorrow.


Wednesday, January 8, 2020

A Full Finish Times Two

Thank-you for all your lovely comments and well wish's, I am feeling better, doing laundry, a little cleaning and stitching.
I was able to find a suitable frame for my Owls, I love this design, I may have to do another and change to colors for a friend.
The photo looks like it is crooked and wrinkled, it is not, the camera is playing ricks on me.
I won this pattern from Lynn over at please stop over and see her new Kat pattern.

Up next is a small finish, I will show all the finished pieces after I get the lace I need for the pin  pillow, which will hopefully be Friday or Saturday.
The pattern is from the Berry's & Bloom's design.
I used a thread keeper for the base, it was one I bought when I was in Madison Wisconsin for Betsy Morgans class last summer, I felt it fit perfect for the base.

I have done some stitching on my Blue Ribbon Design, I am so happy to have needle fabric and thread in my hand, this is my progress this week, I even matched up the circle all stitches met.

This is a side view of the lap/table top frame I have wanted for so long, it truly is a treat to have, I recieved this for Christmas from Mike.

I will be doing some more finishing this week, I found a basket I put away a long time ago, it has many items in it to be framed or whatever.
It is time to start dinner, I hope you are all feeling well, to all our dear friends from Australia, Our thoughts and prayers are with you in this devastating time.

God Bless

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Check Out LindaLees Blog

Happy New Year My dear followers: I am down with norovirus, it sucks to be sick, I tried to stitch last evening had to rip all I put in, that really sucks.
Please visit LindaLee @ she is at 99 people trying for 100, come on everyone this Blogland is the best place to meet stitcher's, she will have a giveaway when she reaches 100 followers, maybe it will be one of you.
I will post some constructed stitching this week when I feel better.

Have a love weekend

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Happy New Year 2020

This is my last post for 2020, just imagine how time fly's, it is amazing when I look back to the day I started stitching and the day many years later when I started this blog.
I have been Blessed with many friends, I am a very lucky Lady, to all my dear followers thank-you for sticking with me.

I did get a great gift from my husband for Christmas, it is something I have wanted for ages, it is a Kays Creation frame stand, it can also hold Q-snap frames, I can use it on my lap or table top, I am excited to use it.

And looky there my big fat duck feet showing, if you comment about my feet be kind, giggles

I have been doing some stitching, I started a Bee Pincushion by SubRosa .

Sorry about the dark photo not sure why it came out that way. she has some lovely designs for sale, I have done a few of her designs.

My new start last evening is  a  Blue Ribbon Design, it is My Precious Treasures, I love the colors in this design and the design.

We have had lots of snow, today is cold but with the beautiful sun shining I do not mind the snow.
Tomorrow is a Holy Day Of Obligation, I will not be able to go I have a runny nose and a bit of a sore throat, I did not get a flu shot this year, I will when I am feeling better.

Happy New Year my dear friends, I hope you are Blessed with good health, prosperty and all the happiness in the world.


Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Merry Christmas To All

Merry Christmas to all my dear followers, thank you for your comments on my previous post.
It has been a very busy Christmas season in our home, I have done some stitching along with alterations and gift making, baking and a nap here and there.
I feel very Blessed to be able to celebrate the Holy Season with family and friends.
I hope those of you who celebrate Christmas have a very Blessed day today.
Last Saturday I was Blessed with a beautiful package from our friend RJ from 

This is so beautiful I love it, thank you RJ it is perfect and the scissors are wonderful, this caddy can carry scissors, pins, a pattern and needles along with threads, it is filled with lavender crushed walnut shells and poly-fill , her construction is perfect.
She also sent along the sweetest pattern from  the Cricket Collection, I would show you but am not sure about copyright, it is a free pattern but do not want to chance getting in trouble.

I love the design she used  Patriotic designs are my favorite designs.
Thank you from my heart.

I did manage to get a couple of finish’s done, one is a pattern from Lynn at it is from her Black Cat Designs, this is Noel, I bought from here shop, she also has a new design out this month check it out.

I also finished stitching the pattern I won from her, I just love this, I need to find the right sized from for it.

I really like the fabric and rick rack, I found the rick rack in the scrap booking section of Crafts Direct.

I do have more to show but will save for another post.
Merry Christmas Happy New Year

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

I Need To Vent

After watching the news the last couple of days I am mad very mad and upset over the fact that a snot nose person could refuse service to two Deputies at a Starbucks.
I am a major fan of Starbucks but am about ready to boycott them.
If a Starbucks needs law enforcement to respond do they think maybe that law enforcement should do like they did refuse service, no all law enforcement will go above and beyond to help people.
It is a total shame that Starbucks that has been around for decades would let this happen.
I am not sure what the training for employees is but Starbucks needs to have a reality check, they should realize that if everyone stopped for one day from buying a coffee or treat from them it would be a financial disaster.
So please forgive me for ranting, I come from a law enforcement family, I honor and love all who get up everyday in hot cold and horrible weather to make sure I am safe each day, if I need an officer they come without hesitation.
God Bless Them All.


Saturday, December 14, 2019

By The Bay Givaway

Hello Everyone: Just think two posts from me in less then 24 hours.
I want to let you know that Donna Bayless is having a great giveaway a big one in her ETSY Shop
Please stop over and visit her Blog and ETSY Shop, you may find something you really need.

Merry Christmas

Friday, December 13, 2019

I Am So Busy

Hello to all my faithful followers and the occasional follower.
Monica: I noticed you as a new follower, please email me your blog address so I may follow you, the same to all others who I do not have your blog address.
So sorry I have not sent emails thanking you for stopping by, I have been very busy.
It is a very busy time here in the Laurent household, I was busy with the Christ Child Luncheon, baking (still baking now for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day) snow removal, visiting and of course stitching.
I am this day working on a couple of side Alters for Mary and Joseph Alters, the lace was old and  the fabric needed help.
I am also sewing a new Credence Table Cover, so much to do beside laundry for Church, I love it.
I do have a couple of finished items to show, they were stitched a while ago.

This is a With Thy Needle Thy Needle & Thread design, the frame is very small inside of hoop is three inch's across, I used a pomp pom trim I received as a gift.

This is a Just Nan design  I am not sure of the name because I could not find the pattern, I may have donated it.

This is a piece that was started by someone at Needlework Guild, they put it in the stash relocation pile, I then took it home and finished it into a coaster, I will try and not spill coffee on it.

 This is what I am looking at today light snow falling, my Dear Barbara in Florida: if I could  send you snow I would but the weather man down there may not like me for doing so.

I have started stitching the Pope John Paul design, it is a challenge, I am not a fan of colored charts, I am going to give this to mike for his birthday next year.
I will be starting on my By The Bay design this weekend, that means I will have two projects going at once, not sure how I will do I am a one at a time girl.
Check out the SAL at By The Bay plus Donna is having a giveaway in her Etsy shop, stop over and see what she has going on.

DMC has a boat load of free designs to download, you may have to fidget with  t downloads a bit but there are a few really cute Christmas designs that stitch up fast.
It is time to start dinner.
Thank you for stopping by.

Merry Christmas To All who Celebrate Christmas

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Saturday, November 30, 2019

The Christmas Season Is Here

I wanted to show you my background and header photo, if its too busy please let me know.
Both items were found on Pinterest.

Have a wonderful weekend

Monday, November 25, 2019

A New SAL From By The Bay

I am participating in a SAL that Donna at By The Bay is doing, it is called Seasons.
I never have two projects going at once we will see how this works out for my nerves.
This is the first section, I love the looks of this so much, Donna is a very creative Lady she not only does cross stitch but other things, please check her out.

I did finish the Preserve Liberty I will post a photo soon.
It is coming the snow is we are supposed to get between 6&8 inch's, lucky for us we have a new big snowblower, the last one we gave to our young neighbors it was 15 years old, Mike did not want to sell it do to its age, we would feel bad if we took money and it broke down after they use it once or after this snow season is over next year.
We are taking our families out for Thanksgiving, this way we can all go home and take naps, no one stay for hours or goes home at midnight, plus no cooking,

Have a Beautiful

Saturday, November 23, 2019

I Have Been Very Busy

Happy Thanksgiving To all who celebrate Turkey day.
I have been very busy I have been volunteering more of late, my number one place to volunteer is at Curch, I have taken on several duties along with Funeral Cahir with two other ladies, sewing of Creedence Table, Alter Cloths for side Alters, repair of Albs and  any other sewing that is needed.
I am also washing once a week the Purificator's and Corporals for the main Alter, I am also going to be color coordinating the Albs into sizes so the Alter service just need to look for the color marking in their size.
I have been stitching while getting ready for the Holidays, it seems the days are just melting away.
I stitched this cat from a SAL from, I chose these colors because they made me smile, this will be a flatfold.

I also have been working on a started design from Chessie & Me, this was in the detash pile at Needlework Guild in August, I have this thug about finishing UFO's especially if they are givaway's, I di really like this design, I plan on having it framed soon, I do like Joann's coupons for framing.
This is Preserve Liberty 

This is where it was when I found it in the de-stash pile, below is where I was last Monday, i will show a finished piece on my next post.

I did manage to get a couple of things constructed, One is from a blackbird designs class, I really like how the box came out.

This is a small round pillow I did not know what to do with, I went through my finished designs and found this one that was an exchange from Shelly who lives in New Zealand, way back in 2014, I love this sweet design and the finish, it will go in my wooden bowl with other smalls for Christmas.

I was able to order the Inspirations Book that is authored by Betsy Morgan, she is an amazing designer, Betsy said she will be retiring very soon.
This is a beautifully illustrated book, a bit spendy but well worth the money.

These are just a few of the beautiful designs in this book.

I hope you all are having a great week and getting stitching done for the Christmas Season.