Saturday, October 1, 2022

Just A Little Stitching & Finishing

 Hello my dear Friends: It has been a rocky month here in the Laurent home but still livable one.

I have done some stitching and finishing and hope to get more finishing done, I have so many projects from years ago that are sitting in a pile in my sewing room waiting to be constructed or framed, I am so behind.

 This is my Patrick's Woods needle roll which I finished stitching now I need to finish the rest of the pieces that go along with it.

This is the fob that is attached to the roll-up ribbon
I will finish stitching this tonight

This is the roll-up; it is a lot smaller than I expected

I hope to have all of the design finished and constructed next week

I was able to construct the Pin keep and scissor fob and hope to get the rest of the set finished this week
This is from Brenda Gervais's Valentine Sampler
I need to get coordinating fabric to finish the rest of the pieces

          I added the glass heart and ribbons I thought it was a little bare without something added
I need to add the ribbon for the scissor fob, I did do a stuffing instead of a cardboard finish on the fob

I did finish constructing this design, I am not sure when I stitched it or the designer

As I was going through my ribbon and trim drawer I found this package from JC Penny's, I remember when Sears Robuck and Co along with JC Penny's sold fabric, ahhh the good old days are greatly missed

Just think 13 cents for trim was a lot of coin way back when

Just a few cartoons to make you smile

It is gloomy and sprinkling today, we have a pig roast/birthday party to go to this evening, it is only 65 degrees and a little windy brrrr
My dear friends in Florida and the east coast I am sending thoughts and prayers your way for a speedy recovery after the storms hit your area


Tuesday, September 20, 2022

My Bee Pillow Is Finished

 Greetings top all my lovely followers, thank-you for your kind comments.

I was able to get the pillow constructed and filled, I love the look, I love bees am not afraid of them and welcome them into my yard but not on me.

This is a lovely Jardin Prive design.

I started working on my Patrick's Woods, I hope to have it finished by Sunday and then work on the accessories, I did change the colonial knots to French knots, I am not a fan of either but like the French knot better

I was so busy with getting things sewn and beaded for the Church Festival store, which was a success, it was on Sunday with a chicken dinner brats' dogs and hamburgers, I was the chicken girl and worked with three amazing people filling orders.
Mike is doing a little better and we hope he is back on track with his health, after the injection on his back one more time, we hope this helps give him relief it did for a short time, nest is surgery,
Have an amazing week of stitching sewing beading and any other craft you do.

Monday, September 12, 2022

Some Stitching Finally

 I stitched on my Jardin Prive square pillow now to construct it, hopefully to finish today.

I really like how fresh and pretty this looks on white, not being a person who like to stitched on white I am hooked

This is my ORT jar, there once was a candle in this jar, I liked it so much I cleaned it out after candle was spent.

This is my favorite way to keep threads with a kitted-up design, I love the rings to hold the threads, this                                                   was sent in an exchange from Kim in Iowa

           This one is an exchange I did back in 2014, Michelle from United Kingdom sent this to me

Today is laundry day and cleaning bathrooms, I hope to be stitching in the afternoon and some beading crystal balls for our Church Festival this coming Sunday, we have a table that sells handmade items I will be adding some stitched items and hand towels.
I will also be working on a table cover for funerals, that will be the table holding the Urns with ashes.
Have a wonderful day it will be a little cooler this week but not too bad, 70s is cool for me.

Gods Blessings

Thursday, September 8, 2022

I Am Sad by England's Loss

 Rest in Peace beautiful Lady, I am so sad for England's loss.

Queen Elizabeth was an amazing Lady who served her Country well.


Queen Elizabeth

                                        Queen Elizabeth many Prayers are being said for you

                                                      An extraordinary woman for sure

                                              Such beauty from this Lady inside and out


Thursday, September 1, 2022

I Have Been Busy

 Hello everyone: I am sad to say that it has been a long two months, many things going on and loads of sewing and orders for beaded crystal balls.

I am working on basket donations and beaded crystal balls for our Church Festival, I have done some stitching.

                                                                      First Up

   I completed the stitching for the class Stitchville USA Spring Fling  had via Zoom did back in 2020

                                    1787 Sampler Smalls and an Ort Jar by Erica Michaels

                   They really are pretty when constructed which I will be working on this weekend

                                                            I really like the ORTS Jar

Nest is a freebie I got from the stash reallocation in 2019 at Needlework Guild Retreat

I will be having this framed and give to a friend for Christmas
I do not work on 14 count but felt this fit the design 

This is a design I bought on the net it is a PDF this is called a square of Bee's so I cannot show you a full photo of the pattern 

This is a Design from Natalie CICHON Jardin Prive
I will stitch the sides this weekend hopefully

I will be starting a design Patrick's Woods A Pennsylvania Pincushion Rollup
I have had this pattern for a few years again another one from stash reallocation at needlework Guild Retreat
I like the brown fabric which was in my stash cabinet for a few years, the count is what I need, and I have some of the threads, I am substituting some colors

As many of you know Mike has some health issues, we are working on getting him surgery for his back lined up and now nurse's want to strike which will put his surgery off, please Pray he has less pain until his surgery, he is hurting so much.

As many of you know I have not commented on your blogs, it is not because I do not want to its just that Google ask for me to sign in and then will not let me sign in, not sure what is happening. 
I read all blogs and comment when google will let me.
Have a wonderful week, soon the snow will be flying here in Minnesota, maybe it's time to move south

God's Blessing's to you all

Friday, July 22, 2022

Some Stitching and News

                                   Greetings to all my followers new and my faithful followers

It has been a trying summer so far, Mike had three stents put in this past Wednesday, he had a mild heart attack on Memorial Day weekend, thank-you for all your prayers and well wish's, thank-you from our hearts.

Many outdoor things were up to me which I will not complain about, Mike never lets me mow the lawn and this in one thing I am able to do for him and enjoy.

I have had time to stitch in-between sewing and doing laundry for Church, I am also doing Eucharistic Adoration at least four times a month.

So this is a class project that Stitchville USA did by Zoom in 2020, however I do not have a web camara and cannot do Zoom, I was able to figure it out on my own.

                                                          I am really enjoying this design

This is the ruler done on silk gauge
(not sure why it is looking bumpy in the photo)


I bought some wood items from a very sweet man in the Ukraine, some of the money he raises from selling these items go to help fight for their freedoms that are being taken from them by Russia.
He is on Etsy WonderlandUkraine is his site, he also has cross stitch designs for sale and a few other items, please stop by and visit his site.
                                       This is a needle minder, it is so well made and beautiful

This is the scissor case, I so love this item, it is beautiful

The little mushroom in the case will have beads added to it and made into a scissor fob
                                                                 His work is amazing 

                       This is the beaded wood piece I did last month, I am thinking I will make                                                                                      this into an ornament for my tree

     This is an ornamental bird house, and a woodpecker is trying to make it his/her home, so cute, he                                                      is pecking away at making the hole larger

The temps here have been in the upper 80s and low to mid 90s with very little humidity which makes it easy to sit outdoors, I have to stay out of the sun due to skin cancer on my hand, I enjoy the shade as       much as the sun.
I hope you all are having great weather and getting loads of stitching done, until next time.