Saturday, June 15, 2019

Found A new To Blog Blogger

I found the cutest lady bug pattern, it is from a new blogger, hop on over and see what she is about
I hope you all are having a great day.


Friday, June 14, 2019

A Little Bad News And Some Stitching

Thank-you to all my followers for your comments and visits I truly enjoy them.

I had a bad day on Tuesday, we were on our way home from a late lunch early dinner and bam a guy hits a deer coming from the other direction it bounced off his car and landed on ours I was driving, I am not sure why but I did not get shook up like Mike did, it is amazing I kept my cool.
The deer was so big, I used to hunt, this was the largest deer I have ever seen, he did get up after a while and run away.

Now I have been doing some stitching, in between painting working on the back deck and other things that need repair and stuff that needs to be done outside.

I finished stitching my Scattered Seed Needleroll, I am working on the inside and will finish it this evening and construct it tomorrow.

I love this needleroll.

This is the inside of the needleroll I just need to ad the other two needle sizes, then I can construct it.

 Now if you enlarge this photo you will see a line in the fabric, well being the airhead that I am, I started at the wrong end when I put it on the frame and started on the long end of fabric, however I was not going to start over, I have done this before, so I added  linen on the bottom, I will iron it flat and hope it does not show, I  have done this before it has work out just fine.
So sorry it is not ironed I wanted to get a post in today.

I did do some construction on my Jeanette Douglas Class piece from last year.

I plan on staining the inside of the box, I am getting excited to get this one done, I hope to enter it in the county fair and maybe the state fair.

I will be working on the other pieces of this set, they are all stitched but need construction..

I received the second piece of the Scattered Seeds Sampler (there are four projects)
Tammy does such a lovely job creating these designs. take a stroll over to her site.

Well Mike is making steaks with mushrooms and onions this evening, I am hungry.
I hope you are having a great week, i hope your weekend is a beautiful one with lots of fun things planned.
Thank-you for stopping by.


Thursday, June 13, 2019

Just A Request

Would you mind if I asked to have you stop over to Anorina's blog, read and vote for her quilting projects?
I would love I would love for her to win
Thank-you from my heart.
I will be posting an update tomorrow some good things and bad.


Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Just A Little Beading

Hello Dear Friends: Thank-you for stopping by reading my Blog and leaving comments.
I have a few new followers, I do not have your Blog address or a way to follow you, if you could please leave a comment with the blog address where I can find you and comment on your Blogs.
Thank-you to all who read and do not comment.
I have been beading and stitching, I will show a photo of my stitching on my next post.
I made the beaded needle-case's, they will be trading gifts for retreat in August.
I like the black one the best, I played around with colors a bit as you can see, they are big enough to hold needlepoint needles, I bought them at Potomac Bead on the net, they have many videos and have lots of sales of beads and charms, check them out sometime.
After watching the video once I was able to make the other four without the video, if you are interested in making them the video is called Crystal Needle Case Cover tutorial, there are other beaded needle-case videos on You Tube, I may try them out.

I will be doing a purple one for Sue and a Red White and Blue for LaRue, they are very special people in my life.

Time for coffee and a little lunch
Have a great Day


Monday, June 3, 2019

A Constructed Finish Of My Victoria Sampler Pin Cushion

Hello Dear Friends: Thank-you all for visiting my Blog on my last post and commenting.
I am excited to say I finally spent yesterday afternoon constructing the Victoria Sampler Pin Cushion, Needlebook and Needle Emery, I like it but still like the first on I did.
The first one has specialty stitch's and different finishing on the needle book.

So sorry about the weird photo, the sun was not out when I took this photo, this is the one from Victoria Sampler Spring Fling retreat, put on by Stitchville USA a couple years ago.

This is the Strawberry Pin Cushion, it is not as intricate as the first on, I am thinking of putting ribbons on the needle book to match the above needle-book, but using red instead of green ribbons,
What do you think?

This is the top of the Strawberry Pin Cushion as you can see, just rather plain but I love it.

See the ribbon embroidery and specialty stitche's on the first one I made, I love this Pin Cushion.

I  am joining Jo over at for:

The Peoples Choice is Mermaids this month, please link over to her Blog, she has some amazing Mermaids to show you.

My One and only Mermaid I have stitched is from Blackbird Designs

I do have some photos from Pinterest to show you, they are not mine but still very nice designs.

I hope your week is going well, I will be posting another constructed design maybe tonight or tomorrow.


Monday, May 27, 2019

I Never Knew What I was Getting Into With Blogger

I want to tell you how I feel about Blogland.
Back in 2009 when I started my Blog I was not clear on what I was doing, my first post I had a very negative comment, I deleted her comment because it was so rude, she said jeez girl can you not do something about your blog its so blah, I kid you not.
I decided to give it another try with another post a while later, again there she was with a negative comment, can't you post more often, again I deleted the comment.
As you can see in 2019 I did not give up, I learned how to block her yahoo.
I did not get many comments for years, I never gave up.
My point that I want to make is that this is an amazing site, I have met the most fantastic people here, even if we have never met in person I feel like we have been friends for ages, the people here are so generous and kind, sweet and concerned with what is going on in our lives, I feel so Blessed to be apart of this Site.
Thank-you to all who stop by and to all the comments and even the people that just read my Blog, you are the best.

I want to show you what I won over at Barbara made this beautiful thread holder, I love it, I will be using it, thank-you Barbara.
It is adorable, this looks like my Cat Blondie.

I Found this in the mail from Gracie over at:
Gracie sent this fabulous book of beaded bug patterns, I love beaded bugs, then as you know I have mentioned in the past how I love note pads, I have almost used up my last pad, this is perfect timing,
and a beautiful project bag, I love Cacti, I used to have many plants until my cat decided they tasted good even with the needles, maybe someday I will have cacti again, thank-you Gracie I just love my gifts. The bag will hold my thread holders and threads and needles.

Both Barbara and Gracie are very sweet and generous Ladies, thank-you again from my heart.

Saturday I went to Lunds/Byerly's grocery store, they have a community room and many great ladies get together to stitch for the day, we can get lunch there and not miss much stitching and enjoying each others company.
I worked on a Scattered Seed Sampler Fruit Of The Vine Needle Roll, my progress so far, I did do the tail in a lighter color just for effect, I will also be adding the wing outline cross stitch's on top of  stitched gray, again for a different effect.
I hope to have this done by Saturday.

Well it is time for dinner I hope your weekend was a good one rain here today hopefully warmer tomorrow and some sun.
Thank-you for taking the time to stop by and leave a comment or just a visit.
Thank-you to the people who leave comments but have no email address.


Monday, May 20, 2019

Some Finish’s And A Start

I did finish my class project from Blackbird Designs back in April, I just love this, I will construct it on Wednesday or Thursday.


This is the pin keep and box top! I love the shuttle colors of this design, some pinks I wish were a little more prominent.

I just love the. Bluebird 

The above is the Victoria Sampler Pin Cushion Top, I love the beads as flowers.

The above is the Needle Needle Emery and Pinkeep.

Below is the project I am working on now it is a design from Tammy Black Scattered Seed Samplers, I am loving this so much, Tammy does amazing designs.

Mike has pneumonia, he thought he had it licked, he was on anti-biotics for ten days, however he in not one to stay still, he just had to take down more branch's and do yard work, this made it worse, today he went to the doctor, now its steroids and a stronger anti-biotic, he never listens to me, I guess that's how some men are, they just do not listen.
So this evening it baked chicken for the high protein content to help him get better.
It is sunny today and just beautiful to sit out and read and stitch, however rain begins again tomorrow, ugh.
I hope your week is going well, thank-you for your beautiful comments about the photo of my Mother and myself, that was taken about 20 years ago, I have aged by now as you can guess, oh well its life, I am still alive and stitching beading and enjoying what I have.

To You All

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Happy Mothers Day

I am not a mom to humans but a mom to Krissy and Blondie.
Happy Mother's day to all the Moms.

Happy Mothers Day Mom, I miss you so much.


Saturday, May 11, 2019

DIY Reusable Tea Bags

I just had to post this for all us tea lovers this is a great idea. Enjoy the video.
Please make sure you prewash your fabric.


Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Almost Finished Stitching Class Project

Greetings My Dear Friends: I hope today finds you stitching away.

I am almost finished stitching my class project from Spring Fling in April sponsored by Stitchville USA, Deb does an amazing job each year with getting teachers and choosing a beautiful venue for the class.

I finished three of the pieces on Monday evening, I am so excited to be able to get to the finish line and construct the pieces.
This is the Huswif, it will hold needles scissors and threads,  at first I was not sure I liked the colors, the three pinks are so close in color its hard to tell them apart.

                                                               This is the Pin Cushion

                                                                   This is the Box Top

Many of you have written and asked about the scroll rods, I never like scroll rods until I tried the EZ Stitch No Basting System, this is Velcro that is amazing, I have put permanent EZ Stitch on both rods, my stitching stays taught and lets me stitch away after tightening the rods, the stuff is not inexpensive, it is so worth the money especially since I do not have to be crabby when the fabric slips like before EZ Stitch.

If you try this system please remember to pull one thread where you are going to attach the Velcro, this way you get a straight line before attaching the EZ Stitch Velcro.

  If you try this system let me know how it goes and if you like it or not. I love using this method this way I can have one hand under the fabric for the needle and one on top, I get so much more stitching done this way instead of stabbing and pulling the needle with one hand.
( I hope you understood what I have explained)

This is a photo of the back of the fabric with the EZ Stitch on it.

Todays forecast is: Rain and a boatload of stitching after I work on the Alter Cloth for Church.
Happy Stitching my dear friends.


Sunday, May 5, 2019

Jo From Senendipitous Stitching's People's Choice

I have decided to join Jo over at for the May People's Choice this months choice is Flowers, please pop on over to see what Jo has been up to.

My Flower Choice:    

Some of these are very old designs coming out of Cross Stitch And Country Crafts Magazines, I still have a few of the magazines from the 80s and 90s, some beautiful designs were made way back then, not just goose and basket designs.

So sorry about the color of the photos, not sure why the camara was acting up like this.

This basket and rose colored flowers was an exchange from  Sarah, she did a beautiful job on stitching and finishing, it is the Blackbird Design Unicef Of Pinkeep's.

This Biscornu is from Conny,  it is her own design

This was another exchange from:  Conny From Holland, it was part of a Blackbird Designs exchange.

This is a Victoria Sampler  Pin Keep, I made this a few years ago it was from a class retreat.

This was from a Blackbird designs Retreat Friday evening class.

This was a kit I bought from my friend LaRue, I just love the bright color of  Blues.

I did this several years ago I just love the bee's and the Pink Flower, the framing was done by Cindy Johnson who is a master at framing.

This is my newest framed piece, I finished this this winter. This is a Blackbird Design from a class from a couple of years ago ( do you see a pattern with Blackbird and me)

Well that my peoples choice for this month, next month June I believe is going to be Peoples Choice Mermaids, this will be a fun one to see from other stitcher's, stop over to Jo Blog, address link is above.


Thursday, May 2, 2019

A Very Late Update

i am so behind on posting, I have done some stitching every night, I am happy to say I have made some progress on my Blackbird Design Class Project.

I will hopefully have this piece finished by Saturday.
Thank you to all who left comments on my last stitching post, I have emailed thank you to some of you and will send the rest out tomorrow.
Thank you to those of you without emails.


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