Wednesday, June 7, 2023

The Scream Heard In Annandale Minnesota

 Greetings everyone: How about that title? I was working on a project that has the elongated bullion knots, I practiced so many times thought I had it down and then no such luck when working on the design, so, I am going to do a spider web or add a large button to fill in the area.

This is a kit I got from the stash relocation table at retreat last year, it was one of the kits from a fellow Guild member who sadly passed away, she was a wonderful and generous lady, we miss her so much.

This is the Pin Pillow, I love the Spider Web stitch in the corners


I bought this design from The Wishing Thorn, Birgit has so many lovely designs, I am not sure how I                           will finish this on, I stitched it on 28 count unknown fabric with DMC threads.

This is a Lizzie Kate Snippet Merry Ho Ho, I did not add the Merry Ho Ho, I wanted to keep it small to fit in a small frame, maybe.

I also made another Christmas ornament Little House Seasons Greetings 

                       This is such a sweet design, I stitched this on 30 count unknown fabric both Christmas                                                     patterns are from stash relocation at Guild retreat last year

I fully finished the stitch along with Helen D on Youtube
It is a October House Strawberry Faire

I also finished constructing an Easter design I found online not sure of the designer, I stitched it on 32 count unknown fabric, I love this bunny I stitched it last October and constructed it in April after my last post

I have been very busy spring cleaning which comes with doing the woodwork trim dusting, washing windows, wiping down wall to make sure there are no cobweb, I did find one a very small one thankfully, I washed the back deck and the front porch got the summer furniture set out and cleaned them, planted lots of flower pots along with the other things in my gardens
Everyday I go out and spray the boxelder babies, it sound cruel but they are a menace here in Annandale, Minnesota, I use Dawn soap and water, it is safe and works so well

I want to thank you all for your Prayers and Blessings on Mikes health, it has been a battle, he is having surgery on his back the end of the month, I hope this helps with some of his pain
I will send out thank-you's this week for your comments on my April post

In my next post I will have a photo for Toki over at
I will also have a photo for Jeremiah who's mother follows me

I feel bad I have not been commenting on your blogs of late, I am going to try harder to leave comments more often

Have a wonderful day


Saturday, April 29, 2023

Lots Of Stitching

 Greetings to all my lovely followers, I have sent thank-you's to those of you that have emails, to a few that have no emails, thank-you all from my heart for visiting and commenting

I have been able to get in some stitching and reading which makes me very happy.

I had to rip out one quarter of the left side of the Blue Ribbon Design Hayride Happenings by Belinda has a great site with stitching sewing and quilting, please visit her site.

I used a Natural linen 28 count with the called for DMC thread 
this is from the Just Cross Stitch 10/2018 magazine

I finished stitching the Swan Lake by Blackbird Designs Anniversary Of The Heart series I used a unknown fabric from stash and a variety of threads from Gentle Arts
I did remove the A and put in a heart at the top
I am not one for putting dates in stitching form on my stitching very often

I am working on Woodland Walk Sampler from Wishing Thorn
I am using a 32 count Belfast Linen and the called for DMC threads, I love this design.

It is finally spring here but a bit chilly I will take the chilly weather over the sub-zero temps.
I plan on having a finishing day tomorrow after Mass and lunch with friends, we meet once a month and go to Mass in a small town called Watkins here in Minnesota, a very quiet and charming place with a very old-fashioned Catholic Church
Have a wonderful week stitching and please visit my other followers


Friday, April 21, 2023

Some Snow and Some Stitching

 Hello my dear Friends: Thank-you for your kind and thoughtful comments, I will be sending out thank-you tomorrow.

  I have finished stitching another design, I did switch it up a bit, i did not want it to be the same as the        pillow, this will be a stand-up triangle tree I just need to add the star ornament on top, stuff and enjoy

 I also started another design it is from a magazine Just Cross Stitch October 2018, the design is a Hayride Happenings by Blue Ribbon Designs, I love Belindas designs and had this in my stash for so                   long, it really is a pretty design, I am stitching it on an unknown fabric on 28 count

So sorry about the wrinkles, I am loving the owl

I was surfing and found a site that had a design that was so sweet

The designer is the Wishing Thorn
She has some beautiful designs some Samplers that are positively beautiful, please stop by and take a look, I am stitching this on 32 count unknown fabric using DMC threads

I did finish Blackbird Designs Swan Lake but forgot to post a photo, I will do so on my next post by then it should be framed.

I found an adorable design from Just Another Button Company, it is part of the Just Desserts Club, I need to dedicate a day to just constructing the Pin Lovers Just Desserts kits one day soon, this Bunny Cupcake is so adorable.

Today I worked at the food shelf, it is such a pleasure working with the other volunteers, we have so much fun, the lady that does the computer entering loves M&M's I bought her a bag and told her that the Easter Bunny could not fin her house and asked me to drop it off, she was delighted to get them, we have a ball there .
It has been snowing and raining and hopefully the sun will shine tomorrow, so many around us have flooded basement or wet basements, we had double tile put around our home with lots of pea rock and sand, our sump pump has never gone off in the 21 years we have lived here, I feel Blessed.

I hope you all have a wonderful week filled with family friends and stitching 
Gods Blessings to you all


Monday, April 17, 2023

Snow and Stitching

Thank-you to all my faithful followers, thank-you from my heart for your lovely comments.

I have done some stitching, some spring cleaning, and lots of not so happy moments this weekend, we has six plus inch's of snow I say six Michael says plus, I long to sit out on the front porch with my coffee and book, we had two days of 80 degrees last week melted the five feet of snow on the lawn.

Deck from the kitchen

deck from the bedroom

Now for some stitching, I have been a little busy working on the  Swan Anniversary of the Heart from Blackbird designs, I hope to have it finished tonight.

I also did some constructions on a few items first is A Study In Blue
I love this design and the finishing, I worked on it in 2022 and finished stitching in November 

I used a bunch of leftover Weeks threads with some Gentle Arts Thread colors I stitched this and finished

The Biscornu is small enough to use on my pinking shears

I really like this design and finish I stitched and finished in February 2023 

I also finished a Kitty and me design, into an ornament, it was a freebie from Pamela at
I finished stitching this in February 2023 

The next finish is a Brenda Gervais Easter Parade, I stitched some time back
I am not sure of the fabric on the bottom, I think I should have done a different print
I really love the design, the ribbons are from an Etsy site MyScrapCabinShop, she has so many beautiful colors to choose from you can buy in sets or individual, they are long pieces
I stitched this way back in March 2019, I am so slow at constructing, I have a pile of about 50 items that need constructing

This is my next project, I did this into a pillow many years ago, I will make this one a triangle tree, Liz Mathews (who is Kathy Barricks daughter has some tree designs in standing triangles

Its time for another latte and some reading have a wonderful day
Please Pray that the crime in the USA stops, its so sad how many lives are lost due to crime by gun knife and other means
Have a wonderful stitching week


Sunday, April 9, 2023

Happy Easter

 Happy Blessed Easter to all that celebrate this amazingly beautiful season


Saturday, April 1, 2023

Some Stitching And Lots Of Snow

 Thank-you to all my followers who leave lovely comments, I am so sorry I have not sent thank-you emails, I have been very busy.

 April 1st  is suppose to be spring like it is not, we had lots of bad weather,  we have in the past three days had thunder, lightning very high winds and lots of snow, I am so tired and over winter.

Her are a few photos of the snow Mike had to remove ( I feel so bad for him in his pain) moving snow.

This was a free chart I recieved from Pamela Kellogg, I love the colors, I want to stitch an ornament or                                          two a month, I need to add to my collection of ornaments

                                 It is stitched on 28 count unknown linen using all DMC threads

I started working on Blackbird Designs Swan Lake it is number seven of the Anniversary of the heart                           series, I am using another unknown fabric with DMC called for threads

I will be changing the color of the house, not sure what color I will use just yet on the Valentine Rose                                                                                    design

I will also change the color of the house on Elizabeth Jane, I have to go through my stash to see if I have                                                              the other designs in this series

Up next is Strawberry faire, I did this as a stitch along with Helen D on Flosstube, I did change some of the thread colors, i want to use up many of the leftover threads from past projects, it is a mix of DMC                                                              and Weeks Dye Works Threads

October House has a new design out to be a companion with this one

I have been very busy with stitching for Church's again, I have large Alter cloth I made but forgot to take a photo, I have to tweak it a bit today which I will do at Church before Mass this evening, I will get a                                                       photo then and share on my next post
Please Pray for all the people devastated in the storms and tornados down south, I emailed Lynda Ruth                                    last week, please Pray for her healing, she said she will post soon

                                                              Happy Blessed Spring

Thursday, March 2, 2023

Happy Soon To Be Spring (I hope)

Greetings to all the beautiful people in Blogland: Thank-you from my heart for hanging in there with me and all the health problems Mike is having and your Prayers and well wish's.

It has been a harsh winter here in our front yard we have three feet of snow, I hope and pray it does not all melt at the same time.

I have been working on fliers for our Church women's group for our Spring Luncheon, I have been stitching on hand towels for drawings, many of the women bring something they have made for the drawings, there is usually 350 people who come to the Spring Luncheon, for a small town that is a load of people. I would like to do eleven more before next Friday.

I have also been working on Strawberry Faire with Helen D she is on YouTube/Floss tube, I bought the pattern and fabric from Cobweb corner, both ladies are wonderful to watch.
 I have been using leftover silk threads from past projects, the colors are not the same but close (so sorry about the wrinkles) Mike is resting in the recliner, I do not want to bother him to get the iron.

I finished the Mill Hill Santa I just need to glue and back him, I did change a few colors I wanted a bit more blue in his hat 

I did mount the By The Bay 
, I love this Santa, he is so sweet.

I also worked on constructing the exclusive design from Traditional stitches a Jeanette Douglas design, I just need to construct the barrel. 

I have been looking for a good clear glue, I found it in the scrap booking section, it is amazing, you only need to use a little bit and it sticks, someone else told me about this stuff, I love it.

Well, its Thursday afternoon take the dogs out make a latte, relax and do some stitching, I hope all that are in the path of the bad weather in the south and southeast do not have tornados or heavy rains, please stay safe.