Friday, July 17, 2020

Check Out Priscilla's New Free Pattern

Priscilla's has a new free pattern:

Have a great Day

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Some Gifts And 45 Minutes Of Stitching

I am amazed at the generosity of the Blog world, I have seen in Blogland that many of us are gifted lovely items such as the gifts I received from two lovely Ladies.
One is from Sandra Carstairs who I found on Pinterest, she graciously sent me a pair of lovely scissors, some thread I am very anxious to use and a very sweet patter that I hope to stitch by Thursday. Thank you Sandra.

Then on Saturday I received a beautiful beading book from Gracie over at
This is an amazing pattern book, thank you Gracie.

I added just a couple of photos to show you how lovely the beading is.

I have stitched today for only 45 minutes, so much has to be done here, Mike had his eyes dilated, I had to drive him home, his glaucoma is holding steady, he has been taking Focus Select that the Doctor recommended.

I love Tammy’s design, she can be found at

I want to show you my sister in law and great nephew 
feeding a giraffe it was amazing, I also fed the birds in a cage, they tried to eat the crystals off my sandals.

This was fun, I will show a photo of the birds eating my sandals on my next post, my sister in law has to send me the photo.
Be safe have a lovely week.


Saturday, July 4, 2020

Very Busy Here With Some Stitching

Greetings my dear friends, thank-you for all your comments on my last couple of posts, I am so sorry I have not sent out thank-you's by email, it has been very busy with Mikes sister her illness, my sister in law on my side has been ill and all that is going on here at home, it has been very busy here with home improvements, this week we are redoing the railings and steps on the front porch and the side landing, hopefully the weather is good to us.
I am almost finished with my Sea To Shining Sea Sampler, I want to be finished by Monday so I can get it to Joann’s for framing.

The new auto shipment from Scattered Seeds Samplers is beautiful, I am not sure when I will start working on it, I love Tammy’s designs, please check her out. take a look at Tammy’s site she has many beautiful samplers also for sale.
I did win a lovely necklace from her, it came in an adorable box with a sweet card.

Thank you Tammy

I did finish a candle mat which was a pattern I won from Donna over at
Please stop by and say hello.

I was surprised by my wonderful husband with a trip to a fantastic quilt shop that carries some cross stitch fabric and patterns, I did manage to find a few stash items.

I love buttons theses are going to be used for the top of some strawberry pin pillows like the ones in the Blackbird Designs book.

I managed to find a lovely plum Street Sampler new to me design, I am not sure when I will get to it.

I think I e
Will do it on a outer colored fabric

I love this fabric color, not sure what I will use it for just yet, hopefully something will come to mind.

Another Blackbird Design I love, I have done two so far in this series.

This is a lovely booklet with such sweet designs. Do you see a pattern here I guess I love the Blackbird Designs lots.

I hope you all who celebrate the Fourth are having a safe and fun weekend.
Happy Blessed Fourth