Friday, February 8, 2019

A Little Update And Snow

Greetings Friends: Thank-you for all your comments, I have sent email thank-you's to some of you and some do not have emails, thank-you from my heart for your comments, it  mean so much to me.
So this is how far I am on my Blackbird Design,  I did a little stitching last evening and this morning.
I am adding the birth years of myself Mike and our family members, I am not sure what the middle words will be just yet, I need to think about that for a while.

It has been snowing here, today it is minus 8 degrees very cold, it is sunny and very pretty outside, I went to drops some items off at the food shelf, I volunteer there three or four times a month, I love doing so, it makes me feel good to know I am able to help the people who are having a tough time, as I left our housing entrance the roads were so slippery,  glare ice I was only going 20 miles and hour and almost turned my car around in a circle, very scary, I present some snow photos.

The above photo is of snow on the one side of our driveway, the second photo is of the neighbors home, see all the snow up on there roof, I hope it goes away soon.

This photo of my Dear Friends home is adorable even with the snow on the roof, we were over there for coffee and pie yesterday, we are so Blessed to have them as friends, they keep an eye out on our home and we do the same for them, I could not have asked for better friends that are also out Dear Neighbors.

I know the Ground Hog said winter was almost over but come on this snow is crazy. So sorry about the swear word in the cat photo.

This could be my dog this is what she looks like when she does not want to go potty in the cleared spot for her.

And this little bird has it right winter its time to move on, let spring begin, all three photos were found on Pinterest.

I hope things are going your way today and always, thank-you for stopping by and leaving comments.



Linda said...

Nice progress Catherine. That is a whole lot of snow on your neighbors roof. I would be afraid it would collapse. Thanks for the chuckles. Is it okay if I use them on my blog?


Faith... said...

That piece is going to be special since it will be celebrating your family! Black ice always made me nervous and I am glad you were ok. That is to much snow for me and the temperature - YUCK! Stay warm Catherine!

butterfly said...

What lovely stitching , and such a great idea.

Be so carful Catherine in the ice.

What great photos of the snow , and the others made me laugh .

Have a great Weekend.

Marilyn said...

Pretty stitching.
the weather is the same here in WI, too much cold & ice.
I suspect a lot of trees will be damaged this winter. :(
Take care.

StitchThrifty said...

Lovely stitching that will be a treasured piece. Thank you for the funny winter critter images, they made me laugh out loud while drinking my coffee this morning.

Mary said...

Catherine, Oh, that BBD piece is so lovely,your making great progress.
It's terrifying when your car spins out of control...I'm glad you are ok. I don't go out if there is ice on the road. I was stranded a few hours on a road because the ice was so bad and never want to relieve that experience.
You certainly have a lot of snow!! Ours melted except for the huge piles but we will be getting more next week. I'm ready for Spring!! Stay safe and warm, Mary

Sandy said...

The cat photo made me laugh out loud. I would probably be saying that myself if I was in that kind of cold. At least it is sunny. It is much much warmer here, but has been cloudy for weeks on end. I am so ready to see he sun. It came out day before and I promptly marched myself right outside to walk. A little this morning and I am again outside with the doggies. Stay warm!

Vickie said...

Nice stitching Catherine. Do you not use roof rakes for the snow on your roofs? Brian always did on our roof to avoid ice dams in the gutters. That is one nice thing about moving to the apartment above the bakery. All the snow is removed for us! Henry has a place to go potty.

Rita JG said...

Sweet stitching!

Carol said...

Oh, you really are having a hard winter, Catherine! We've gotten away very easy here in western PA... little snow and although it's been cold, nothing like your temps! Hope it warms up soon--in the mean time, enjoy your stitchy time :)

Heritage Hall said...

Many thanks for the chuckle, Catherine...We can use all the winter laughs we can get. So glad you were able to "weather" that drive, even for a good cause, and hope you can avoid going out on the road until it is safe again. Enjoy your beautiful

Kay said...

Beautiful stitching. x

Julie said...

Brrrr its cold where you are, although the snow does look lovely.
Gave me a giggle your little notices.
Pretty stitching

RJ said...

Gorgeous stitch Catherine and you are moving right along. It is soooooooooo cold by you!!!
Stay warm my sweet friend. RJ

Barbara Robert said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
The Liberty Belle said...

Coffee, pie, and fellowship at a friend's house sounds like the perfect day.

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