Thursday, December 2, 2021

Update On Black Phantom Cat

 Merry Christmas: I hope you are having a great Holiday Season to all who celebrate Christmas and Hanukka.

I have an update on Black Phantom, I am loving this design, I also bought the PDF of  Poinsettia Cat, it is so pretty.

I am making progress, with decorating for Christmas, getting baking done and so many other things, I have not stitched much.

Can you see the little needleminder, I found them on Zappy Dots, I think they are wonderful, I also bought one for Poinsettia Cat.

This is my first ornament, I made this a very long time ago, it is one of my favorites. New York Dreamers  White Christmas from the 2015 Just Cross Stitch ornament magazine, I stitched it on 32 count unknown fabric, used a bought trim from Joann's.

I have some news about our little Mikey, he was neutered this week, he is doing better then I could imagine, he still has a lot of spunk, its hard keeping him down, he wants to play all the time even with sutures, they have not ripped out yet.

                                                   I ask you to Pray for the families in Michigan.

                                                             I Wish you all a Happy Holiday



Pamela said...

Your cat cross stitch is coming along nicely! The reindeer ornament is very cute!

Stasi said...

I am not a cat person, but those cats are quite beautiful! Love the reindeer ornament..I'll have to search my JCS issues for that.

butterfly said...

What a beautiful stitched cat love him.

Carol said...

It's so hard to get much stitching done at this busy time of year, isn't it, Catherine? But, your cat is coming along nicely and your ornament finish is darling! Enjoy your day!

Jackie's Stitches said...

Your cat looks fantastic! How awesome to find the perfect needle minder for ti. We haven't started decorating yet. Hopefully soon!

Terri D said...

I love the cats and your deer ornament! Thanks for sharing them!

Sandy said...

The cat is coming along and the poinsettia one will be cute too. I have had a hard time finding stitching time this week as well. It is so sad to think of the school shooting in Michigan. simply heartbreaking

Marilyn said...

Great progress!
That ornament is beautiful.
is Mikey a new pet?

Rita said...

This cat is really cute!

Katie said...

Beautiful work on your cat. Love the colors in the poinsettia one. Oh what a lovely ornament. Glad to her your furbaby is doing good. Our puppy did great with his too. Sometimes it just doesn't bother them I guess.

Astrids dragon said...

Both of those cats are lovely, the Poinsettia one is so pretty in pink!
Your first ornament is very sweet, what a treasure.