Saturday, December 4, 2021

This is Mikey

 We have had Mikey for a little over a year, we used to volunteer at the food shelf here in Annandale, Mn.

Mike has some health issues and had to quit.

We had a lady come in who had the cutest puppies in the car she was selling them for an amount i did not want to pay but we did, he is a joy and a fun little guy.

A few of you have emailed me and Marilyn commented that I should post a picture, I am so happy to do so.

Mikey was named after my late brother Michael, who passed away from lung cancer in 2003, my new nephew Michael's son who he fathered way back 50 years ago, my mother and father were upset but soon realized that it was a good thing.

I had not seen my nephew since he was about five years old, he sent a letter looking for his father, he found me and we had had a wonderful relationship.

When the letter arrived and I started to read it I thought it was my husband Michael who he was asking about, my husband has lived in Japan and the Philippines when he was in the Navy, I just thought my nephew was asking about my husband.

We also named him after a man from the food shelf his name is also Michael, he is an adorable man, and of course we also named him after my husband Michael, hence we have Mikey.

He really needs a haircut, soon he will go see Lorie, she does his hair and nails.

So sorry about the crappy photos, its dark here

                   This is a photo of him when he was about three months old, he is now over a year old

We had a great drive-by Christ Child luncheon, people ordered food and pick-it up yesterday, we made a boat load of money, which will be donated to a few of our favorite charities, was a good will offering, it went well we even had nice weather and beautiful outdoor decorations.

It is snowing a little I hope we do not get a load of snow, it is a bitter cold now, in the low 20s.

I will have another ornament to show tomorrow.

Merry Christmas

Happy Hannukah



Pamela said...

Vey very cute!

Pamela said...

That should be very very cute!

Marilyn said...

Thank you for sharing pics of Mikey.
He is too cute!

Stasi said...

Mikey is adorable!!! Sure wish we'd get some colder, December's been in the 60's all week! Ugh!!!

Sandy said...

Mikey is absolutely precious.

Vickie said...

He is SO cute! It is getting colder here also. It is snowing here right now.

Pamela Kellogg said...

Oh he's so cute!!!

Katie said...

Oh what a cutie!! Thanks for sharing.

Astrids dragon said...

OMGoodness, he's adorable! At least you shortened his name so when you're yelling at "someone" they'll know who you're yelling at! But I'm sure there's no misbehaving at your house.

marly said...

Adorable face and I love his name. Sorry you lost your brother, I'm sitting in the hotel room trying to catch up and enjoying your posts.

Faith... said...

So does that make him Michael Jr. many times over? :)

He is a cutie and looks like he could be full of mischief.