Wednesday, December 8, 2021

I Missed a Day Or Two

 I only have a few photos of some decorations I have put out so far, I hope I do not bore you with just photos.

This is a Santa my Mother bought for me many years ago, it is made out of a plastic bleach bottle for the              base,  I would have never bought one but it was a gift from my Mothers heart and I love it

This is a large picture that Michael bought for me at  crafts Direct a few years ago, it has twinkling lites                                                                     which you can not see

This is our new Nativity set we bought this year, from a small Catholic Shop in a small town next to our                                                   town, I have to add a bit of lights and snow

These are some of my Santa collection, I need to put more out this week, I have many and hope they are               all willing to come up from my sewing room where they are out all year for me to enjoy

This is one of our three foot Santas I added the poinsettia light which are about thirty years old, he was a                                little sad looking without them, now he is a happy Santa, giggles

                This is another one of my favorite designs that I stitched, it is a design from

 This is a tree I bought a couple of years ago it uses batterie's, I wish it had  I prefer a cord to batterie's

 This is one of my cooking Santas, I think he is a hoot, he is one off the first Santas Mike bought for me 

         A friend from Church, had her niece make this for me it is large and so very pretty in person

And here is my stitched item for today, I made this way back in the 90's for Michael, it was in Cross                   Stitch & Country Crafts Magazine, not sure of the exact year, they did a series of stockings

This is a Santa I found at a second hand store for 2.00 dollars, I love him, of course Blondie The Cat has                                                          to be in the photo in the background

Well thats enough for today I will be posting again tomorrow, I hope you al are having good health and               good weather, it is very cold here, 2 above when I took the dogs out this morning at 04:00

                                                                Merry Christmas

                                                                  Happy Hanukah



Pamela said...

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at your house.

marly said...

Blondie dyed her hair? Very nice displays, but that jailbird is the cutest!!

Terri D said...

I love your decorations and have a Santa made from a bleach bottle by my mom. Those were the days and I love mine too. Tis the season!! xo

Sandy said...

I really can’t even imagine that kind of cold. I really mean that having lived nowhere but the Deep South. I love the decorations and the Santa’s. I remember those stocking patterns I think. I always wanted to do them but never did:)

butterfly said...

What beautiful Christmas goodies and ornaments .
Thanks for sharing I love to see different countries decorations .
Have a fun week hugs June.

Rita said...

So nice to pick out these ornaments and memories year after year again.

Marilyn said...

Love all of your decorations.
I have a green ceramic tree like your white one, my Mom made it in ceramics class.

Stasi said...

Lovely decorations, Catherine! I have always loved that series of stockings but never stitched them....yours looks great!

Carol said...

Looking so pretty, Catherine! The little ceramic tree reminds me of the green one my mother had. After she died, that was the one thing my middle son wanted :) It's lovely to see it shining in his apartment each Christmas!

marly said...

I like the white ceramic tree and Santas. Fresh! I like it all.

Jackie's Stitches said...

Your home is beautifully decorated!

Faith... said...

I love Mom's Santa head! All your Santa's are lovely. My Mom had a tree like that though it was green and it was corded. The cooking Santa is awesome! Your home looks very festive.

Robin said...

Never bored with your holiday decorations. I love the stories you share for each one of them.

Astrids dragon said...

Sorry I'm late in commenting, you have so many lovely Christmas treasures! The stocking you stitched is gorgeous.