Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Please Visit Magpies Mumblings

 Greetings my dear friends: First of all thank-you to the commenters who do not have an email for me to thank-you for your thoughts and prayers for Michaels healing, thank-you all who comment for all you have done to pray his healing.

I am asking for you to visit  https://magpiesmumblings.blogspot.com Magpies mumblings MaryAnn has entered three quilts they are beautiful, please stop by her post and click on the link to the quilt week and vote, there are so many beautiful quilts, she has a talent which is amazing for turning photos into quilts.

I will be posting tomorrow what I am stitching now that things have quieted down a bit.




gracie said...

Will certainly visit and vote!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

awww - thank you Catherine!! I appreciate the support and thank you to your followers who visit both my blog and the online show. There's lots to see at the show.

Marilyn said...

I visited.
She's has some great posts!
Thanks for the link.