Friday, April 21, 2023

Some Snow and Some Stitching

 Hello my dear Friends: Thank-you for your kind and thoughtful comments, I will be sending out thank-you tomorrow.

  I have finished stitching another design, I did switch it up a bit, i did not want it to be the same as the        pillow, this will be a stand-up triangle tree I just need to add the star ornament on top, stuff and enjoy

 I also started another design it is from a magazine Just Cross Stitch October 2018, the design is a Hayride Happenings by Blue Ribbon Designs, I love Belindas designs and had this in my stash for so                   long, it really is a pretty design, I am stitching it on an unknown fabric on 28 count

So sorry about the wrinkles, I am loving the owl

I was surfing and found a site that had a design that was so sweet

The designer is the Wishing Thorn
She has some beautiful designs some Samplers that are positively beautiful, please stop by and take a look, I am stitching this on 32 count unknown fabric using DMC threads

I did finish Blackbird Designs Swan Lake but forgot to post a photo, I will do so on my next post by then it should be framed.

I found an adorable design from Just Another Button Company, it is part of the Just Desserts Club, I need to dedicate a day to just constructing the Pin Lovers Just Desserts kits one day soon, this Bunny Cupcake is so adorable.

Today I worked at the food shelf, it is such a pleasure working with the other volunteers, we have so much fun, the lady that does the computer entering loves M&M's I bought her a bag and told her that the Easter Bunny could not fin her house and asked me to drop it off, she was delighted to get them, we have a ball there .
It has been snowing and raining and hopefully the sun will shine tomorrow, so many around us have flooded basement or wet basements, we had double tile put around our home with lots of pea rock and sand, our sump pump has never gone off in the 21 years we have lived here, I feel Blessed.

I hope you all have a wonderful week filled with family friends and stitching 
Gods Blessings to you all



Sue said...

Lovely stitching as always Catherine. I do love the pincushions, they're so cute xx

butterfly said...

Wow lovely stitching , you pick some wonderful designs .
Have a great weekend hugs June,

Marilyn said...

Cute projects.
Yes, the Wishing Thorn has some pretty designs.
Those JabCo kits are always so cute.
I hope the snow is gone now, but still too cold for our little Hummies to come back. :(
We have seen some great Waterfowl come back on the river though.

Vickie said...

Those are lovely projects my friend.
Your work at the food pantry is a true blessing to many.

Pink Rose said...

Hi Catherine wow such pretty work ,you have plenty to keep you busy ,how lovely to spoil your friend with the M and M’s 🌹🤍🌹

Magpie's Mumblings said...

You find the sweetest projects! I especially love the bunny cupcake. I cross stitched the corgi ATC and now I'm hankering to do some more but can't decide on a pattern.

Edgar said...

What a cute finish!! ... and a super start... can't wait for Fall :)

Heritage Hall said...

You always do such lovely projects...that Christmas tree is a winner ...
love your M&M story and your dedication to worthy causes. So glad you
have had no water problems and can expect warm, sunshiny days very soon,
Catherine dear.

gracie said...

Love your projects. sending good wishes to you and hubby.

Jackie's Stitches said...

Water in the basement doesn't sound good! I'm glad you are not experiencing that!

Love your Christmas tree ornament! The beads are great. Is there supposed to be something else on the row of bows? Looking at the pattern, the spot in the middle looks to have something inside it. Just love it.

I've been hearing about The Wishing Thorn! I need to look at their patterns!

Stasi said...

Your Christmas tree is so sweet and I love all your other projects. Glad you haven't had any water issues in your basement...hope it continues!

Toki said...

I like the work you choose. The design is classic and cute.
We support your volunteer activities.

Astrids dragon said...

The Christmas tree will be lovely as a stand up tree.
Yay, fall stitching, that will be a cute one.
I hope you make the bunny cupcake pincushion, it's adorable!