Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Happy New Year 2020

This is my last post for 2020, just imagine how time fly's, it is amazing when I look back to the day I started stitching and the day many years later when I started this blog.
I have been Blessed with many friends, I am a very lucky Lady, to all my dear followers thank-you for sticking with me.

I did get a great gift from my husband for Christmas, it is something I have wanted for ages, it is a Kays Creation frame stand, it can also hold Q-snap frames, I can use it on my lap or table top, I am excited to use it.

And looky there my big fat duck feet showing, if you comment about my feet be kind, giggles

I have been doing some stitching, I started a Bee Pincushion by SubRosa .

Sorry about the dark photo not sure why it came out that way.

 http://e-subrosa.blogspot.com she has some lovely designs for sale, I have done a few of her designs.

My new start last evening is  a  Blue Ribbon Design, it is My Precious Treasures, I love the colors in this design and the design.

We have had lots of snow, today is cold but with the beautiful sun shining I do not mind the snow.
Tomorrow is a Holy Day Of Obligation, I will not be able to go I have a runny nose and a bit of a sore throat, I did not get a flu shot this year, I will when I am feeling better.

Happy New Year my dear friends, I hope you are Blessed with good health, prosperty and all the happiness in the world.



CathieJ said...

I must be slow, because I can't figure out what your coveted gift is. I do like that pin-cushion and your new stitchery start. I hope you feel better soon. I unfortunately can't get your average flu shot and I can't find the alternative anywhere near by.

The Liberty Belle said...

Hope you feel better soon. Happy New Year.

Sandy said...

Don't feel bad for not getting the flue shot. I actually quit getting it because I got it every time I took it. I know I know...but I haven't gotten it when I don't take it.
Love both of your projects and that stand is quite snazzy.

marly said...

I can't for the life of me figure out how to use those or any other frame!

We have snow too. I sure hope you start feeling better. Ours started with the throat and sinuses, then to the chest. We were told by different docs that it is a rampant virus. Hub had his flu shot in October but no protection for viruses and colds. Everyone has it here!!

Best wishes for 2020.

Vickie said...

You will LOVE this frame! I have had this exact frame for many years now and it has saved me from wrist pain and allowed me to stitch two-handed. I am sorry you are sick Catherine.

Stasi said...

Love your bee piece! Hope you're feeling better soon!

Rita said...

Happy 2020!

Marilyn said...

I hope you feel better soon.
Enjoy your new stitching frame.
The bee project is too cute, & love that Blue Ribbon design.

Julie said...

Get well wishes to you Catherine.
Your new frame looks really good, I hope you get many happy hours using it this new year - have fun!

maxi said...

Hey Catherine,
I have sent you an email with the translation for bingo.
happy stitching

Astrids dragon said...

How do you like using your Kays Creation?
What a sweet Bee, and you're off to good start on your Precious Treasures.
We're still waiting on snow here!