Monday, June 3, 2019

A Constructed Finish Of My Victoria Sampler Pin Cushion

Hello Dear Friends: Thank-you all for visiting my Blog on my last post and commenting.
I am excited to say I finally spent yesterday afternoon constructing the Victoria Sampler Pin Cushion, Needlebook and Needle Emery, I like it but still like the first on I did.
The first one has specialty stitch's and different finishing on the needle book.

So sorry about the weird photo, the sun was not out when I took this photo, this is the one from Victoria Sampler Spring Fling retreat, put on by Stitchville USA a couple years ago.

This is the Strawberry Pin Cushion, it is not as intricate as the first on, I am thinking of putting ribbons on the needle book to match the above needle-book, but using red instead of green ribbons,
What do you think?

This is the top of the Strawberry Pin Cushion as you can see, just rather plain but I love it.

See the ribbon embroidery and specialty stitche's on the first one I made, I love this Pin Cushion.

I  am joining Jo over at for:

The Peoples Choice is Mermaids this month, please link over to her Blog, she has some amazing Mermaids to show you.

My One and only Mermaid I have stitched is from Blackbird Designs

I do have some photos from Pinterest to show you, they are not mine but still very nice designs.

I hope your week is going well, I will be posting another constructed design maybe tonight or tomorrow.



gracie said...

What a lovely finished project. Well done. How about adding a few charms?

Julie said...

Stunning finish, its beautiful.

Sandy said...

I love the pin cushions? I like the green, but I might like red too. I am not much help since I second guess myself all the time on finishing decisions, but they are really pretty.

marly said...

Beautiful work! I can't say red or green. I guess it would depend on the shade of red. Maybe a very thin DMC cord of the same red as the berry?

Marilyn said...

They are both beautiful.
Congrats on your finish.

Rita said...

What a beautiful finish!

Vickie said...

Wow! This is absolutely gorgeous Catherine!

Faith... said...

Your pin cushion is stunning Catherine! Congrats on your finish.

butterfly said...

I love your work Catherine you do choose some wonderful designs ,I never see any thing so nice here .
Enjoy a lovely day.

Ariadne said...

Love your stitched mermaid. AriadnefromGreece!

RJ said...

Your work is so exceptional Catherine. Every detail is so lovely. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever