Saturday, December 2, 2017

I finally constructed a stitched piece

Hello Everyone: I finally finished constructing a design I stitched on November 22, I am so happy with this adorable design, the Heart Pinkeep will hang on my tree for Christmas.
I used a light pad to align the fabric and linen to get the right finish.
I have had problems aligning the fabric sometimes, I thought that the light would help and it did.
I stuffed them both with crushed walnut shells,

I had a ball at the Christ Child Luncheon yesterday, we sold all out of the baked goods, I make a donation but came home with no goodies, I will be baking for Christmas soon, so no goodies to tempt me.
I have some news which may or may not be good, I need to see a ENT I have a large mass in my throat, please pray for me that it is only a gland or thyroid  problem and not a tumor, so sorry for the bad news, I will be going in on the 18th for a consultation then they will decide if I get the camera down the throat, ewwwww, I am being optimistic about this, whatever God hands me I will handle with Grace.
Time to stitch, then Mass at 5:oo and my date night out with Mike.
To you All
Happy Holidays


Rita said...

Adorable finishes!
I will pray for you.

RJ said...

Dear are in my thoughts and prayers my dear friend. I know how scary this is but there are so many reasons why this could have happened. So think positive. We will all pray that this is a minor thing and your doctor will take care of it.

Your finishes are beautiful. I love both of them. I want to hear more about the light you buy something special? Take care Catherine. I will be in touch. RJ

Linda said...

Wishing you all the best Catherine. Congrats on the cute finishes.


marly said...

I hope the next two weeks aren't too stressful for you while waiting for the exam. Hopefully it will be an easily resolved issue. You'll be in our thoughts and prayers!

I adore that little heart. Yes the light helps tremendously. I hold mine up to a window!

Diane H said...

Saying a prayer for you that all will be well. Lovely little finishes.

Heritage Hall said...

Praying, Catherine dear, that the tests will disclose a minor and easily corrected
issue. May you have peace and hope as you await results. Love your finishes.

Vickie said...

Your finishes are adorable. I am so sorry you have to wait Catherine. I am praying and will keep on.❤️

Eszter/SubRosa said...

Beautiful finishes♥
Praying for you

Brigitte said...

Two adorable finishes, Catherine.
I will be thinking of you and hope that the problem can be solved easily.

Marilyn said...

A great finish.
I'll be praying for you.
Why does stuff like this happen at Christmas time?

Christine said...

Gorgeous finishes!
I hope your medical issue turns out to be something easily treatable

Mary said...

Catherine, I pray it's nothing serious and easily treatable. How frightening for you though. I love your stitch.It's beautiful. Mary

Unknown said...

Getting a camera down your throat isn't as bad as it sounds, take it from me. But I do hope whatever they find is easily solved. --annavsxs

Marti said...

I'm sorry to hear about your throat. I hope and pray that it is nothing serious. Good idea to use a light box to line up your stitched pieces. They turned out well.

Faith... said...

Praying all goes well with the ENT Catherine. So glad to hear that the bake goods sold out, I hope your church raised plenty of money.

Beautiful finishing on your stitching.

Carol said...

Oh, dear, I'm so sorry you are having possible health issues, Catherine. Will certainly hope and pray that your test goes well and isn't too uncomfortable...

Love your sweet finishes!

Frances said...

Oh my, please let us know how your test comes out! Prayers for you!
I love your stitching/finishing!