Friday, December 15, 2017

Busy Time Of The Year

Thank-you to all your comments on my last post, I am so sorry if I did not email you a thank-you, some of you do not have a email to respond too, thank-you for your kindness.

I have been very busy cooking baking and making ornaments this past week.
I need to make fifteen before this Sunday, I am on a roll, they take about an hour and one half to make.
I love the way they sparkle in the light.
So far I have eight done, I will be sending some of them off tomorrow and hopefully meet the others at Church soon, to give them their gifts.

I found this sign at a second hand store I just love it. I do Believe and hope you all do also, Santa in my eyes is someone who is kind generous not just with gifts but time and kind words, he does exist.

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate and Happy Hanukkah To You



Pamela said...

Very pretty ornaments!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

I've just been reading your last few blog entries and wanted to wish you well with your upcoming appointment but to also say that if the camera is to check out your throat then trust me when I say that having it done is nothing really. I have had it too many times to remember and if you get the numbing spray up your nose first then it's absolutely nothing to worry about.
The surgeon puts the camera up one side of my nose and then checks out the area below my vocal chords - the worst it could be described as is slightly uncomfortable so please don't stress if you have to have this procedure. I hope this helps on one front and keep positive thoughts that the news will be good.

CathieJ said...

Your ornaments are so pretty. I too have been catching up with your blog posts as it is hard to keep up at this time of year. I wish you all the best with your test on Monday. My husband has had that test and the test itself was uneventful. Keep busy until then. It isn't hard this time of year.

RJ said...

Love your newest projects Catherine. They do sparkle so nicely. You know you are in my daily prayers for the best possible outcome on Monday. I feel in my heart you will do well. And yes I do believe too. I haven't even started my baking or cleaning. I just finished up with gifts tonight that have to get in the mail tomorrow. And I still have to get some things for George and Mike. I have no idea what??? Is there really only 9 days left? RJ

butterfly said...

What pretty ornaments I love them I bet they look lovely on a Christmas tree.
I believe too , and I hope everyone in the world will.
Enjoy your week , and have fun.

Marilyn said...

The ornaments are all so pretty.
Happy Holidays to you also.
Take care.

Mary said...

Catherine, your ornaments are so pretty, you are ambitious making 15 of them right before Christmas. Your sign is a great find and I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers that you get a good result on your upcoming test. Mary

Vickie said...

I am praying for you Catherine! Your ornaments are a labor of love and gorgeous! I hope you reach your goal. :D

Linda said...

Super cute ornaments Catherine.


Faith... said...

Love the ornaments you are making Catherine! Hope you get them finished in time.

I Believe too!

Penny said...

Your ornaments are so pretty, Catherine! Thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers ~ hugs.

Preeti said...

The ornaments are very beautiful, Catherine ! I have started some beaded crafts few days ago. Will share if they come out well.

Marti said...

The ornaments are beautiful. At an hour and a half each, that's a lot of work! Do you get tired of making the same one over and over? I love the cute little sign too, and you are absolutely right about the way to think about Santa. I think I'll pass your wording along to my daughter who is trying to decide what to do about Santa with her boys.

Frances said...

I do love those snowflake ornaments!!! So very pretty!!!

Brigitte said...

These little ornaments are gorgeous. I can imagine how wonderful they look when they sparkle in the light.