Friday, December 29, 2017

A nEw Year Is Upon Us

I never make New Year resolutions, I never keep them.
I do plan on trying to get fitter by doing Yoga, Mike my most wonderful Husband bought me a book on Yoga, at first he was afraid to give it too me, he thought he was insulting me, I told him no I really need this little push, I am ready to do some stretching and other things that make me hurt, I tried Yoga at a business expo once I was so sore the next day, so I will give it a try it is for the mind body and soul.

I was trying to take photos of our tree in the living room, I just could not get a great photo, no matter what I di, I tried in the day and at night, the night photo looks better then the day, it has been very gloomy around here, snow and cold, it is very cold here 5 degrees below zero with a wind chill of -20 degrees, brrrr.

I stood way back and way close the camera did not want to take a good photo, I am not sure why at night the photo made the tree look pink, maybe something wrong with the camera.

I took a photo of one of the Santa displays I have out, this was the last Christmas Photo the camera took.

The most beautiful and wonderful RJ over at sent me this beautiful Star, RJ also sent me a beautiful Stitched Locket with a Believe Charm and a super sweet Snowman, she is such a sweet and generous Lady, Thank-you RJ.
( I promise I will take photos of the Snowflake and other gist RJ sent me in the daylight outside.

I did this stocking for Mike way back in the muddle 90s, it was from Cross Stitch and Country Crafts magazine, I never did one for me maybe this year I will.

I have been stitching the last couple of days, I finished my Scattered Seed Sampler Armchair needle keeper, and started a Brenda Gervais Pin Feathers, I just love this design, I have started a Blackbird Design and will show photos tomorrow.

I hope you are all well and enjoying this Holiday Season

Happy New Year


Pamela said...

Yoga sounds like a wonderful idea. Your Christmas decorations are very pretty.

Rita said...

Beautiful stocking there!
Your little bird is sooo cute!

butterfly said...

Lovely stocking , I really want to stitch one one day , maybe this will be the year ?
Lovely gifts and decs .
Great new start on your stitching .

Marilyn said...

It's just as cold here in WI also, too cold!
Your new projects are pretty, and the stocking is awesome.
Wishing you and hubby a happy, healthy New year!
Krissy too!

Vickie said...

Yes, we have the same cold weather here. Your tree is lovely. I like Mike's stocking. Happy stitching and Happy New Year!

marly said...

I saw a TV ad for 3 week yoga package, am thinking about it. Options for more subtle movements and a basic introduction. I need a video! Even some beginner discs were too much for me so the 3 week program sounds like a good idea for my uncooperative body.

A gal at Macy's told me all her siblings and partners got gift cards for restaurants. She and her guy got gym memberships. She said her mom was trying to tell her something. I said no - she knows you are more active and health conscious!

Linda said...

Your tree looks great Catherine. Love Mike's stocking.


Mary said...

Catherine, RJ is the dearest person, one of my gifts from here was a stitched locket too, I adore it...I know you were as thrilled with yours as I mine.

Yes, you have to make a stocking for yourself! THe one you made Mike is a work of art!! I can't wait to get started on my SB stocking for my nephew, it's one of my rotation projects for this year. Love all your Santa's! I have a collection of Santas in my secretary cabinet, I empty the shelves for Christmas and put in all my Santa's.

I did Pin Feathers this year and I loved every stitch!!! Yours is looking great, have you decided how your going to finish it?

Have a Happy and Healthy New Year my friend!!! Hugs, Mary

Marti said...

I have been thinking of doing yoga also. A friend who spent years in ballet said it was better for her toning than Zumba. I thought I'd get a video so I can see how to do it right. I'm interested to see if you can learn it from a book. If so, I'll go that route as books are easier to come by here.

Your tree is gorgeous at night! It's the light coming in the window from the side that makes it hard to photograph during the day. I took your photo and lowered the brightness and it might have the look you were going for. If you get copies of this comment in your email, you can send a reply and I'll send you back the photo.

Karyn said...

Your tree looks beautiful, Catherine, and I love how the camera took the night's very artistic, in fact, I think you could say you meant to do it and it was a special trick...just sayin' LOL
Yoga sounds wonderful, and the book looks sister started a few years ago and swears by it.
Mike's stocking is amazing, and definitely needs a partner...maybe 2018 is the year?! Your Pin Feathers is beautiful, and I look forward to all of your 2018 projects ahead.
Have a very Happy New Year

Deb said...

Your tree is lovely, the pinkness is from the red ornaments and lights of the tree and the lighting, happens to me quite often I take photos in my room with pink curtains or my shirt and it shows in the photos. I will snap and snap move in all kinds of angles then I just go with it. Enjoy the yoga and if you get the chance take a beginner class it is so refreshing. Lovely stitching projects. Stay warm and have a safe and happy new year.

Faith... said...

Your tree is gorgeous Catherine!

I hope that you are able to learn the yoga for yourself and make a stocking for you also!

Happy New Years!

Preeti said...

Lovely stocking and the tree looks wonderful!
If you are trying simple meditation and breathing exercises in yoga then it is fine to do by yourself. Otherwise yoga should be done under a proper instructor who can teach as per your body needs and chronic pains.

Brigitte said...

Nice Santas display indeed.
The stocking you stitched for Mike looks awesome. You should definitely make one for yourself as well.
The star you received from RJ is so beautiful. Such a lovely gift. And nice new stitching project.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I've never done yoga but I used to do Pilates, it's very good for your core stomach muscles!

I think the pink tinged tree looks beautiful even if it is really white. Love the star RJ sent you, what a lovely gift.

Robin said...

Yoga, I love it but never seem to take the time to do it. That must have been some example at the expo. I have never been sore from yoga and I am far from in shape. Sorry you struggled with getting pics of your tree. Sometimes the camera just won’t capture the beauty the eye sees. Love your starts and will enjoy seeing the progress as I catch up on old posts.