Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Cold Cold & More Cold

Happy Holidays everyone: It is so cold here it was only 14 degrees at 06:00, brrrrrr, even the dog who loves the outdoors could not get in the house fast enough.
Thank-you for all your kind comments and Prayers on my up coming test, some of you I could respond too some had no emails so thank-you from my heart.
So I have been thinking, I am where God wants me to be, if I get bad news I will handle it, enough of that.

I did some stitching this week but really screwed up I did not measure half-way as I was suppose to but its an easy fix I will stitch the other half and cut and paste the design, I am determined to make this work, I did not see the mistake until I was finished stitching the one side as you can see,  so checking once is good checking twice is really good but checking and counting three times is the best, I learned my lesson.

See where the pink pen is? That is the half way mark of the fabric I should have counted down about 34 stitch's, silly me.

I stitched this last weekend I just need to block it, I did not take a photo of the designer so sorry, this will be my mug rug after finishing the back. The stitch's are not very even, its okay it will get coffee spilled on it.

I want to show you my life saver, Mike bought this latte machine for me about five years ago, it is now acting up, Breville has a market on the fixing of this thing, it would cost about 300.00 and up to fix it, I am hoping it survives a couple of more years, I look forward to my Latte every morning, its kind of a ritual.

This is the grinder it is almost twenty years old, not a thing wrong with it so far, so this morning I was grinding fresh beans, I was thinking, what happens if one of these breaks down, I will not spend the money for a new Latte machine, I will not buy another grinder, I will learn to drink coffee from my percolator I still have one it old very old and still works, I looked at Keurig, not for me, holy moly the cups are expensive.

I am decorating the house this week I am not going over board this year, I hate taking down or maybe I am just getting too old for this, naw just kidding.

Its time for lunch and a little stitching, until next time my Dear Friends.



Vickie said...

I am sorry you have a little screw up with the stitching. I hope you get it all sorted out. I like your mug rug! I have a latte most mornings also. Brian makes them for me though. No machine. ;) I am praying for you!

marly said...

I am impressed with your attitude, I did not handle my wait as well.

It is freezing here, only 33 but with a terrible wind and after the 50's, I am not happy. My clean yard is full of my neighbor's leaves!

Our friends get bulk K-cups at Costco and online for cheap. I have the hand held whip for froth and want to get the little aluminum espresso pot.

I'm sure you will work out being a little off-center. I've been off my entire life!

Penny said...

Very sorry to read about your throat, Catherine. You will be in my prayers. I think we have probably all made those types of stitching mistakes. : ) Love the mug rug! Hope the latte machine straightens up - $300 to fix it, wow! And wow on the 14 degrees! Brr! Take care and hugs to you.

Linda said...

Your stitching looks great Catherine. Toes crossed for your upcoming tests. Everything will be fine.


Marti said...

Brrr, that is cold! I love your stitching and love your attitude. I'm still surprised they wouldn't try to get you in for an exam faster than that. BTW, you don't have to buy prefilled cups with some Keurigs. We have a refillable cup with ours. Dh still doesn't like it though. He likes his old drip coffee maker.

RJ said...

Hi Catherine! It sure is cold by you. It was 57 here tonight and I thought it was cold! I wonder how I would take the real cold anymore. I've made those type of mistakes too..but you have a good solution. Sorry about your latte machine...hope it can be fixed without a $300 bill. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. RJ

Marilyn said...

Cute project.
I think sometimes we all do that, maybe put it away for awhile.
I hope your Latte machine survives for awhile yet.
It got cold here in WI also, it's oly 18 right now, after having weeks of 50 degree weather.

Mary said...

Catherine, that's a sweet stitch. I hope your coffee machine holds out, I do not function in the am till I have my coffee. I love coffee from an old stove top percolater. When I was a kid I hated that scent, now I love it! I just bought a new grinder from BB&B for 15$ with a coupon and it works great. Freshly ground in a percolater would make a nice cup of coffee. We just had a warm snap here, it was in the high 50's which felt hot!!
I am keeping you in my prayers and praying for a good report. Hugs, Mary

Faith... said...

Brrr... it was 37 here when I woke up but we are on the way up to 70 today! YAY

I hope your stitching works out for you. It is very pretty.

We have the Keurig here and I LOVE it. The cups are expensive but we bought little cups for it that are reuseable instead of those expensive ones. This allows us to fill them as we use them and have coffee without the big expense.

Stay warm.

Carol said...

Wow! That really is cold. We, unlike the rest of the country, seem to be in a "no-snow-zone" pocket here in western PA. Not a flake of the white stuff!

Good luck with your test next week and I hope you can straighten out your stitching issue!

Brigitte said...

Oh my, I can hear what you say about the cold, Catherine. It's cold here just the same and it has been snowing every day since mid-november or so. Not always very much - but too much for me, lol.
I hope that your test results will come out good for you and keep thinking of you.
Sorry about the counting mistake. I have been there, too, more than once, sigh. But as you say, it's a learning experience.
My children make their coffee only with a percolator, they say, it's the best :))

Anonymous said...


Your stitching is beautiful and I hope you can sort it out. Such a nuisance when you make mistakes like that.
I'm in NE England and we are waiting for the snow we are forecast to start and it's very cold here too.
What a great machine - I hope it works for you for a long time to come.
Wishing you good luck with your test x

Preeti said...

Lovely stitching ! Hope your tests go well and there is nothing to worry about.
I have a coffee percolator but I find instant coffee easy to make.