Thursday, October 28, 2010

My New sewing Machine

I have a new sewing machine my most wonderful husband bought a bicycle and he felt that I should have a new sewing machine.
I have been buying cheap machines you know about $67.00 at Target my fav store.I am so excited, you can hardly hear it running, it is so quiet, I did do some sewing for an auction this week-end for a stitch retreat we donate the money to a worthy cause the last two stitch-ins we
used the money to buy calling cards for the RedBulls in the middle east. I really do not want to be away from my new baby, I really need to take some quilt classes now. This Brother sewing machine is made in the United States of America, Mikes bike is also made in America, we are trying hard to buy stuff made in America its hard but we are able to find lots of things we need that are made in this wonderful country we live in.
God Bless America
Peace to you all

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