Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rescue of Miners

As I sit and watch the rescue of the Miners that were trapped for 69 days I am in awe, would our president stay at the rescue site throughout the day and night? I hope he would as well as his wife.
The chilling fact is that not one person gave up hope of rescuing these very brave men.
I pray that they do not have any affter effects from the memories of their entrapment, for the people that donot believe in prayer, I am sad for you I have total belief that the resue could not have been attempted or completed without prayer.
I was able to stay up and watch the first man to come out of the small hole, wow what a feat, how lucky are they that they have the full support of their country and the world, I was pretty tired when I went to work this morning but made it through the day.
Please I ask you to pray for all the men and their families that they make it through these tough times.
Peace to you all
In The Name Of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

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