Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fall Retreat

This is some of the stash for the aution, all the ladies are so generous with their donations.

I have such a great time watching and bidding on the stash piles we set up this year we had about different sixty piles to bid on many of the piles had fabric threads and other wonderful items.

As you can see someone offered a Shepherds Bush pattern with the mat included.

The Sandra Sullivan pattern and the Pennsylvania Pincushion were the two things I won in the auction.

Lots of giggles with lots of fun had here.

This is fall retreat at Totino Grace Retreat

Center in Fridley Mn.

The set-up team arrives about 14:00 to set up stitching tables food tables and auction tables, we have two auctions on with finished items I am so sorry to say my pict of the finished items did not show up very well so had to delete them, I did get better pictures of the stash auction.

We all bring something to share on friday evening, we had tortilla soup that was oh so good, sloppy joes, chicken drummies and lots of other very yummy stuff to eat.

We stitch till all haours of the night, many talents are displayed at retreat, some quilters (who do stitch) needlepointers, knitters, hardanger, and of course cross stitchers.

We play the dice game on saturday morning, this is a game just like the dice game played at showers.

I love the stash auction, we set up in the chapel, you can go in and bid against other people, the auction ends at 20:00 on saturday evening.

Some of the stash people give up is amazing, Shepherds Bush Plum Street Samplers, Lizzie Kate magazines and lots of fabric and other stitching items.

The money we make goes to buy calling cards for service men and women in the middle east.

We have a retreat two times a year, one in Febuary and again in October.

I look forward to this time away from work and home, it is my wind down time from work. I feel very refreshed when I return to work.

I am involved with a great group of ladies, I am blessed to have them as friends.

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