Thursday, August 17, 2023

As Mr. Rogers Said Won't You Be My Neighbor

 Greetings to all my followers who comment and the ones that do not, I am always happy to read your                                                                   comments and it warms my heart.

                    I thank-you for still hanging in there with me and being my neighbor in Blogland

Thank-you also for all your kind words on Michael's health, I will not go on about it, but he is doing                                                              better, Prayers and kind words do help.

As for stitching I have done a little I did get some finishing done not as much as I wanted but any is                                                                            better than no finishing.

I follow Tiger Lily on YouTube, she had three free designs that she offered in her 44th episode, one of Santa and one of Mrs. Santa and a snowman, I hope she does a reindeer this year, I did completely finish the two will do the snowman later, I did mine a little different, I used popsicles stick's for the sleds, not really like hers but my own version.

I did add the pom pom to Santas hat used two different ribbons the hanging ribbon I found at retreat in the stash reallocation pile, I also added a holly bit to Mrs. Santas hair, I hope you like my finishing.

    I did get a couple of things stitched, I also did a finishing on a few other stitched items which I will                                                                             show in my next post.

I stitch this sweet design from Belinda over at she sent me this adorable Noel pattern when I bought a quilt bag pattern from her please check out her site it is amazing, she does everything from cross stitch to quilting, also check out her Esty shop, she has some amazing                                                                                bags she makes

I also finished stitching this freebie from The Wishing Thorn, it was sent to me by Birgit when I bought                                    the Wooland Walk Sampler design which I have not constructed yet, she is                                                      at Birgit has beautiful Samplers for sale.

I also worked on a design that was started that I found in the stash relocation pile, it had one line of                        alphabet done I did the rest, I just need to add the wool flowers and make into a pillow.

So sorry about the upside-down photo I am not able for some reason the get it upright, Google is tricking me, you can see the wool flowers in the upside down photo

I have been very busy with the yard work all the heavy things that Mike cannot do, so very little stitching and beading, I have been able to do some alterations here and there, hopefully he will be back to normal before the snow flies, so sorry for the bad word (snow) we will be having very warm weather starting                                                       this Saturday which does not bother me at all.

I have one favor to ask: Please Pray for the people in Hawaii, it is so sad that they did not use the sirens for the fires, the sirens are not just for hurricanes, many people would have had so much time to get out         for many at least two hours, please pray they get all the help and assistance they need to recover

                              In my next post I will talk about the retreat and all the fun I had

                                                                    Hugs Catherine 


Heritage Hall said...

Good news about Michael. Have also been praying over Hawaii and just received a report from
Franklin Graham on the splendid work they are doing there to comfort and help restore the
inhabitants...just devastating... Love your finishes, especially Mr. Claus on his sled.
Be blessed.

marly said...

Glad to hear Mike is doing well.

Oh my. Those finishes are reminders of what's coming! And sooner than we'd like.

Don't overdo the heavy work, please be careful.

Emily said...
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Marilyn said...

Cute stitching.
Those sleds are just so cute! Great job.
Glad Mike is doing better, continued prayers.
Can't wait to hear about your retreat.
Prayers for Hawaii, & I just read there is Hurricane Hilary, category 4, hitting the west coast.
Prayers for all affected there also.
Take care.

Pamela said...

I hope Mike continues to improve. Your stitching looks great.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Very glad that your Michael is feeling better.
Really enjoyed seeing your cross stitch projects, esp. Mr and Mrs. Santa on the sleds. And I had a peek at the sampler site and drooled just a little. I've always thought I wanted to make a sampler but then I stop myself when I realize I have absolutely nowhere to hang one.

Stasi said...

Glad to hear Mike is doing better..hoping it continues. Your Mr and Mrs Claus are adorable...the popsicle sticks was a great idea. Can't wait to her about your retreat.
Praying for Hawaii too...such a sad and devastating thing.

butterfly said...

Good to hear that Mike is feeling better.
I love your stitching and the Christmas ones are fantastic ,Well done.
Yes praying for all in this years fires, all over the world.
Have a good weekend hugs June.

Vickie said...

God bless Michael. And you also with all the work you are accomplishing.
Your pieces are great!
We are getting very hot weather this week too.

Toki said...

You made Santa claus so cute. Nice idea.😂
I will check the address you gave me later.

We Japanese are deeply saddened by the fire on Maui. Japanese people who love Hawaii have already started activities at the citizen level for reconstruction. I also want to cooperate.

Hope you and Michael have a great day.

Carol said...

I'm so happy to read that Mike is doing better, Catherine... I'm sure you are a wonderful nurse and are taking the best care of him. It's hard doing the heavy things that our husbands aren't able to do for a while, isn't it? When my husband had his shoulder replaced earlier this year, I was in the same position. Anyway, I hope he keeps on feeling better and better!

I love the way you finished your sweet Santa and Mrs. Claus--you are so creative! Hope to see finishes of the others very soon.

Wishing you a wonderful day! ♥

Katie said...

Beautiful finishes. Love the way you finishes the santa and mrs santa. Looks great.