Friday, December 16, 2022

Merry Christmas Happy Hanukkah

 Thank-you to all who have left comments about Michaels surgery, he is still recovering but doing well.

I have been decorating a bit but not as much as usual, we have had so many doctors appointments and Christmas Parties to go to its very hard to get much done.

I did finish a By The Bay Design

                                I love this design I cannot remember when I bought the pattern, 

                                                          I hope to construct it tomorrow

I have been watching Tiger Lily Youtube videos, Kari has a load of energy and a very informative                                                           Youtube site, check her out if you get a chance

I started stitching the Santa that will go on a sleigh ornament, there is also a Mrs. Santa and a Snowman                                               design, they are all three free designs from Kari

                            Mrs. Santa is so sweet looking, I hope to start her sometime on Sunday

                                              This is how far I am on Santa; it is on 14 count
                         ( I cannot remember the last time I stitched on 14 count but its not bad at all)

                        I have ordered a few PDF designs, one is from Belinda at Blue ribbon Designs, I am                                                        thinking I will do the tree on a lighter green fabric


I also ordered a Penguin design from Just Another Button Company, I did order the hat and pins also, 
                                                 he is so cute not sure when I will start him

I was having a very bad day, my feelings running crazy about Michael's health, I am okay now just a bit                                                                      more bad news for him

I went to the mail box found this amazing package from Marilyn in Wisconsin (No Blog), she made this beautiful pin pillow and sent along things IO can really use, the floss tags were put to work immediately, they are beautiful, I am out of lip saver, these will come in handy for sure, the Kleenex is such a sweet                                                     idea, everyone can use Kleenex especially me

                                                                 Thank-you Marilyn

The last three days we have been waking up to snow lots and lots of snow, the trees are full of snow, it                                                                      really is beautiful to see
I have been doing the snow blowing, it is not easy it's a big machine and my small hands have a little bit                           of a problem, I did three driveways yesterday two of our neighbors and ours

                   Looking out on the golf course where it was such a beautiful green not so long ago

We decided not to put the tree up in the kitchen this year instead we put up a garland and hung some of my Campbells Soup ornaments on the garland, I will need to take a night photo and put on my next post
I also put out a few of my Nutcrackers and a couple of my favorite Christmas statues, however I see the                                               Angels star is missing I need to glue that back on

My Favorite Campbells Soup ornament are the raccoons with the soup cans for a soup phone

                                               My three-foot Santas hanging out in the kitchen

I hope you all are well, and enjoying the Holiday Season
Please have a wonderful weekend


butterfly said...

What a lovely Christmas blog full of Christmas goodies .
Love what you have stitched and brought and lovely gifts sent to you.
Be carful in the snow , but it looks so pretty.
Good to hear your hubby is feeling better.
I know it must be a worry for you, sending you lots of hugs and love.
And wishing you a Merry Christmas.

Marilyn said...

You have some cute projects to stitch.
We have had some heavy, wet snow here.
It snowed very light all day yesterday, but didn't amount to much.
How nice of you to snowblow for the neighbors.
Very cute Christmas decorations!
I too like the Raccoon, so cute!
Glad you like the goodies I sent, I loved stitching that BB design for you.
Continued prayers for Mike.
Have a wonderful Christmas.
Take care.

Stasi said...

I learned a lot from this post, Catherine. I had never herd of Tiger Lily and checked out her web page...lots of fun stuff there! I also was not aware of the Campbell's soup ornaments--they are so cute, especially that racoon one! Your By the Bay piece is cute..can't wait to see your finish. Sending positive thoughts for Mike and you!

Vickie said...

Your stitching is very festive! Your home looks great! Marilyn's gifts are lovely. I am praying for Michael.

gracie said...

Slow and easy it goes for Michael. Your decorations are wonderful! The ornaments are so cute.
Merry Christmas my friend

marly said...

Good to hear that Mike is recovering nicely. A load off your mind that it's behind. Sorry to hear there is a bit of additional bad news, hope not too serious.

What a jolt to switch to 14 count isn't it? I wonder if my return to 36 will be difficult.

Great post Catherine, lots of goodies!

Carol said...

I am so happy to read that Mike is recovering, Catherine... Sure hope the other bad news can be handled quickly and you can both greet the new year as a fresh start. My husband is facing surgery in January as well, but we are thinking positively.

Your home Christmas decor is so pretty--especially set against that pretty white background of snow. We FINALLY got a bit last night and it's so refreshing to look out at our yard. And what a sweet gift from Marilyn--such a kind stitching friend.

Take care now, Catherine! ♥

Sandy said...

I am continuing to pray that things go smoothly.
Looks like you have many projects to keep you busy this winter. A garland is a great idea for displaying th ornaments.

Edgar said...

What a great Santa finish!! -and - I'm very jealous of all the snow... keeping you and yours in our prayers!


Astrids dragon said...

What a sweet Santa finish, and so many sweet projects you have to work on.
Such lovely gifts you received, always a nice treat.
Your decorations look great and I love all your Nutcrackers!
Lucky you with all that pretty snow. I hope we get that instead of rain/ice this week, but I doubt it.