Monday, May 20, 2019

Some Finish’s And A Start

I did finish my class project from Blackbird Designs back in April, I just love this, I will construct it on Wednesday or Thursday.


This is the pin keep and box top! I love the shuttle colors of this design, some pinks I wish were a little more prominent.

I just love the. Bluebird 

The above is the Victoria Sampler Pin Cushion Top, I love the beads as flowers.

The above is the Needle Needle Emery and Pinkeep.

Below is the project I am working on now it is a design from Tammy Black Scattered Seed Samplers, I am loving this so much, Tammy does amazing designs.

Mike has pneumonia, he thought he had it licked, he was on anti-biotics for ten days, however he in not one to stay still, he just had to take down more branch's and do yard work, this made it worse, today he went to the doctor, now its steroids and a stronger anti-biotic, he never listens to me, I guess that's how some men are, they just do not listen.
So this evening it baked chicken for the high protein content to help him get better.
It is sunny today and just beautiful to sit out and read and stitch, however rain begins again tomorrow, ugh.
I hope your week is going well, thank-you for your beautiful comments about the photo of my Mother and myself, that was taken about 20 years ago, I have aged by now as you can guess, oh well its life, I am still alive and stitching beading and enjoying what I have.

To You All


Sandy said...

I hope Mike is on the mend soon. They don't listen!!!
I seriously love both stitches. That bluebird is wonderful. I also love your new start. Can't wait to see the finishes.

gracie said...

Sending good thoughts to Mike. Lovely stitching.... they are going to be beautiful when finally finished.

marly said...

I can't wait to see this constructed. I absolutely love all of it, never saw it before. Oh that bird.

Some men are babies when sick, some are boneheads, and some are both!! I found quite a few women just as stubborn and headstrong. I'm glad he went back to the doctor and will continue treatment. Nothing to mess with!!

Marilyn said...

Great stitching!
Love that Scattered Seeds piece.
I hope hubby feels better soon.
And yes, they do not listen.
Mine was also trimming branches & trees, and tends to do too much at once.
Have a great week!

Donna G. said...

Very pretty projects. While I detest working with beads, I love the look of your beaded project. Can’t wait to see your finishes on these.

Vickie said...

I am praying for Mike.
Wow. Both of your stitched pieces are just lovely Catherine.

Carol said...

So sorry to read about Mike's pneumonia--sure hope he is feeling 100% very soon, Catherine... Lovely stitching--you always complete the most beautiful projects :)

Take care now and enjoy your day!

Linda said...

Sending hugs and happy thoughts to you and Mike for a speedy recovery. Congrats on all of the beautiful finishes.


Rita said...

This beading is so lovely!

Hope your husband feels better soon.

BumbleBeeLane said...

So pretty! Hope your hubby is better soon.Mine is the same way can't be sick because he can't sit still. Warm Blessings!~Amy

Julie said...

Poor Mike, I hope he is soon improving and the steroids work well for him.
Beautiful stitching

Faith... said...

Your finishes are gorgeous Catherine! I can't wait to see your pinkeeps when you are finished!

I hope Mike licks the pneumonia this time! Tell him to follow the doctor's and his wife's orders for a speedy recovery.

Hopblogger said...

I hope Mike gets better - he is in my prayers. Love everything that you have stitched especially the bluebird.
Mini huggs,

Frances said...

I've sorta let my blog go, but I certainly still enjoy reading other people's blogs!
I hope you are doing well. Sorry to hear that your husband isn't feeling at his best.
Your stitching is beautiful, as always!

Mary's Thread said...

These are such beautiful projects!I have enjoyed perusing your blog!

RJ said...

Prayers for Mike. How is he doing now Catherine. I know it is now three weeks later that I am commenting.

Your projects are gorgeous. You have such good taste and your workmanship is perfect. RJ