Sunday, April 28, 2019

Trying To Get Caught Up With Stitching

Greetings all: I hope your week is going well.
I have been busy with a jewelry sale at Church which was so much fun, we had a goodwill offering and made a boatload of money, people are so generous, the President of the CCW at Church wanted to do this it was a blast.

Well it is ISHW International Stitch & Hermit weekend, I love this weekend I do get lots of stitching done.
A little over a week ago I started the needleroll piece from Blackbird Designs Retreat, I am almost half finished with the stitching.

Above is where I was Friday, the below photo is where I am at 16:00 this afternoon, I hope to get more done this evening.

We are in the process of taking down four fifty foot trees, this is Mike with one of his new toys,  he also bought a big chain saw.


The weather is getting better here finally, I hope you all are having great wesather.



Sandy said...

That roll is going to be so pretty! You are making good progress. Don't we always want more stitching time?

Marilyn said...

Nice progress.
Love that set on your header, so pretty.
Oh, tell Mike to be careful!!
Have a great week.

Rita said...

Beautiful stitiching!

Linda said...

Nice progress Catherine. Glad to see Mike is doing well.


Julie said...

Such pretty stitching

Anorina @SameliasMum said...

Your stitchery is lovely and coming along nicely. Boys and their toys, right? My hubby wants to buy a chainsaw (because he doesn't have one) but I keep reminding him that we have no big trees in our small yard.

RJ said...

Fantastic progress Catherine. I love that stitch. Congrats with the church are such a hard worker and do so much good for others. Please send me your address ... I have something for you. We are leaving Saturday for Michaels in Texas. RJ

Carol said...

Beautiful stitching as always, Catherine! I'm amazed that Mike is taking down those tall trees on his own! We have some that need to come down, too, but my husband says we'll have to hire someone. I'm sure he loves his new chainsaw! Hope May is good to you :)

Faith... said...

You have such beautiful property.

You managed to get in LOTS of stitching over the weekend! It looks gorgeous!

deb said...

You made great progress! This is such a lovely design - pretty colors and so delicate looking!