Sunday, March 31, 2019

ISHW Update A Finnish and a Completed Project

Thank-you for visiting my last post, to those of you who do not have emails, thank-you for your comments.
It has been so busy here, Mike fell and almost took out an eye, I need to wrap him in bubble wrap, I have finally gotten over  my cold, I did do some ISHW stitching last weekend, on my Easter Stitch by Brenda Gervais.
I have been doing some finishing in between home things, I have been clearing out closets and cabinets, what a great feeling.
The snow is almost gone just snow in the parking its where it was piled high.
I hope it gets warm enough to get plants.
I am a geranium lover, the hummingbirds love them, so do bees, its fun to watch them be busy eating.

So this is what the fabric looked like before using the spray stain I used, the lighting is not the best today, it does give a better look in better light, I did not use a lot of the stain I just wanted a little color. I do need to press it, I am out of pressing cloths, maybe I will pick them up Thursday.
This is the spray, dries fast.

I stitched this pattern and finished on February this year, I love Brenda's designs.

I was going to make it into a pin cushion but decided on this finish instead, wood can be found in wood section at JoAnn's,  I like to have all my threads ready for stitching a design, I will be finishing ore that way I when I kit up a design I will have the threads ready, if I have a couple of kitted designs that use the same thread I put a little note saying which kit the needed thread is in.
I stained this wood with a gel paste you rub on and let sit for a little and wipe down, it has a bit of a satin finish.

Its Sunday a day of rest, I will be drinking my latte and stitching and maybe another finish or two, until next time, Gods Blessings To You.



رامز المثاليه said...
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marly said...

Just the right amount of distressing. I do love the way you finished the pincushion design. Hope hubby isn't too banged up!

You would think Google/Blogger knows the spammers names by now! Have been deleting this same one for months and they haven't blocked it yet.

Marilyn said...

Hope hubby's eye is ok.
Cute finishes, and love that bird!
I will have to check out that distress staining. thanks for the pic.
Have a great week!

Linda said...

That distress spray piece turned out awesome Catherine. Congrats on the cute finish.


Vickie said...

I hope Mike is okay? I love both of these finishes Catherine.

Rita said...

Beautiful finishes!

butterfly said...

So happy your cold is better , and hoping Mike is ok after his fall.
Love your stitching and finish .
Good to hear the snow is melting too.

Sandy said...

That is the cutest idea for finishing. I love geraniums too.
I do Mike is better.

Julie said...

Sweetest finish.
Good news your cold is gone, mine started at the weekend and brought a cough with it too :-(

Marti said...

That is so cute! What size Aida cloth do you like to use?

Very scary about Mike's close call. My Hubby lost sight in an eye from an accident when he was 21 and it was really scary for us.

Marti said...

BTW, what is ISHW?

Tanza Erlambang said...

beautiful it

The Liberty Belle said...

Your stitch is lovely. Hope you enjoyed your latte.

Quilter Kathy said...

A lovely stitchery for Easter! Interesting to hear about the distress spray... thanks for sharing that!

Carol said...

Oh, I hope Mike is okay, Catherine! Had to laugh at your bubble wrap comment! Sometimes I feel like I need that myself :)

LOVE your sweet Easter finish! Hope your April is going well and spring is appearing :)

RJ said...

Hi Catherine! Sorry I have been gone in March...had that horrible flu that takes away every bit of energy from you. I hated hearing about Mike and hope he is doing ok now. I will keep him in my prayers. I love your Easter stitch. And, I really love how you finished the bird stitch. That spray is very interesting too. Hope you are doing well. RJ