Saturday, August 4, 2018

A Little Stitching & A Retreat

Greetings to all my faithful followers: Thank-you from my heart for all your lovely comments about my Fair ribbons, you are so sweet and kind.
I am going to enter into the Sate Fair this Month, if I get any kind of ribbons I will try the State fair next year, I have the Fair bug all of a sudden.

I am working on a Jackie Du Plessis Saturday Morning, she does not give a good photo of the items to be stitched, I will show you a few from the finishing directions.

Next is the Needlebook and button page, I am not sure why she did not give good photos on the cover page.
 You can see by her fingers how small the book is.

This is the Pin cushion, it will be filled with crushed walnuts, I love the walnut filling.

This is the very small needlebook, I am not sure why I stitched so close to the salvage, it will not effect the finish.
This is the needleholder and Button Page.
I do like this design and what it will look like when finished, I am not so sure about the finishing directions they are a little different and missing some information, I heard from a couple of people that take her classes that she does this for what reason I am not sure.
I have been doing lots of home improvements with Michael, we want to do so much but its has been raining so much here, we tore out the two corner gardens with the dogwood bush's only because the dear are eating them, I had a golfer ask once why they looked so nasty and sad, we decided to take them out and just have grass.
Michael finished the floor on the deck and now wants to put up new railing, when will he slow down?
His hand is almost healed it has been almost 11 months since he burned his hands, what a healing process, he still has tremendous pain but thankfully it is getting less of the pain.
I am going to the Minnesota Needlework Guild retreat next week for one week, I really love all the women who go, I really look forward to seeing them, we have many who come from different states, it is a fun time, we do have one couple Mike and Karen who come but this year they are skipping it.
We had horrible winds and rain last evening, it was horrible the same for today but not so windy and very little lightning.
Well its time to pack and do a little stitching.
Thank-you from my Heart for visiting with me.
I will send out thank-you's for your comments this weekend.


butterfly said...

I just love your little needle work book .
It is going to be so sweet.

Have a lovely week away tell us all about it when you get back hugs .

CathieJ said...

I am planning on entering my local fair also. The state fair is too far away. Good luck.

Linda said...

Great new project Catherine. So glad to hear that Mike is doing better. Have fun at your retreat.


Sandy said...

I surely don't think I would have the patience to put that tiny book together, but it is going to be wonderful. I look forward to seeing it. Have fun this week.

Deb said...

Look forward to seeing your needlebook finish! Hope the weather calms down for you. Have fun at your retreat.

Ego Sum said...
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Brigitte said...

Good luck with your projects at the State Fair this month. I'm sure you will be successful again.
That's a great new project you are working on. It already looks very promising.
Good to hear that the pain in Mike's hands gets less. Burn injuries always take a very long time to heal. But good that he can work using his hands again.

Marilyn said...

Looks like a great project, hope the finishing goes ok for you.
Have a great week!

Mary said...

Catherine, you have such patience to work on such a tiny needlework. I hope the finishing goes easily for you. How exciting that you are entering your beautiful stitches in the State fair, is it close to you? I have never been to our state fair, I hope to go someday. Our local fair is pathetic. I hope Mike isn't overdoing it with his hands, I'm glad to hear he is in less pain, it certainly has been a long recovery for him. Enjoy your stitching week and looking forward to hearing all about it!!

RJ said...

Your stitching is gorgeous, Catherine. It is so delicate and took alot of patience. I love how it looks. I'm so happy to hear you are entering your fabulous stitches in the State fair. I know you will win some more ribbons because your work is beautiful. Very happy to hear Mike is having less pain. I do hope it all goes away gradually. Enjoy the retreat .. look forward to seeing all that you do there. Have fun!!! RJ

Faith... said...

Love the box you are stitching and I do hope you can figure out how to finish it. You guys have really been busy with the home improvements! Glad to hear Michael is feeling better.

Enjoy your retreat!!

Carol said...

Just love the sweet needlebook you are working on Catherine! Good luck with all of your State Fair entries. Unfortunately we don't have even local fairs in my part of Pennsylvania.

We sure could use some of your rain--our grass is looking very burned out right about now!

Hope you are enjoying your time at the needlework guild retreat!