Friday, July 6, 2018

Stitching Done Now Crunstruction Starts

I hope all who celebrate the Fourth of July had a beautiful Day, we had rain but it stopped just in time for the parade, then more rain after parade and stopped just in time for the fireworks, yahoo.
I want to thank-you all for your lovely comments, it touch's my heart, I would send out emails with thank-you's but it has been very busy here.
Mike and his sister had to put their step father into memory care, it is heart breaking, he is an inventor and has such a mind near an IQ of 140, an amazing man.
We have been doing lots of home improvements and lots of outside work, it is such a short season here that we need to get trees bush's and other things trimmed and replanted.

I did finish the stitching on my Jeannette Douglas Class Project, I am excited to get to the construction.

This is what I finished last Friday evening, this is the scissor case, the buttons I used are from RJ and Mary over at:, I won the buttons in a giveaway.

This is the finished stitching,   I used buttons fro  RJ and Mary on the pin pillow and the needlebook, I turned the button over on the needlebook because it had a beautiful brownish color just perfect for the  design on the pillow.

This is a design I stitched a few years ago, it was from a pay it forward group, I love this design, it is a Stitcher's Hideaway  class piece.

I am now going to eat ribs and relax a little before starting on the construction of my Jeannette Douglas project.
Have a beautiful week.



Clare said...

So nice you where able to attend one of Janette`s classes. A lovely project. Looking forward to seeing this made up. Happy Stitching.

gracie said...

beautiful projects and lovely stitching.

marly said...

What a beautiful set this will be. Ribs. What a meal! My Instant Pot makes them soft as butter.

No parades here. Not one.

Pamela said...

What a beautiful project!

Marilyn said...

Great project, can't wait to see it completed.
Have a great weekend!

butterfly said...

Wow what wonderful stitching ,

All so beautiful . Look forward to your finish .

Enjoy your gardening and most of all your Summer.

Vickie said...

Oh what a lovely set this is going to be.

Linda said...

Wonderful finishes Catherine. Looking forward to seeing them constructed.


Rita JG said...

Beautiful stitching, Catherine!

Brigitte said...

The stitching promises a lot. This Jeanette Douglas project will be gorgeous.

Mary said...

Catherine, I can't wait to see the Jeanette Douglas project all finished. I'm thrilled you used our buttons on it!! You certainly have been busy, the summer is going far too fast.

It is so sad to hear about such a bright man failing so. It must have been very difficult for all of you but the most important thing is that he is safe and gets good care.

Take care my friend.

Faith... said...

Beautiful stitching Catherine. I am looking forward to seeing the new piece assembled!

Carol said...

Oh, your Jeanette Douglas project will be gorgeous, Catherine--can't wait to see it all finished up!

I'm sorry about Mike's stepfather... We watched my own dad, who was a surgeon, decline to the level of a two year old and it was truly heartbreaking. Sending your family a big hug as you deal with that horrible dementia!

RJ said...

Hello sweet friend. I love your spirited and patriotic! Your stitching is gorgeous. I look forward to seeing it all done. I know it will be a beauty!

I was also sorry to hear about Mike's stepfather. It is very hard to see our loved ones suffer. He is in my prayers.


Von said...

Love all your stitching!
Summer is such a busy time when we have a yard and garden to care for! Right now I'm trying to keep everything watered to fight the 103 temps we're having this week.

Robin said...

What a beautiful piece. Looking forward to watching your progress on your finish. It will be an accomplishment to be proud of for sure.