Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Lots Of Yard Work & Some Stitching

Welcome to all my flowers and visitors: Happy First Day Of Summer to you all.
Thank-you all for your past comments, I am sure some of you cannot comment due to Blogger, someday I hope they get things fixed.
I have tried to comment on a few Blogs to no success, I am so sorry about that.
I have had to comment as anonymous which helps on some blogs but not all.
Anyhoo, it has been very busy around here, we have such a long cold season that we need to get lots done before  the cold and snow with ice come.
With Mike being in charge of the Church cemetery it has been busy a big and I mean big tree came down in the oldest part of the cemetery, we have been hauling big branch's I am so sore.

I have been stitching when I can, I did finish the stitching on the cube of my Jeannette Douglas design class project, I am almost done with this project, yahoo. Not sure why I cannot rotate this photo.

I will be stitching some more this evening on the scissor sheath, I hope to have the stitching done by Sunday, hopefully, I will post a update photo of my stitching tomorrow or Friday, I have to work at the Foodshelf this evening so not much stitching today.
We also have to have a new water heater installed  today, the one we have now is only two years old, that is what happens when things are made in other countries no quality control.
Happy stitching everyone.


Mary said...

Hi Catherine, Such a pretty stitch, I can't wait to see your class project finished. Oh, everything is garbage these days, my less that 1 year old refrigerator broke, the ac went on my 16 truck, the 5 year old fan in attic isn't working and the list goes on!! I remember when people had appliances for years, it's a throw away society which drives me nuts!~ Don't overdo it with the branches! I hope blogger gets straightened out soon, more frustration!

butterfly said...

Love your stitching .
Have a lovely summer.

Linda said...

Lovely stitching Catherine.


Heritage Hall said...

Oh Catherine true, how true... quality control and standardization are
things of the past... we were so able and self reliant, but outsourcing has
become the bane of our existence rather than an improvement.
(off the soapbox) just love your stitching projects and hope the blogger problem
is solved shortly.

Marilyn said...

The JD piece is pretty.
You 2 have been busy with trees!
I know what you mean about appliances.
They used to last years, but not any more, lucky if they make it 5 years now!
We bought a new washer a few years ago, soon after, we got a loud banging noise so loud that you could hear it outside!
After 6 people, yes, 6, it finally got fixed.
Each person tried something that didn't work.
The 6th person obviously knew what he was doing!
Makes me mad, you pay all that money and it's a piece of junk after only a few months.

Barb said...

Your piece is very petty. Good job on it. I love flowers anyway.

marly said...

Your project is really looking marvelous. Can't wait to see it assembled.

Work soreness would feel good after a physical day. Then I got old.

Rita JG said...

Beautiful stitching!

Sandy said...

The stitch is lovely. The summer heat has arrived full force here.
Serendipitous Stitch says there is a solution to the comment problems with Blogger. She is in my sidebar. I do hope she is right. We will see.

Carol said...

I'm sorry you've been having trouble commenting on different blogs, Catherine. I sure hope things go back to normal soon :) Love that piece you are stitching and I look forward to seeing it made into a cube! Hope your first day of summer was a good one :)

Julie said...

Pretty stitching Catherine.
Thank you for taking time to visit my blog, even with these problems that we are all having.

Faith... said...

My you have been busy but glad you got in some stitchy time!
Happy first day of summer...I hope it will be a great one for you and Mike.

RJ said...

I love your new stitch Catherine and I think your finish will be wonderful. Sorry you are having so much trouble posting...hopefully Blogger will work out these kinks soon. Hope you are having a wonderful summer. RJ

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

The Jeanette Douglas piece is lovely.

Hopefully you've been following the posts I have been making about the commenting issues and the solution? Even though you can't comment!

Daffycat said...

If you find yourself unable to do something on blogger you know you used to be able to do, clear out your cookies. The other day I was trying to upload a photo into a post and it wouldn’t load the pop up box, I cleared the cookies and it loaded right up.

Love the flowers!