Thursday, November 2, 2017

Good News Bad News Some Stitching

Hello to all my faithful followers: Thank-you for your kind thoughts and prayers on Michaels healing and skin graft.
The good news is he did not have to have a skin graft, we went to the hospital on the morning of his scheduled surgery, he was prepped for the or, I asked the nurse if the surgeon would look at Mikes hand before putting him  under she said she would ask, now as we were waiting for him to come in to see Mike the resident doctor came in, she unnerved me with her attitude, she hat the anesthesiologist with her, I said the surgeon was coming in to see Mikes hand first she rudely advised me that they would look at his hand  in the OR, nope I said he will see the surgeon first before being wheeled into the OR, I stood my ground and won, after the surgeon looked at Mikes hand he said no surgery was needed, I want to thank-you all for praying for Mike and your kind thoughts.

The bad news I ended up in bed for three days in Mexico, I had a cold thanks to a boorish woman who coughed on me  the pig not only coughed once but three times, she never even said so sorry, then I cam home to find out it turned into pneumonia, I am finally recovered thanks to the creepy medications the doctor gave me, I am finally feeling good enough to post on my Blog this evening.
Two of the days I was in bed it rained so not all was lost in bed.

So I did get some stitching done while recovering, I did not stitch in Mexico due to the great weather and  the food was so good.

I started this Blackbird Design My Pin Keep  ( Reward Of Merit) a couple of days before vacation, I was at retreat with a great bunch of ladies, we had loads of fun and of course lots of stitching.

So sorry about the dark photos it has been very gloomy here, no sun.

Then I started this  Mill Hill Seafaring Santa it is the Boatswain pronounced Boatsin, odd how its written and how it sounds.

I just need to add a new Santa to my tree every year, this kit  includes beads which I love playing with.

I will check out your blogs tomorrow its time for bed, I am a little tired this evening and need my rest.

To You All


marly said...

I'm sorry you've been ill, glad that the surgery was cancelled. Hope you both recover fully soon.

RJ said...

Hi Catherine! I'm thrilled that Mike did not have to have the surgery but sad you got so sick in Mexico. Glad you are feeling better now.

I love your new pretty and great linen. And I love your new Santa. I've never seen that chart before. So glad you can get back to stitching again. It always makes us feel better. Happy stitching and have a great week. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

Marilyn said...

Glad to hear Mike didn't need surgery, and glad you stuck to your ground for a surgery that wasn't even needed.
Oh, sorry to hear you spent your time in Mexico being sick.
Hope you are on the road to recovery.
Great start on Santa.

Mary said...

Catherine, I'm glad you stood up to the doctor and Mike did not have to have the surgery. That's a shame that you got so ill and put a damper on your trip.

Your stitches are lovely, cute Santa and I've admired that floral stitch for some time. Enjoy the rest of your week. Glad your home safe, Mary

Starry-eyed stitcher said...

Some lovely stitching and excellent news about the surgery - or lack of it!

In England we would pronounce 'boatswain' as 'bosun'. Apparently we have pronounced it this way here since before Shakespeare and yet we still insist on spelling it as boatswain. No wonder English is such a difficult language to learn.

Good wishes for a continued recovery. Irene.x

Vickie said...

Good for you sticking up for Mike! Glad there was no surgery necessary. I hope you are both healed and recovered very, very soon my friend!

Linda said...

So glad to hear Mike didn't have to have surgery but sorry to hear that you have been sick. Get 100% real soon. Lovely stitching.


Heritage Hall said...

How wonderful that you were led to stand your ground and follow your vision about Mike's proved right.....Sorry about the pneumonia, but you probably
needed that respite under the comforter. Hope you will both be back on track in no time....

gracie said...

Oh goodness. We do have to stand our ground at times. Hope you will soon feel better.

Frances said...

So happy about Mike not needing surgery! So sorry that you had to be sick, especially on vacation! I hope to read that you both are improving constantly!
Your stitching is so pretty, as always.

Rita said...

Seafaring Santa, I never heard of it before!

Hope you will feel better soon.

Faith... said...

Great news about Mike! Must have been a relief for you guys. Sorry about you getting pneumonia though... yucko! I love that Santa, I have never seen that one before. Hope you are on your way to a full recovery!

Von said...

So sorry you've been ill, Catherine! Hope you're back to your regular activities real soon.

Marti said...

Sorry you got sick. That's no fun anytime, but especially miserable when traveling. I love your stitching, especially the pin pillow.

And what great news that your dh didn't have to have a skin graft. Good for you for standing up to the hospital doctor. My dh lucked out on his too. His plastic surgeon said it could always be done later if the cut/hole area bothered dh after it was completely healed. Dh said heck no, it was fine with him now. lol