Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Many Things Have Been Happening

Blessings to all my wonderful followers and the ones that stop by to take a peek.
It has been very busy here at the old homestead, of course you all know Mike had second and third degree burns on his right hand and arm, he is doing well, healing is slow in one spot on his forefinger, however the rest is healing so good ( I know I know my writing would make an English teacher have a coronary) but he is feeling better but and its a big one he needs to have a skin graft on the 26th of October a day after we come back from Mexico, poor guy it just will not stop for him, we truly believe he is being tested, he will survive, I know he will he is strong in his faith and feels this is part of the life God had planned for him, as a Catholic he reads the Bible he is on his seventh reading, amazing I cannot get past the first five pages, some think Catholics do not read the Bible but we grew up this way, its just that it was a private thing for us as growing up.
Anyhoo please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

I was at a wonderful small three day retreat this past week-end, I had so much fun, we have cooking teams for the meals we spend about 10 minutes in the kitchen preparing and 15 after dinner cleaning up, cheaper then ordering  delivery.

I taught a class on making small snowflake ornaments, they are about an inch across but so cute, can be hung in a window or hung on a small tree. They really sparkle when they are in the sun.

I started a design it is My Pink Rose Pinkeep from Blackbird Designs, it was a little tricky at first due to getting used to the dots on the fabric, I love this design.

 So sorry about the wrinkles.

I will be starring a new Scattered Seeds Sampler on vacation, I stitch in the late afternoon when the sun is at its hottest, this is Hearts Content Armchair Pinpoke  I really like this design, I guess I am really excited to get started on it maybe on the plane.

Tammy Black does such a nice job designing and putting kits together, she chooses vintage looking fabric.

This is another of Scattered Seed Samplers, I stitched these earlier this year and finally found the time to put them together, I used  pillow stuffing on these two, again Tammy does a fabulous job of coordinating colors and fabrics.

  The above is Pins & Needles Pinpoke, she even sent the silver needle to attach to the Pinpoke.

This is Come Dance With Me Pinkeep,  I did finish them both last week but did a different finish of the trim, from what Tammy had suggested.

Now I want to show you what I bought from http://happinessiscrossstitching.blogspot.com, I had looked at her blog and found the most adorable bag, I had to order it, I love bees and this bag is beautiful, she sent the cutest cards along with the order.

Look at the leather tag so adorable, this bag is an amazing bag it is perfect in everyway, the swing is amazing.

Look at the cute cards and the Bee scissor fob.

This is a good size bag for small projects. Thank-you Lynn.

Now the most beautiful gift arrived in the mail, we are a group of people in this Blogland that surpass amazing, I came home from an appointment with Mike and was very down, crying a lot that day he was told he needed to have a skin graft, when we picked up the mail there was a package from Frances she is over at http://asymphonyofstitches.blogspot.com, Frances is am amazing and beautiful Lady, she has touched my heart, I am overwhelmed by her generosity, as I sit here with tears in my eyes I feel so lucky to call Frances my Friend, God Bless you Frances for what you sent me, you do not know how it has made me feel.

You see Frances sent me some amazing and beautiful gifts, these two are from a visit she made to Rome, she even had them Blessed there, ( I am one Lucky Lady)

This little booklet is amazing and beautiful,  I am thrilled with it, Thank-you Frances.

 This  Bookmark is beautiful, I am already using it with my daily reading it is a lovely gold and light brown leather, my heart is touched by your sweet and lovely generosity, you are am amazing lady Frances, thank-you form my heart and soul, your gifts that day when I arrived home will never be forgotten.

She also sent along two very sweet Prairie Schooler designs, which I will be stitching while on vacation.

 This Lizzie Kate is one that was on my to buy list, again her generosity  is amazing.
 So sorry about the photos today I just did not have the right lighting, I love bee's and any farm animal, these are perfect for me, thank-you again Frances.
Please stop over to her Blog and see the different trees she puts up for the seasons, they are amazing.

God Bless You Frances.

Its time to pack my Dear Friends, I will post when I come back from vacation.




marly said...

Just from following her blog, you can tell Frances is a kind and generous soul. Your finishes are so nice and I do love the new project (I have that fabric - need to check into the chart). Darling flakes! Hope the healing continues and becomes a better than expected result.

KimM said...

Dearest Catherine,
I hope Mike continues to improve. I will continue to keep you both in my prayers. Lovely stitching by you - the tiny white ornaments are so sweet! And what lovely gifts from Frances. She is a sweetheart. Your friend

Linda said...

Great projects and gifts Catherine. Good luck to Mike.


Faith... said...

Hoping that Mike continues to heal and that the skin graft goes well. Enjoy your vacation, sounds like you two can use it.

My Pink Rose Pinkeep is very pretty!

Preeti said...

Your finishes are beautiful and the snowflakes are very cute! I hope everything goes well. It was so nice of your friend to send something to cheer you up, a little happiness always generate positive thoughts

butterfly said...

What beautiful snowflakes.
Wonderful gifts from a sweet friend.
Love all your stitching and new bag.
Hope Mike will soon be much better , hugs to you both.

Mary said...

Catherine, SO happy to hear Mike is continuing to do well. You have been busy stitching! Love the finishing on Come dance with me and My pink rose is a beautiful stitch. I have dotted linen that I have yet to try, I love the look of it and may have to find something soon to try it.
Your little hanging snowflake ornaments are lovely. You are multi-talented!
Your new bee bag is great! How kind of Frances to send you such a lovely memento of her trip.

Vickie said...

Oh Catherine, I am sad to hear that Mike needs a skin graft. I will continue to pray. Make sure he takes good care of that skin in Mexico!!♥
Your stitching and finishing are wonderful my friend. Your Pink Rose Pinkeep is darling. I have yet to try the dotted fabric. I have it, have not stitched on it yet. ;)
What a wonderful, kindness Frances has shown you. Just like her to do that!
I hope and pray you two have a good, safe trip.♥

RJ said...

Catherine, Mike will be in my prayers and I know the skin graft is going to go very well. You two have a super, wonderful time in Mexico and just relax.

I love every single piece you have stitched...one prettier than the next. I especially love the piece with the rick rack...just gorgeous. I have to look up that designer.

That was so sweet of Frances to surprise you with such a sweet gift. Sounds just like you as you both have such big hearts. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

Tiffstitch said...

Hope he heals well and the graft works without too much hassle. Enjoy the vacation as much as possible too! Lovely work on everything!

Von said...

Continuing prayers for Mike that the skin graft will be successful!!

Brigitte said...

I hope that The healing of Mike's burnings will continue at a steady pace, as quick as this is ever possible.
Your little snowflake ornaments look so delicate and I can see them hanging on a small tree as wonderful embellishments. Great finishing that you were doing on these earlier stitched pieces.

Christine said...

Lovely stitching and finishing and a fabulous gift from Frances.
I love those little snowflakes, they are so delicate and pretty.
I hope that Mike continues to heal well