Wednesday, November 8, 2017

My Finish

I have been busy doing some mending cleaning and lots of not so fun stuff, we have been getting things ready for three new patio doors and a couple of windows for the front of the house, Anderson Windows are the company we are going with what a great deal we got, its like getting one patio door for free with the deal we got, we will replace the rest of the windows next spring, only because I do not want all that work done in the cold weather brrrrr.
Anyhoo I did manage to get my Blackbird Designs Pin Pillow constructed, I love this design, I use the called for fabric and threads, lucky for me I had all the colors in my stash, specialty threads are not cheap, most of the colors came from a kit from a retreat I took a few years ago.

So sorry the photos are so bad, it evening here, the lightning is not so great.
I finished another design it is a Mill Hill  Santa, this is the Seafaring Santa, he is called a I was about half way finished when I posted last, now  need to construct him, what the heck happened to my letters they changed, does anyone know why this happens? if you do please let me know.

I will start working on Sugar Cookies from The Cricket Collection, I am using an  white opal, it has sparkly threads in the fabric, I will use the called for threads.

Time to walk the dog and get a little exercise myself, I hope you who are in cold weather stay warm and those of you in warm weather please send some our way.



RJ said...

Great projects Catherine. I love the Blackbird Design...beautiful design, colors and fabric. Love your Santa. I'm going to have to try one of these. And your newest design is going to be adorable. Glad you got such a great deal on the windows...Anderson is a great name. Waving to you from the beach. I'll be home on Saturday. RJ

Marilyn said...

Great finishes.
Cookies looks like a cute, fun stitch!

Rita said...

This beaded Santa, wow!

Mary said...

Catherine, Oh how pretty the BD turned out, I can't wait to start mine! :)

You finished the sea faring santa quickly!!

And the cricket design is sweet!! I have confidence you will finish that before Thanksgiving, you are a dedicated stitcher...have a great day, Mary

Vickie said...

Oh how pretty. I have yet to try the polka dot fabric. The Santa is really neat! Yes, it is cold here too!!

butterfly said...

Oh I love your finish just beautiful.
I am so into mill hill stitching at the moment your is looking fab.
Enjoy your week .

Linda said...

Congrats on the cute finishes Catherine.


Faith... said...

Great finishes Catherine and your new start is a cute one!

Penny said...

What a pretty finish, Catherine! And Seafaring Santa is cute with his long beard. : ) Our weather has turned cold, and I am not ready for it!

Robin said...

I really like your Blackbird Designs "My Pin Keep" It is very vintage looking. So sorry to hear you sat next to a rude traveler and caught her germs. Why are people so inconsiderate? Ugh! A pet peeve of mine that so many think it is all about them! Anyway, glad you are recovering.

Since I was catching up from most recent to last, I had to chuckle. I read that you would share your cookies and I thought Heavens! she is already baking Christmas Cookies! and then I read the previous post. Joke is on me. Have a great week.

Brigitte said...

That Blackbird Design pillow turned out so lovely, Catherine. I often replace threads that I don't have with some from my stash instead of buying new ones. That usually works fine. Particularly when it's a smaller project.
Your Seafaring Santa is such a sweet guy, another great finish.
Enjoy stitching on Cookies.

Carol said...

Lovely projects and finishes, Catherine! I have that cookies design, too, but haven't begun it yet. Will have to wait until next year, I think!

We had Andersen windows installed when we remodeled 20 years ago and they have been great! Hope the installation process goes smoothly :)