Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Some Finishing

💖💖It has been very busy around here, this week alone Mike has three doctor appointments, one was 75 miles away the one tomorrow will be 60 miles away and the one on Friday for the burn Center is thankfully only 51 miles away, the first two are due to the Veterans Evaluation Services, I feel so bad for Mike he is being thrown around like a worthless piece of paper, the V>A> just does not want to help him, he has to take a med that is 1200.00 two shots this is Rapatha for cholesterol, it has brought his levels down from 305 too 155 an amazing number, it is proven Rapatha helps to clear the plaque in your arteries.

Anyhoo, I have been busy fall cleaning and running around with Mike, so I decided to do some finishing of things I have stitched and need to complete.

This was a kit given to me by the lovely and beautiful Kim over at I stitched this in early September, it was to be a wall hanging  I wanted it to be a pillow for my sewing chair in my sewing room, I am not sure why the bottom is puckered in it must be the way I put it on the bed to take a photo.
I have never stitched on such a large fabric, I liked it,  it was a tread not to have to use a magnifier.

I stitched this back in in June when we were in Mexico, this is a Plum Street Sampler design,it is going to hang on my door handle in the office, I think my camera has a problem this photo looks like it is tucked in under the tin.

I stitched this way back in December 2016, what the heck took me so long to add a ribbon is beyond me, I am so slow, I cannot even give a good excuse, other then I am not sure I can even come up with an excuse, Mike thought I had just stitched it.

We had some terrific thunder storms on Monday into Tuesday, poor Krissy was hiding under the covers of the bed something she has never done before, here she is.

And of course she is on my side of the bed for now that is okay Mike has to sleep in the recliner until he gets the okay to sleep in bed from the burn Doctor.

Has anyone noticed the Asian beetles this year, somehow they are coming into the house, the cat ate one but did not like the taste, I am killing them as fast as I can, they stink so I try not to squish them too much.
I am going to paint the bedroom soon, I hate painting, it has been 15 years since it was painted last, it really needs a new coat, so I have been looking at photos on Pinterest  for ideas there are way to many ideas out there.
Thank-you from my heart for your prayers and concern for Mike and his burn I would post photos but do not want to freak you out.
Thank-you for your  lovely comments on my last post
Well its time to clean the bathrooms and do some stitching, I hope you are all well and getting loads of stitching done.
Thank-you for stopping by.



Pamela said...

Nice finishes! I hope the burns heal quickly. I've heard burns are the most painful kind of injury.

I don't have beetles where I live now, but where I used to live the sudents would make a tape "fence" around the beetles on the floor and they stuck to the tape when they tried to run away. The students could get rid of the beetles without the smell of smashing them.

Goofin' Off Around the Block said...

Catherine, Those are beautiful finishes...and you'll be right on time as the holidays sneak up on us so quickly. I continue to keep sending prayers your way for healing for the burns. We don't have beetles in our neck of the woods. This time of year, it's usually gigantic spiders. I am getting a system down of disposing of them without having to touch them. They are way too large and fast to catch by hand. Happy stitching! Andrea

Linda said...

Congrats on the super cute finishes Catherine. Still thinking of you and Mike. I'm sure he will be just fine as long as he behaves. lol Sending lots of hugs and happy thoughts.


marly said...

Oh my! How cute is that photo of Krissy under the covers! My husband just said yesterday how bad burns are to deal with.

Faith... said...

Sorry the VA is treating Mike like that. Seems like the VA has been in the news a lot lately and it is never good news. Praying that everything gets straightened out soon and his burns heal nicely.

I love your finishes! Those Santa pieces are adorable! Drive carefully to the appointments.

butterfly said...

Wishing Mike well.
Love your finishes they look beautiful.
I need to do some soon I have a basket full.
Have a happy day.

Marilyn said...

I hope Mike heals fast.
Darn doctors!
Great finishes, and Krissy is too cute under the covers. :)
Haven't seen any of the beetles here, yet.
I usually find them in the dryer, then come down the vent from outside.

Preeti said...

Cute finishes!! Hope Mike feels better soon. Our house is getting painted right now. We give it to contractors, don't have the energy for DIY.
We rarely get those beetles here but again we live on 7th floor. They get attracted to light. I don't have any suggestion to get rid of them, the one mentioned by Pamela sounds good but they can always fly not just crawl to be trapped.

Rita said...

Hurray for your finishes!

Vickie said...

Aww, poor Krissy. Good for you getting those finishes belted out. They look great! I am sorry to hear of Mike's shabby treatment. Good news with his cholesterol! I am praying!!

Mary said...

Katherine, It's terrible that Mike is getting the runaround from the VA. Our Veterans deserve better treatment than that. I hope he gets good reports from the doctors on his next visits.

Your stitching is great, I'm especially fond of the PSS Santa. The heart stitch is lovely.
Poor Krissy, such a cute photo of her hiding, she must really have been frightened to hide under the covers!

I hope the rest of the week goes well for you both, Mary

Cynthia said...

Sorry to hear of all the problems with the VA. I do have a question about your lovely stitching. Where did you get the tin? I have been looking for something like that for a Christmas ornament. Would appreciate any information you can provide. Many thanks.

Von said...

Wonderful finishes, Catherine!

CathieJ said...

When I was five I put both my hands on the stove burners to see if they were hot. I still remember the pain and the long healing. My prayers for quick healing for Mike and strength for you. I really like your finishes. I have a few of those long term UFOs that just need a ribbon or such also. Why do we do that procrastinating? Krissy's sad sack face made me smile, but I feel sorry for her also. Poor pup.

Brigitte said...

You have been so busy lately with all the driving. I hope Mike that Mike's burns are healing well.
Your little finishes are gorgeous.

Carol said...

So good to hear that the medication is helping Mike, Catherine. My husband may need to be on something like that soon as he was just diagnosed with coronary artery disease (shocking because he is the picture of health--eats healthy and exercises, but he just got the bad genes, apparently!). Wishing him all the best...

Love your finishes, especially the little Santa--I need to pull that one out and stitch it, too :)

RJ said...

Catherine I hate to hear the troubles Mike has been having. It should not be like that. I'm very glad they found such a wonderful med that is working however. That is an amazing reduction.

Love all of your stitches. You have done such a wonderful job on each one. I especially love the little Santa in the tin. Mary and I have that in our stash too and I look forward to stitching it.

Mike is in my prayers and I hope he heals quickly. You are in my thoughts as well because I know the stress that comes along with any kind of illness or accident. RJ

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Gosh, that's a lot of travelling to get medical treatment. I moan because our hospital is 8 miles away and there isn't a direct bus any more! It's so unfair that you pay taxes and insurance all your live and then they expect you to pay again for essential treatment. Well, sadly it seems to be going that way here too.

Lovely to see some stitching to take your mind off things though. Actually finish-finishing is never as much fun as the stitching! But they do look good when they are all done.

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Robin said...

So glad your husband is recovering. So sorry that you have all the time on the road. It can be draining. We need to figure out how to stitch AND drive, or in my case, how to drive AND loss weight. Glad you are able to divert your mind off all the things going on in your life and focus on some finishing.....a good mental break as well as. Keep strong!