Monday, September 19, 2016

My ISHW Progress

First of all: Thank-you to all my followers, I know you cannot comment everytime I post due to obligation's at home and work  but thank-you all the same, I love you all.
It has been a trying summer with Michaels illness, being a nursemaid is not all that bad, I love taking care of him, he is doing so well now and I thank-you all for your personal emails and comments on this blog asking about him, it warms my heart.
This Blog World is like having a Family that is so special.
Thank-you from our home to yours.

Last week-end was ISHW sponsored by the beautiful Joyce over at
Joyce has been sponsoring this every month for a very long time, I do get loads of stitching and  beading done on this week-end Joyce  has a sign-up once a month, if you do not follow her please do so she is a hoot.

I am trying to get the stitching done on my Class Project from 2015 Ellen Chester's Kindred Spirits, I am finishing up the third band and will stitch the needle roll next then the scissor holder,  then I can start to put the piece's  together for the wood carrier tray yahoo.
this is my progress so far on the third band.

I am so lucky I was able to get a
Book Of Days 2017 A Needlework Enthusiast's Book
It is beautiful, I bought this from Tammy Black over at 
really you should take a look at her Samplers they are very sweet, I love stitching them. I love this book, now I can keep track of my stitching and finish's in a book instead of a piece of paper.

I also bought from Barbara over at please stop over to her lovely BlogSpot, she does have a few things for sale, maybe she has something you are looking for plus she has a beautiful BlogSpot.
I have been looking for this issue of Inspirations for a long time Etsy and Ebay have not had it when I look, I want to stitch the Tiny Treasures on the front of the magazine they were designed by Betsy Morgan who I love, I was able to take a class of hers this year.

I also have the new Just Cross Stitch Halloween and Christmas Issues, I love the special issues.
They are loaded with so many things to stitch.

I also received my October Issue of Just Cross Stitch 2016 I plan on stitching the Seasons In Chalk Fall, I will however change the pumpkins to a solid pumpkin color, I am not fond of the checked look.

I hope you are all enjoying this day and are getting loads of stitching done.




Vickie said...

I plan on stitching the Seasons In Chalk.... someday!! Ha! I think they are real neat!

Carol said...

So happy to read that your husband is doing so well, Catherine! What a blessing--and I totally agree about the blogging stitchers being like an extended family. Their friendship and support have gotten me through some trying times, too.

Enjoy all those new goodies--I need to pick up the ornament issue as soon as possible! Have a lovely September day...

Xeihua (Sara) said...

I've only started following your blog now. But i'm glad to read that your husband is doing well now. Your current project is lovely and what a great stash you got. The year book is gorgeous. :) hugs

MartiDIY said...

I am new to reading your blog, but am glad your husband is doing well. It looks like you have a lot of stitching projects lined up.

Preeti said...

Nice to know that your husband is recovering well. Your stitching project looks pretty!
You got lots of magazines and projects planned. Good luck! I did not get inspirations magazine even in Australia, if that's the same Australian magazine. I will check both the links, thanks for sharing!! The diary looks good, I always start my planning calendar nicely, but don't keep track after a while be it digital or on a paper diary.

Rita JG said...

Lovely stitching and wonderful books!
Take care!

Bea said...

Your stitching project is lovely. Hooray for new stash! Yours looks terrific. And it's good to hear your husband is recovering. That is always such a relief.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I'm so behind after all the excitement of my blog hop! Glad to hear that your husband is getting better with your tender loving care.
Your stitching book is beautiful, I have a special diary for mine each year, it's just a pleasure to have a nice book to record my stitching in.